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I think I have a problem with the demo content :( I can import it without a problem but I get an un-complete content. For example: empty home page. I hope you can help me with this or may be provide me with a fresh copy of the demo content file.


Thanks for your concern . I’ve done what you specified but still not getting any content. If you can please provide me with a fresh copy of the content file from the preview site. Waiting for your reply…

Sorry for the disturbance. I managed to get the content now. Thanks for your help I will be in touch if there is any thing else. Thanks :)

Great, ok :)

Hello, I would like to purchase your theme, it looks great.
I have 2 questions:
1. Does it support multiple languages? (within the theme or with plugin)
2. Can I create different project sliders? eg one project slider with portfolio category 1 on the page ‘News’ and another slider with portfolio category 2 on ‘Clients’?

Thank you


Thank you for interesting in purchasing our theme.

1) It supports multi-language plugin.
2) Do you mean the main slider? With the main slider can not be done.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hello WebLionMedia, Thank you for your job! I have problem with blog page. Look this foto:


and inside a post:


A wait your answer.

Thank you

I checked the code in browser and I don’t see the featured image. The featured image has been set for these blog posts?

Sure, the featured image has been set.

I have to check directly in WP admin dashboard. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

Check the option “One Page” in “Page Options” for the page “Shortcodes” if you have imported the demo content. In the “Shortcodes” page is included the contact form shortcode and it conflicts with the contact form from home page.

Im delete a shortcodes page. Im dont understand where padding around my clients logos? And why its happening?

Fix it. Problem is, when im translate a my clients page title on russian, ID for clients div translated to, and css file didn’t see this class.

Where do I translate a fields for the contact form? In Poedit i can translated obly a “subject” field – https://www.dropbox.com/s/wovp5rsxbhfzmwa/%D0%A1%D0%BA%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%88%D0%BE%D1%82%202014-02-11%2014.21.31.png

All this words are in the file ”/functions/shortocdes.php”. This is my fault, I forgot to include the words from this file into POT file. Please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest and I will reply to your email with modifies POT, PO, MO files.


I’ve purchased this theme and configured the site with demo content initially. However, the site is not showing up in Mobile. Can you tell me why is this happening? Also, in the slider of the home page, there is an ” FL” on the next button of the slider, there is no trace of it in the slider to remove the text. Can You tell me how to get rid of the text?


Hello. Please download the last update theme version 1.6 and try again.

hi guys, just installed the theme and I’m having a strange issue here. Every time I set a page with the one page option and slider/parallax/blog/etc/... press update and then.. nothing. One Page option returns unchecked and so does the page type at default…

Am I missing something?


Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

another thing: I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with the post page. I have the comments that come up in a column at right and the sidebar at the bottom of the page. Everything is also compressed and it doesn’t look good at all… Please refer to the links below

https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xpkebtvqqj6dzr/Screenshot%202014-02-13%2000.40.44.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/con402dldhthccz/Screenshot%202014-02-13%2000.40.55.png

Seems that are unclosed divs in post content. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer!

This is what tells me Theme damaged

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description magneto missing stylesheet.

Missing style sheet error when installing the theme A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.


Hi there,

Quick question; How do do I increase the height of the top menu bar (the whole header)?



In main theme folder find and delete the ‘style.css’ file and find the css where is defined the header height:

header.scrolled {height:52px;}


header {

First is the height for scrolled style. And the second is for default, not scrolled menu.

Thanks! It worked!

It’d be awesome-r if this theme had a page/shortcode dedicated for testimonials! :)

Hi, you can view the testimonials in shortcodes page: http://magnetto.weblionmedia.com/?page_id=53

What theme version do you have installed? Please try our last update – version 1.6. Thank you.

Done, thx

Latest Theme Updates

1.6 (Released 12 February, 2014)
1) Added video options for Portfolio items.
2) Fixed the menu link in case that the URL name contain the folder name.
3) Fixed the scroll text in slider.
4) Fixed the Next button in slider.

Note: This update was released on 12 February, 2014

I keep getting the following error pop up each time my website loads:

Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS

Any reson for this?


I have to verify the settings directly in admin panel. Please reply to my unanswered email that I send to you. Thank you.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

I am not receiving your email, what is your email so I can contact you directly?

I can’t display the email directly here, because of the spam issue. By the way, check your Spam folder. Will try to send again an email.

Enable the excerpt field in “Screen Options”.

Which name of excerpt field, responsible for add a description?

Please read this post how to add the excerpt in WordPress pages, posts:


Find the section: “How To: Manually Add a Post Excerpt”.


Pretty good theme and I would like to know the details before I purchase.

  • I wanna use google map as usual view ( not for the background of the contact section). And I also use google map in Blog post. Can I do that?
  • About blog post section, I wanna use plane list style not like the masonry style on the Demo.Can I do that?
  • About the team section on the demo, it looks like 4 column. I wanna change it for 3 column. Can I do that?
  • About the progress bar, I wanna use a different number instead of percentage. For example, I set the bar as 87% and show “230 times” instead of “87%”. Can I do that?

This theme is really good for me and if you can help to make my these wish lists come true, I buy this theme right now.

Best regards,

Hello. In general all things are possible, but with more or less changes. In general in support this is not included. Thank you.

Hello! Answer to me.

Hello. You have to add the description content into excerpt field.


Same problem as Tickletoptown:

“Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS”

Strangely, there is no Google Map option in the theme options (that you refer to in the documentation). What to do?

Also, what exactly should be entered in the slider theme options title link field (at the bottom part of the slider) for the scroll to work?

Rgrds / Jonas

The position of the title-scroll was changed in last theme update.

To fix the phone number and fax in address 2 and 3, edit the file ”/functions/shortcodes.php” and do these changes:

1. Find:


change with:


2. Find:


change with:


Best regards,


Using version 1.6 and title scroll is still in an awkward position. Where is the parameter to change its Y-axis position?

Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my Profile page on ThemeForest. I will send new update!

Hello and thank you for your help,

I would like to know how to import demo content? I have a file called magnetto.wordpress.xml but I don’t see any dump.sql???

thank you very much


How to Import the XML File Demo Site’s Content!

1. Log into your site as an administrator.

2. Make sure you activated your new theme before proceeding.

3. Go to Tools > Import.

4. Choose “WordPress” from the list.

5. Upload the demo content .xml using the form provided on that page.

6. You will be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user.

7. You will then have the choice to import attachments, so click on the “Download and import file attachments” box.

8. Please be patient while WordPress imports all the content. Posts, Pages, Projects, and Menus are imported. You will need assign the menu a theme location & you’ll need to configure widgets. This is a limitation of WordPress’ import system.

9. Enjoy!

Best regards, Weblionmedia


I’d like to know if there is a way to display the services per 6 (in place of 3 with an horizontal scroll bar) with small icones?

Thank you!

Ok, could you tell me wich Jquery file add that css property “position: relative; left: 0px; width: 2608px;” to the div with the class “mCSB_container” in the services part?

Is it set in the main.js ?

You can find the CSS and jQuery files in the folder ”/magnetto/layout/plugins/customscrollbar/”.