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hey after i edit and save the tabs shortcode, i cant changes things and sabe again/ the update changes button is not working

i have the latest version and its still not working, the update changes button in some of the tabs shorcodes are not working. please help meeee

i already submit a ticket

Thanks, the support team will make sure to reply to you as fast as they can.

Will this theme be updated for WordPress 4.0?

Thanks for asking!

In fact the most recent theme version should work fine with the latest wordpress, we have tested in on our test site and also none of the customers seem to have reported a problem.

Thank you!

Hi there,

I just created a website with your theme Magique; it’s wonderfully friendly. My question is regarding the contact form builder plugin that came with the theme. I am able to edit the 9 forms included but they do not appear in the drop down of the Visual Content Composer ” Contact Form ” . I understand from your instructions video I need to add my own form. Do I need to purchase the Pro Upgrade for the contact form to integrate with this theme ? Thank you,

mg :)

Thanks for contacting and for using Magique theme!

As to the forms – the theme supports 2 plugins for this, our own from builder (included in the theme archive) and a Contact form 7. There is no need to purchase any pro version. You create your forms using any of these 2 plugins. If you are using our contact form builder, all your forms will appear in the dropdown of your contact form shortcode. Please see if you see this, and in any case please feel free to submit us a support ticket so that we could take a look at it and make sure everything works properly on your end. Just please be sure to add all the needed credentials to your ticket – submit a ticket.

Thank you!

Thank you Kate, for the speedy reply; I followed your suggestions and I appreciate the support and quick fix you made. very grateful :) mg

Thanks for your feedback though there is no Kate here, its Helga, you can contact Kate via tickets only. In any case, appreciate your words! :)

Hi, I love the look of this theme and have a few questions: 1. Is it still actively being updated? 2. Can I change the number of items in the main menu (i.e. there are currently 5 dropdowns. Could there be 7?) Thanks, Carol

Thanks for your interest!

Yes, we do update the theme to make sure it stays compatible with the recent WordPress version. As to the main menu – yes, you can have more top level items in your main menu.

Thanks, should there be any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Where is the online documentation?

Thanks for asking!

As to documentation – the specific documentation for Magique theme is included in theme archive, please check the DOCS folder. Also there is a general documentation for this group of themes, you can find it via the following link:


Thank you!

In case you are still taking votes for making Magique compatible with WooCommerce, I would like to vote “yes”. Any plans to do so, yet?

Thanks for your interest! Yet in fact we are not planning this now. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve installed this on the latest wordpress version 4.2.2 and I’m unable to change any navigation settings such as font type, size and button color? Can you please help. Thanks http://sweetade.com.au/

Thank you for contacting us.

As we don’t experience the same problem on our demo with the latest WordPress version, that’s why there’s a need to investigate your case. Please submit a ticket with WordPress and FTP credentials so our support team could examine the issue.

Thank you!

Hiya, did you ever solve the issue re favicon? I too am having an issue with the favicon continuing to appear as the magique themed ‘M’ even though I have uploaded my own at 16px x 16 px? I would appreciate guidance.

Thank you for contacting.

Such problem shouldn’t occur in the latest theme version, we’d kindly ask you to contact us via a ticket so our support agents could investigate the case. Please submit a request here.

Thank you.

I have this error when i try to import sample data, Are you sure you want to do this? retry? Any idea? Resource Limits max_execution_time 30 Resource Limits max_input_time 60 Resource Limits memory_limit 128M Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. 50M

Thanks for contacting us!

Could you please check if the permissions are settled as advised in our documentation? Have you contacted your hosting provider regarding the error? Demo xml file is no larger than limits on server, but there can possibly be other settings, that need to be changed for successful demo content uploading. And please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for deeper investigation – please submit a request here so that our support agent could investigate why import fails on your end.

Thank you!

Hello! Google maps error after loading map. “Oops something went wrong”. what is going on? thanks

Hi, thanks for contacting!

We’d appreciate if you contacted us directly via this form so that our support team could investigate your case. The problem is quite specific, that’s why personal assistance is required.

Thank you!

Hello, I see that your theme is out of date with the latest version of wordpress. Is this also the case for plugins and there’s still support you?

I am interested in this theme but it has not been updated for 2 years I worry about monitoring …

Have you if a more recent version for wordpress?


Hello, thanks for contacting!

Actualy the theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version, our demo is currently running exactly version 4.6.1. But I should note that Magique theme isn’t supported – here is a corresponding note. Appreciate your understanding.

I can recommend you to take a look at another themes from our portfolio that are supported: all theme from Pizza Restaurant to Halsey include 6 months support.

Hope one of them could satisfy your needs. Thank you!

pity I found it adequate theme … and finds no equivalent on other topics.

So much thank you for your reply.