Discussion on MagMax - News Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on MagMax - News Magazine WordPress Theme

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Hello, I’ve not purchased the theme yet, and was wondering looking at the demo… homepage is build enterily with elementor or it’s build up in the theme files?

We need a simple theme, that includes interfases in the html of the theme, not a plugin to re-create it.

Will be waiting for your reply to make the purchase. Thank you!

Hello, thanks for your interest to buy the theme. Yes, the homepage is built with Elementor. You don’t need to re-create it.

Is there a way to import the demo home-page in an already existing WP?

Will it work without elementor PRO subscription?

Yes, You can import the demo in an existing WP. You don’t need Elementor Pro.

Hi there. I imported demo data, but its not working. No source on homepage whatever style i use. I tried twice. How to fix it??

Hello, sorry fo the late reply. Please, send an email at envato@themexpert.com our support team will take care of your issue. Thanks

Will this be updated even more as the latest version of php and Wordpress come out. Also does it grab the post image

Hey there, we have a one-month cycle of releasing updates. So every month, we update our themes once. Additionally, if there are any specific user requests, we do try to incorporate them as well.

Regarding the images, if you import the demo, then all the media files will also get imported.

Do let us know if you have any further queries. We will be happy to help.

I tried to see how your instant articles worked but it didn’t load the demo

Hello, can you please share a screenshot of the articles which you had meant? Thanks

Hi! I just bought this theme from another Theme Forest account and after the install I imported the basic demo. After importing the basic demo, there is this problem: the website doesn’t let me scroll, not at all. If I activate the default Wordpress theme, the site works just fine, but after I activate this theme, the site stops letting me scroll. Help me please! Thank you!

Here is the simple solution. `body, html { height: auto; }` It comes with WordPress latest version. Please add this simple snippet inside your site. It will resolve your problem. If you have more query, simply drop a line envato@themexpert.com with your purchase details. Thanks.

Can I use all features of the theme with the free “Elementor Page Builder” or do I need the Pro version for some things?

You don’t need to have Elementor pro to use our theme. You can use all features of Theme with the free version of Elementor. Thanks

Hello there! We want to migrate from Newspaper theme and we are going to need Elementor and AMP support. So, I have some pre-buy questions:

1) AMP Support: This means that the single post is going to look good on amp? Because the default amp styling is basic. But how do you customize the amp version? Does it copy the theme settings from the mobile/desktop? Does it have its own settings? And amp means that the single post template will be created by the theme right? Because Elementor still does not support AMP. Can we have exclusive or customize the headers, footers, menus for the AMP version?

2) ADS: Does the single post template support ads to be placed in the body of the text? For example after the 2nd, 4th paragraph etc? And also above or below the post?

3) Elementor: We use Elementor Pro and we aim to build the whole website with it (apart from single post template if it is need to support your AMP). So, the thing we need from the theme is the widgets for posts – blocks, grids etc with query settings. If we start building a homepage with Elementor from scratch, can we use your Elementor widgets or they will only appear on the menu settings for blog page? Can we use custom elementor menus, headers, footers for the whole website and still use your widgets?

4) Do you have a “unique articles” setting? For displaying posts only once in pages with many blocks, grids that show posts from different categories.

Thank you for your time.

Hello, Thanks for your interest in our theme. Let me answer your question part by part. 1. We support the basic style with AMP. Right now we don’t have any AMP specific theme settings and also we don’t have any customize header, footer, menu for AMP versoin. 2. yes, you can place ads inside article. 3. Yes, If you want to start creating any page with elementor our all widgets will be available there. Yes, you can use your custom elementor menu, header, footers for the whole website. 4. Yes, we have couple of settings to display posts with different categories. If you have further query, please drop a line at support@themexpert.com . Our support dev will take care about your query. Thanks.

Hello i sent you and message. For help me. And please reply to me if you update your theme

Hello! We are sorry, please send again support@themexpert.com with more details, We can help you. Thanks

Hi, for this theme homepage, it is created using Elementor page builder or others?

Hello, Magmax is fully crafted with Elementor page builder. I appreciate your interest about our product. Lets be together. Thanks

Hi, the homepage is done using elementor, can they display by Categories? Is it upgraded Elementor elements to achieve this?

