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Really a creative design, i like your work, the sidebar widgets are also unique. Overall good work.

Thank you. Hope you and other love this design.

Clean and very nice theme. Wish you best of luck!

Thanks Vicky.

Very nice concept, my friend ;)

Thank mate, wish best year for all of you and me.

Very Good , GLWS ;)

Thank you.

Hi, This looks fantastic!

A quick question: once I buy the theme, would it be possible for you to do a few customization work for me? I would like to fix the nav bar on scroll and add the comment arrow also in the main posts list at homepage.

Thank you and have a great new year!

Dear. I will help you install theme for FREE if you have no time to do that.

About other customization out of the demo, I can not do, but I think I will consider in next version (but may be). Thank your suggestion.

Happy new year!

Hello, regarding the review post format, is it possible to have the reader review himself the post in the comments section ?

If not, which product would you recommend to add this feature (reviewing within the comment section, so each comment poster can review the product in his comment)


Dear, I think I will improve design for theme to allow visitor can click on exist review bars to apply their review. On comment, I planned adding like / dislike system.

Thank you for the feedback. Wish best new year.

Nice Template Bro. GLWS :)

Thank mate.

Unique design.Good luck :)

Thank you.

nice theme .. GLWS :)

Thank you.

Awesome work! us usual :)

Very nice theme. You do an awesome job of making social networking VERY prominent in your themes.

I notice the “responsive” feature moves the widgets from the right side to the bottom on my iPad in the demo.

I want it to stays on the right on the ipad like your GeekPress theme does. I want people to see the social networking when the first hit the site. Is this configurable by the end user?

Or can I set the mobile view only for smaller displays (like phones)? This theme would look great on a tablet (portrait or landscape) without even switching to a mobile view.

Dear. I think I need add an option to allow users show their right side bar at bottom or toggle show / hide on the right in responsive mode.

Dear. I just released version 1.2.0 that allow you hide / show sidebar very easy in post / page.

Great looking theme. Really close to pulling the trigger on this one for a redesign of a website/blog.

A couple questions…

On the responsive mobile theme, if your finger lands on the slider and you try and scroll up or down, it won’t scroll. Can this be fixed?

Also in regards to the slider, on the mobile layout (I haven’t checked tablet), it does not swipe left or right with either finger swipes or by pressing the arrows. In my opinion, swipes would be ideal.

This is looking really great though!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback. I will focus much to touch control in next version. Happy New Year!

Great to hear. I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

Hi, Great theme! You will launch this version to blogspot? When? XD

Thank you!

I think I just focus in Wordpress for this theme.

oh.. I was thinking to buying flatnews, but when i saw this template i preferred it. Is much better for adsense… (but i need for blogger) If I buy flatnews, you can add the advertising system within the content body (such as leadpress), without i have to edit the adsense code or convert? (because editing code violates the rules of adsense) And you will launch soon any blogger template? (please improve ads system and i will buy you a theme) Thank you!

Hm. That’s nice suggestion, I think I must consider it when I update Flatnews template in this month. Thank you for the feedback.

Great Work, GLWS :)

Very neat and clean. Well done!

Hello, very nice theme, I search a magazine theme same as your but with a front end admin for user, so i want user subscribe by paypal to have an access in frontend to publish advertising in there category . is it possible to add ??? same frontend admin as theme directory from ait themes.


ok, if you do this can you send me email or response of this message and i directly buy your theme. i search it from 1 year and no one do it !! i want to create an advertising magazine. or do you now the name of the plugin to do this ?? in waiting…. thanks

OK. I notify you when I found some thing nice.

thank you, i’m waiting.

I am really loving the overall design (LEADPRESS) ... can you clarify that the design is fully responsive across the board in main browsers; especially the menu and navigation systems?

Yes, it’s full responsive, you can check on your phone.

  • Definitely going to purchase this theme for my next project *

excellent theme! some possibility you add a grid in next version?, i like that.


Thanks for the theme, i am very satisfied so far.. only problem: I cannot see contents i entered in pages.. As soon when i re save my pages, the content is not displayed anymore (??). What am i doing wrong?

examples: http://www.fdehedin.ch/contact http://www.fdehedin.ch/about-me

Dear. Please install teamviewer (http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows.aspx) then send its ID + Pass to http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact. I will remote your desktop and take a look.

Because the problem was fixed but you not re-feedback here so I just comment to let other customers know that my theme is still nice.

Thank you and hope you like this theme and my support services too.


I just released version 1.2.0 that allow you hide / show sidebar very easy in post / page and also add team page. Hope you like it and rate 5 stars for it. Wish all best for your site.

Thank you. Tien