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I have .mo, .po and .pot archives, pt_BR. My wp-config.php doesnt have any line with WPLANG. How can I activate the translation that I made? I used Loco Translate plugin to create the files.

Hello, I’m sorry for delay, I got cold and was unavailable. Will reply to your email in a minute. Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi, i got a problem with my Blog, the image didn’t appear in my blog post althought i chose gallery format and uploaded image from my PC. How can i fix this problem?

http://photoshare7.com/images/2014/12/18/10328e.jpg http://photoshare7.com/images/2014/12/18/2f6ce7.jpg


Please reply with this question from the account where was buy the theme. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

I have requested a refund. This have purchased many themes through theme forest and until now it has been a trusted resource. This is the first time I have purchased a theme that did not do what was promised. I followed every instruction given and this theme did NOTHING PROMISED. IT SIMPLY DOESNT WORK. I emailed the author and have not received a response. I have emailed Envato and requested a refund and have not received one. I will find a more trusted resource for themes


I’m sorry for delay. I got cold and was unavailable. Will reply in one minute to your email to fix the issue.

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How do I remove .block_skills .level_rail .note { from stats? I just want to use the blue bars, without that block showing the %. Is that possible?

thanks! great theme!

I removed it from style.css file, but it is still showing the percentage behind the bar. Check it out please. I need only the bar, not the percentage. Is that possible? the page is www.inmat.com.br – menu “Visao Geral”

Problem solved! :D I set the color to White #FFFFFF.

Hi. How do I create the “Who Are We?” button in Slide, like in the Demo Site?

Waiting for help! Thanks!


The Title Scroll that is the moment “Who We Are?”, also the Link Scroll and the option to open the link to a new window or in the same window you can set under the left menu in “Theme Options > Slider”.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

I need help with Google Maps in Contact. It is finding the adress ok, but not Zoom autmatically. Is there possible to Zoom automatic to the exactly street adress? It is showing a far zoom, in the right city, but far zoom.


you know, in Google Maps it shows when i put the same address, but it is not showing in my page: inmat.com.br

thanks. need help with marker. only thing left to finish the development.

Zoom is OK now! Just need the marker!

Hi. I’m sorry for delay. The maker must to be displayed on the specified address in admin panel options. Please reply with the exact used on contact form.

Hi. I need help with responsive in cellphones. If u access my page, www.inmat.com.br, in a cellphone, the Tabs that i created isnt showing all tabs in cellphone, only 2, sometimes only 1. Can you help me to configure the page to be responsive in any cellphones? In PC, it is ok. The problems are in the cellphones.

grats. great theme!


I tested on our site with the tabs and on my mobiles works without problems. Please reply with the full tabs content used on your page and I will test with it to find the issue.

Thank you,

Hi I need support for portfolio gallery im using Magnetto – Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme.

I want to upload bulk photos on portfolio items, right now we can only upload 1 at the time which is consume lot of time. Please make an update or any way to upload bulk photos on portfolio.

Hi, noted to add as new feature uploading multiple images. Will leave the old options for users that like to upload images one by one.


When I set up a member portfolio url for one person of my team, the url is also displayed for the other next members of the team.

How to fix it?

thank you very much in advance

Hello. Thank you for your answer. But it doesn’t work. You can see the result here: http://www.virtuhouse.be

Ok. I had to add this code below these line “if ($wp_query->have_posts()) : while($wp_query->have_posts()) : $wp_query->the_post();”

You are right. Thank you.

Hello again,

On a smartphone screen, I only see the 1st member of the team. The template seems to be not responsive with the other members. How to fix it?

thank you very much!

Please send your site URL and I will check.


Please let me know if you’ve made some changes in the current theme version you are using. I tested on my local server and on demo site and there works without problems.

Will be great to have your theme version and I will debug to find the issue. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer: http://themeforest.net/user/WebLionMedia#form

Best regards,

Hi There, I want to know if there is way to not show the percentage loader when the site loads. It discourages users. Please advise. Also, the page load size, any idea on how we can reduce that?

Hi there,

Edit the file ”/magnetto/layout/js/main.js” and remove or comment this code:

    backgroundColor : '#ffffff',
    barColor : '#ebf1f3',
    barHeight : 6,
    percentage : true


Hello I have installed fresh WP and imported demo content xml file. desktop works fine but on iphone it is blank white page.

Hello, please contact me from the TF account where has been made the payment. Thank you.


I have my website with your template : http://www.licencesavenue.com/

As you can see, on “smart luggage” its used services

I want to create an english version but on services page, if I want to include it they take all services

But I want to create services for french page and services for english page

But your template just propose to get all services for any page



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Theme Updates

Version 2.1 (June 28, 2015)
Updated PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6 version

In the slider on the home page i have a video linked in, but I cannot find a way to get the video to stop looping. How can I stop the video in the slider to only play back once?


Please, send the page URL or write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you.

Best regards,


Recently bought an installed this theme including the demodata. Nice theme, but very unfriendly in setting up your site with this theme. Unable to setup your site without using the demodata. After using demodate, site is working, but changing the slider with just one slide is just not working an above all, just like some other users, complete white screen when using a smartphone or tablet!

Tried to contact the author via his preferred channel couple of days ago (contact form on support page), but still not even a response or notification on receiving my support question at all…not the first one who is waiting for support.

Please any help on how to fix both issues would be appreciated.

What username you use to contact me? Or do you mean the emails, that come from this comments section? In this case, this emails are sent by ThemeForest website. Please write your email here. Thank you.

I do not mean the emails that come from the comments section. I receive emails from an e-mail account from WebLionMedia as well! Last e-mail I received is about changes one of you made in my css-file (e.g. .flex-control-nav{display:none !important;} I hope you understand that I do not write my complete e-mail down here!

I see, there is another user name, this is confusing me :). Will reply soon to your email. Please do not post in two areas, because the last received message is going again to queue. Thank you.


RoboPhil Purchased

I have tried to use this theme as the demo looks great but it is very un-user friendly and nothing works simply. I cannot even import demo data as it fails. Tried to send message to author and had no response in a week. Waste of time and money.

Sorry, developer have some problems, we will help you soon, i’m sorry


RoboPhil Purchased

Can you please contact me ASAP as there are a lot of JS errors with your theme. Is there an update available as it has been 6 months since the previous update.

Can you give me a time frame how long until you can help me?