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I am thinking of purchasing this theme for http://techmaniacs.gr. Sadly i do not know if it will fit my content. My main concern is the need of boxed view so that i can have skinned ads. Is there that possibility with the theme? If yes the boxed view must have the option for a background. thanks in advance!

Damn, font sizes could be a problem, especially in greek language. is slider customizable about size? for example, can i have the slider in 960×350 for example?

Dear. slider not support custom size. Thanks.

if i need to change the font size, will i have the support to do it from you? Also what type of fonts are there available? The site will be greek so it doesn’t work very well with all the fonts.

Hi Tien!

Your theme looks great, I’m very interested to buy it. Just some questions:

- Is it fully compatible with “Buddypress” and “bbPress”? - I don’t understand how my subscribers will rate a post? - Is it compatible with “map by post” and “big map for all the posts”?

Thank you in advance, this is my first time buying a theme.

Thanks Tien for your quick answer.

I really interested, but the subscribers’ rating (you said “visitors”, but I imagine we are talking of the same thing) and Buddypress/bbPress is imperative.

So in how many days the next version will be ready?

Maybe I can “push” a little bit…

Thank you again


Because had many customers suggest some cool features before, so everything must be in an order, first come first serve. I will notify you immediately when everything finish, hope soon in next week.

Thanks, Tien

Dear sir,

I just release Leadpress version 1.3.2 that supported visitors rating, example here: http://leadpress.wpinhands.com/google-android-kitkat-official-wallpaper/

About bbPress and Buddypress, I tested and the theme is compatible but I have no time a create design CSS for these plugins.

Thanks, Tien Nguyen

Hello as I move slider bar javascript bottom titles????

Dear sir.

Can you tell me in detail, I still not understand what’s “slider bar javascript bottom titles”?

Thank you very much, Tien Nguyen


I Recently bought this theme, and i want to use not on a wordpress site, but on a normal one. There is a version without php files? Only css, html and js?

Best Regards


At this time, the purchase package is for Wordpress only, have not HTML / PSD template there.

Thank you, Tien

Thank you for your response. Can you help me using wpijpticker? How to layout my html to wpijpticker work correctly.


You can see example below:
<div class="news-box break">
    <h2 class="title"><a href="#linkofboxtitle" title="View all posts">Your box title</a></h2>
    <div class="outer">
        <ul class="content">
            <li class="item item-0 item-first item-even item-triple">
                <div class="inner">
                    <h3 class="title"><a href="#" title="Click to read">Your item title</a></h3>
                    <div class="clear"></div>

    <div class="clear"></div>

Hi Tien, I’ve checked and the theme is not working properly on devices when it is widescreen mode. Check it out in following link:


Sorry, but I think you didn’t understand what I mean. I know what is a responsive theme, and I know that is not necessary to be a developer for to note when there is something weird with anything. I am talking abou it, justment because I used a lot of others reponsive theme and is not that way when my device is turned to down. The normal responsive themes fit all side of device instead of to keep the same way when device is normal. Check it out an example of other responsive theme in the widescreen mode on device:


Dear. I understand clearly your mean. And your example is fluid, not responsive. Fluid design is usually used for full screen themes or portfolio themes. You can read in Google to understand about this term.

Because this is responsive theme so I can not see this is a bug and I will not fix this.

Thank you, Tien Nguyen

I never said that it is a big bug, I just told that is not work of the best way. It is not about of to fix, it is about to improve the user experience. This was just a suggestion but I know how you have a hard work, sorry.

Anyway I am glad and grateful. Thank you.

I just purchase the theme. How can I add more menus on the grey navigation bar the goes accross the theme at the top.

Plus how do I get the slider to show up?



You can read the documentation of theme: extract your download package, in your purchase folder: leadpress_documentation/index.html

Read at section: “Work with menu” and “Page Builder”

Thank you, Tien Nguyen

Hello, I would like to know if is possible to remove time from slider ?


Thank you very much for the feedback. I will fix this immediately in next version.

Best regards, Tien Nguyen

Hi, I fixed the category bug and also added option to allow you customize slider content. Please check out version 1.4.0. Thanks.

Hello, I am so grateful and glad with your support. This is one of the best themes that I´ve bought.

Thank you.

Hi Tien,

I need to translate “NEWER POST” and “OLDER POST” words. I´ve changed them on OPTIONS > TRANSLATE, but it is not working. there is a way to fix it ?



I see the bug, I am working with this and will fix shortly. Thank you very much.

BR, Tien Nguyen

Hi, I fixed this in 1.4.0. Just check it out. Thanks.

I´m gonna update it right now. Thanks !

I tried to create a home page, did it by Page Builder, set everything, then when I go to update all changes back away.

Dear. What’s version you are using? (access Appearance / Options to know). Thank you.

I’d like to see if you could program an option so that I can move title, date and hour to the bottom of the page, and not centred as shown.


Can you tell in detail or give a screenshot? Still not understand your idea clearly.

Thanks, Tien Nguyen

1. How to disable “related posts”?? I checked it in personalisation but they are still showed at single post page


And one more question: Is it possible to leave displaying “Under Post Title Ads” only on one category of posts?


You can change the slider title design in inc\shortcodes\shortcodes_pagebuilder.php

About the the slider, I don’t know what’s happen with it, I need to access admin dashboard to look, please send me id+pass into http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact for a private discussion.