Hello, Yes, as Magmax is designed for news magazine and it is based on WordPress post, so you can display posts with its individual category. It will be done by Elementors elements. Its all about drag the elements in pages and choose your category, thats it. Sound like you are exploring our products more. I appreciate that. No matter what happen, I appreciate your honest review at support@themexpert.com . Thanks.

Hi, I have a support question/problem, for which I need help. This is regarding social share not working properly ( e.g. Twitter not showing preview image). I emailed on anam@themexpert.com , but did not get a reply. Is there some other email I should write to ? Thanks

Anybody here

Hello, sorry for the late reply. It’s weekend here. By the way, can you please write a line support@themexpert.com along with your problem screens shots. Thanks

Hello Pratikdwivedi, Right now it works for your site ( https://d.pr/i/UZ2Q35 ) after press the tweet button. we need to cross check our theme for this twitter issue and fix. We will fix that in our next version if we found any issue. Thanks.

does the them support RTL ..

Hello! Yes, MagMax fully RTL supported. We included basic RTL support css. Thanks

HI, homepage size is going above 10MB, since images seems to be loading in full size. Any suggestions: https://screencast.com/t/Ob1c1PkJG

Hello, There is a option inside element to load specific image size like thumbnail, full. Please your thumbnail or other size if you don’t load full size image. We release a new version few day back. Make sure you use the latest version of our theme. Thanks.


Some questions before I purchase.

Does the theme allow to display posts more than demonstrated here https://ibb.co/syt80sm Instead of 4, I would like to show 10 posts for each invidual line section. Can I modify the number from the panel.

Does the theme have a post slider similar to the one listed below. http://demo.wponlinesupport.com/recent-post-slider-demo/ that auto rolls after a duration. I am not sure if I have seen one.

Similar to the question above, does dynamic categori tab http://demo.themexpert.com/wordpress/magmax/dynamic-category-tab-2/ has auto roll function or is it static only. Also is it full width only element or can you use it in 1/4 size. Can you customize the element? (The size of the image etc)

Thank you in advance.

Hello Sir, You will be able to modify and display your preferred numbers of posts in each individual section. In MagMax, you can alter the settings to the dynamic role the post slider as well as dynamic category tab. And for your kind information, you can customize the element in the way you like. Thank You for choosing MagMax. If you have any other queries ask freely, we will be happy to assist you.

If the topic for some reason does not work, is there a possibility of a refund? sorry.

Hello, your money is safe with us. Let us try first to solve your issue. If we failed, we will refund you. Before purchase please checkout our theme design and options. Please ask us if you have any query. You may knock our live chat in our site. Thanks.

Hi! How do I utilize the “Multipage Article Layout” that you added to version 1.3? I want to turn that feature on for my articles.

there is a template layout option in the single post. choose multiple layout from there. let me know if it help. thanks

Hello. I am trying to install the theme, but I have not found yet the megamax core plugin. Where it is available?

Hello, It is bundle with our theme. You will find this plugin inside our theme > libs folder. Thanks.

I have problem with installation and import demos

Hello, what problem you got ? Use our one click demo install process inside appearance. If that does not work then create an issue in our forum. At first please create a free account in our site ( http://themexpert.com/ ) . Then validate your envato purchase from here ( https://www.themexpert.com/envato ) with your purchase key. Go to our forum ( https://www.themexpert.com/forum ) and create a new ticket for you issue. Thanks.

Hello Dear, I Create A Ticket On Your Site And When I Submit It A New Page Open And Show This Error (0 – Call to undefined function iconv() Now You Tell Me Where I Tell You My Problems And My Website Information Please Reply Quickly Thank You.

Hello, Sorry for the problem. I reply in the forum of your previous issue two times for you.But you did not reply back me. If you can not create an issue in our forum please write me anam@themexpert.com. Thanks.

Dear I Send You Email On Your Email Address Please Review This Thank You.

Cool project! Good luck!

Thanks for you good comment.

Pre-sale Question: Does this theme support custom post types and custom taxonomies?

Hello, We didn’t need any custom post type when we create this theme.Hope you don’t need so. But our theme support both. Thanks.

Hi there. Really happy with the theme so far. Just had a basic question, perhaps obvious, but how do you make it so that the post format is wide. In particular I was hoping to have a page that looks like this example you gave:


Many thanks.

Hello, try our post templates for this. If you want a page like that, then either use elementor page builder for that or create an issue in our forum. thanks


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