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tabvn supports this item


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Be aware, although the author mentions the item will be supported; there is NO SUPPORT! Just have a look at their forum where you can see all questions being unanswered http://support.tabvn.com/

Hi wimds ,

can you please send me your support URLs ?

i will take a look into your problem

Best regards,


Seriously, I already gave you the support tickets from your website in the above post. Is it that hard to look them up? It’s your support website right?

http://support.tabvn.com/ticket/2715 http://support.tabvn.com/ticket/2728

Hi Wimds

check your inbox . I asking your admin account so i could take a look what is error log from the slider.

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Hello, I have a problem with the maps API, which makes this theme useles beacuse it keeps poping up a window whenever reloading the page. I have tried to send you a support ticket and create an account on your support website, but I have not reseived any reply or even the confirmation link to your website. I have 3 months left of support but was wondering if you’re still in business or not. I would need a refund if your problem cannot be fixed.

Hi WHiteDynamics

try this way:

+ open /sites/all/themes/magnetto/layout/js/plugins.js

+ replace this url http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false with https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY make sure register an api key and replace YOUR_API_KEY, register new api key here https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

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Thank you, that fixed the problem.


You’re welcome.

Theme advertises i18n (multilingual) but there are none of the modules required. Not sure what they mean by supported. I do see there is a language switcher region defined; perhaps that is the support?

Footer as shown on demo does not work when site is installed.

1. Google map underlay is missing with this error: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

2. office locations is meant to have tabs but these do not work.

As soon as i moved the location of the stats block to a different region; it no longer works. Suspect there is custom jq code tied to the region id as opposed to the block class (bad design practice).

I have now started testing this theme on my phone and i do not think it is very responsive. Time to abandon this theme and use one based on Dexp. Too many things not working with this one.

Hello, since last mounth the jumper- navigation stopped working for google-chrome browser. Is this a bug of the theme, drupal or chrome? Thank you in advance.


gryper Purchased


When i look at the magnetto theme with the responsive menu on. I only see a black sliderfield, no items. What am I missing?

Thank you