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Hehe. Finally now available on TF. GLWS. ;)

Thank you :)

awesome work bro !!!

Thank you:)

Hi, nice work. But I wonder why all the Drupal theme developers never make a Newspaper/Magazine theme. Drupal is more suitable for this matter then all the other CMS here. And a lot of big magazin/newspapers are running on Drupal.

Yes, Sure. Drupal is powerful CMS, eg: Whitehouse and GRAMMY using it. :)

Great work, GLWS ))

Thank you :)

Great work ;) clean and functional

Thank you :)

Awesome theme my friend!!!! Excellent work!!!!! ;)

Thank you :)

Wow awesome work. Good luck with sales!

Thank you :)

Great work buddy, GLWS :)

Thanks Friend :)

Great work.. GLWS ;)

Thank you :)

Great work, my Friend. Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks Friend :)

Great theme.

I have previously purchased your Visia theme and am quite happy with it! I am looking at buying this theme to implement a site for a talent agent and have the following questions:

1. Is there a limit to the number of ‘projects’ that can be displayed on the carousel. Your sample site says 250 projects, but what if there were say a 1000 projects?
2. Is it possible to make the projects searchable by taxonomy tags on the front page (project section)?
3. Can additional sections be added to the site front page?
4. Are new projects created using a custom content type with fields or do you have to format the content with HTML?

Awaiting your response before I buy.

Dear Customer,

first of all, i would to give you big thanks , that you are sticking with our services.

at the bellow i will give you my answer

  • block portfolio title say “250 projects” that is static title you could change via Views header (click end edit), You can show numbers of projects via views settings.
  • Current features You can add search terms .. because it is views module. However the slideshow may not works full at this moment. We will continue update this features in future.
  • Yes sure. With Drupal you can easy add more region and assign any block to that region you created.
  • Projects that is use “Portfolio” content type. You add more project via (that is new node content type)

Best regards,


I purchased the Magnetto theme and it installed without a hitch.

I need help with the following on my test site:

I need to be able to search through the portfolio based upon Taxonomy terms. I have added a taxonomy field to the Portfolio content type and created a new view with exposed filters.

When I select a filter if the number of portfolio images being displayed after the filter is applied is an odd number (1,3,5,7) then I get an error message with the number of the filtered images (i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 7):

Website link:

Example: Choose Taxonomy term “Red Hair” and because there are only 3 images to display with that Taxonomy term you will get the following error message:

Undefined offset: 3 in include() (line 23 of /hermes/bosoraweb171/b1226/ipg.ontoroca/cfe/sites/all/themes/magnetto/templates/views-view-list—model-group.tpl.php).

If the number of images after the filter is applied is an even number (2,4,6,8) there is no error message.

Example: Choose Taxonomy term “Brunette” and you will NOT get the above error message as there are 6 images.

The file views-view-list-model-group.tpl.php is a copy of the the file views-view-list-portfolio.tpl.php provided by you.

I shall appreciate your help.

Dear Customer,

i ‘m not recommend copy views tpl file (template render file) .

I recommend Duplicate current views, or create new page , block inside that views (edit views you will see how to add new block in current portfolio views)

i recommend post a ticket at in next time.

Best regards,


Figured it out with some effort.

The total count of array elements ($rows), was one more than the maximum index when the number of images was odd (1,3,5,7 etc.) because arrays begin counting at 0.

I amended the file with an isset statement.

The changed views-view-list-model-group.tpl.php as follows:

if (isset($rows[$i+1])) {
   $html .= $rows[$i+1];
if (!isset($rows[$i+1])) {
 $html .= " \n";

Hope this helps some one else with the same problem!

Thank for all the helps.

This Magnetto template it’s compatible with drupal 6?

Dear @caioosman,

Magnetto is compatible with Drupal 7. If you are using d6 i recommend update your site to d7 and enjoy a lot of great drupal themes. :)

wish you have a great new week .

Best regards,


You’re welcome !

Great theme as usual. I am a repeat customer.

1. How does one add another level of menu items. Currently the template does not seem to support drop down menus?
2. Is it possible to use multiple exposed filters in the portfolio section. When I try to use two filters simultaneously the template hangs.
3. If I create a separate views for the portfolio with multiple exposed filter how do I create the Ajax effect where the node information opens up like on the template.

Appreciate your usual prompt response.

Hello Sanjaisc

After tweek and we will submit this update to enavto now .

here is screenshot how sub menu work

to get this, please follow bellow step:

I hope it helps,

For more question please submit it to

Best regards,


Thanks so much for your assistance. I love your quick and helpful support, one more reason to buy your themes. Keep up the good work. Will submit other questions to support as advised.

Thanks @sanjaisc!

I purchased this theme as the new look for and I am very happy with it. I love this theme because of its clean an slick appearance, great design and good functionality on mobile devices.

The theme is well documented and the author Tabvn is also very helpful when you assistance with adapting it to your needs.

Thank you for the theme, your help and keep up the good work!


i appreciate your kind of words.

our team are hard working , and will bring to you more great themes, and great premiums drupal modules included.

Once again thank you very much!

Best regards,



Is it possible to make slideshow height 100% ?

Hello @duruhandro,

You can change height of the slider via slider global settings. However Height 100% is not support in this Layerslider.

Best regards,


hey thank you for all your work on this theme it is great. I would like to create a new content type and allow it to use CKeditor, I noticed the library is installed with this theme but there is no wysiwg module or IMCE bridge. Is it safe to install these modules and use them with my customizations? Or should I follow another procedure?


yes, I included ckeditor libraries in /sites/all/libraries/ckeditor. So now you just need install this module

after installed the module if you don’t know how to configure it. You could submit a private ticket at I will help you do it.

Best regards,


Perfect, I can take it from there, I just didn’t know if installing wysiwyg would mess with your code. Thanks Tabvn.

@Angakh4225 , you’re welcome!

your demo link doesn’t work. please recover it, i need to see it before buy. thanks. alex

Hello @Tesiwebservices,

The Demo URL available :

Pleas try again, it’s works fine for me.

Best regards,


Hello, having problems with Russian translation button “view map” and “view contacts”, tell me how this can be done. Thank you.

Hello Lazoom,

I recommend this module to override current string message

You also could find these texts in /sites/all/themes/mangetto/templates/page.tpl.php

I hope it helps,

Best regards,


Thank you, it helped to work well with professionals

You’re welcome !