To specific Ads for posts of a category, you must modify single.php at the code:
<?php if (get_option('ads_under_post_title_320')) : ?>

I will support if you have any bug with theme, about modification, if you are not a developer, better, you need to hire a person to do that.


Dear. Did you download the latest version? We fixed the “related post” hide option bug.

Hello, when i change the number of related posts it doesn’t work no more than 3??

Dear. Finished.

Thank you! You are always great.

I was also wondering if you were ever going to implement “popular by week/month” for the page builder tabs. My popular posts are all popular by all-time and it makes the content look old?

Also, the popular by week/month widget posts also only show all time popular posts. So i have the same content showing up everywhere.


Thank you very much for the feedback. I noted them and will consider in next version. Thanks.

Hello, How do I to decrease only the text of sticker ? I´ve tried to change it using CSS (.news-box .item h3.title a), but when I change the fonte-size, all titles of pagebuilder is decreased, but I want do this only sticker. Can you help me ?



Exactly. I need to change position between them.

Because this is your personal favorite so I will not update into new versions. Just add below css at the end of your style.css:
.single-content .paginations .item.newer {
    float: right;
    padding-right: 0;
    padding-left: 5%;
    text-align: right;
.single-content .paginations .item.older {
    float: left;
    text-align: left;
    margin-left: 0;
    margin-right: 5%;

Ok, good job ! Thank you.

Earlier, I wrote the following request:

“I notice the “responsive” feature moves the widgets from the right side to the bottom on my iPad in the demo. I want it to stays on the right on the ipad like your GeekPress theme does.”

You told me about an update where the right widget can be on any page.

I just want to confirm I can keep the widget section on the right side even on a tablet. I just want to make sure.



The side bar will auto move to bottom in iPad portrait, but still keep at the right side in iPad landscape.

Leadpress has different screen size standard (1020) with GeekPress (960)

Thanks, Tien

Thanks for your response. Is there any way to remove views from the latest posts column in the page builder? I have removed it from everywhere else, but cannot seem to find the correct file to remove from there.


Hello, Where in the CSS do I change the grey background in the main menu?



You can find in style.css the below code:
#header-line-3 {
    background: #989898;

Change #989898 to any colors you want.

Thanks, Tien

Hey Tien,

Thanks! Also which one is for the hover of that same menu? my css is rusty.


For hover state, find in style.css the below code:
#nav-main-menu > div > ul > li:hover > a {
    background: #AAA;
    color: white;

Change #AAA to any color you want. After change, please clean your cache plugin and press CTRL+F5 to refresh browser cache.

Thanks, Tien

HALO! So i purchased the template. It’s great! However, there are two things that I find HIGHLY annoying. Hoping these things can get resolved soon.

• Bug in the slideshow. When a user is viewing below the slideshow, the title and/or date appear outside the slideshow. Works better if “Displaying Slider Title With” is set to “nothing”.

• All users are listed as “Staff” members when using the Team shortcode. Not good. I keep many of my users so that their work is saved to be used as a work reference. However, they are no longer part of my staff. Currently, they appear on the staff page and shouldn’t. There should be a way to edit the Team shortcode so that certain roles are displayed.

Thanks so much for your hard work. Looking forward to your response __.


1. Can you give your site URL, I will take a look about the Slider bug, I never see this before.

2. The team code now is showing people who had published posts on your site. I will find a better way to improve this code.

Thanks, Tien

Hey hey so here’s the link: http://bit.ly/13l2wSa

Also, take note of the search bar in the header. It is blocked by the header image. Currently, there is no way to use it. I would like to use the search bar in the header, not the one included in the sidebar.


The search bar on header is available when you have top page-list menu.

In your case, you can add below css into your style.css of the theme
#searchform {
    z-index: 99;


Great job on this theme! I was wondering over a few things that you might want to incorporate to the next update:

- Instagram subsriber counter (just like the F-book, Twitter etc) - Custom colors on every section ex: tabs on the widgets, menu etc. It would be easier to do this in the Customize menu instead of using Custom CSS.

Is there anyway I can add an Instagram counter right now?

Thanks in advance

Dear. I released version 1.5 that supported Instagram counter, just update it. Thanks.

How do I update the theme? Does it also include a social icon of Instagram?

You can follow this guide (it’s basic for Wordpress user so I not include in documentation): http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-upgrade-a-wordpress-theme-even-if-its-customized/

Yes, I included both Instagram counter and social icon.

Hello, I have question, your theme, integrate pagination ? If yes where ?


Ok thanks, and can we make homepage list, like this page http://leadpress.wpinhands.com/?index=post&s=+ ? With pagination in down ?

Your exemple seems to add pagination only with classified categories, can pagination be created for all categories without classification ?


Yes, the homepage list with pagination is default.

Not classification categories, some categories have not enough post number for pagination.


Ok thanks for your reply !

Hi i was wondering is it possible to make Header Background Color transparent? Becouse right now i put the same background for header and body so it almost looks like i want it. But when the texture will be diferent it will not match.

And my second question is: are You going to add an Instagram to Social Counter?


1. Header background color can not be set to none (transparent), the theme support change to solid color only.

2. I will add Google+ and Instagram counter in next version, I added your suggestion into my todo notes.

3. The theme not support related posts under the comments because that is not a popular place for related posts. And the bug about related post option was reported by another customer, we will fix that soon.

Thank you very much, Tien Nguyen

Dear, I just released version 1.5 that supported Google+ and Instagram counter. Thanks.

Dear. I just released the version 1.5 that supported Google+ and Instagram counter and also fixed related post bug.