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Very nice :D. Like the design a lot…very clean. Multa bafta.

Thank you Stefan :)


All respect to DDStudios but this is way better than Imaginaria and it should be selling like hotcakes this is absolutely beautiful, nice work!

Great template! I like the nav BG.

Thank you. Appreciate it :)



Heh, you’re right =P Although I didn’t mean what I said as a bad thing, just a coincidence. I still think you did a great job =D

Thanks Madsoft :)

To all the buyers, please rate. Thank you.


Sorry but when you open this template in Dreamweaver CS4 it’s NOT AN EASY template to edit. I bought it and pretty I’m pretty dis-pointed in the template and will not be using it.

I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed in our theme. If you need any help with setting it up, don’t hesitate to email us using the contact from on our profile page.

Please note the theme uses clean, structured and commented code, as you can see by viewing source of the live preview. It shouldn’t be hard to edit providing you know basic HTML and CSS .

are you coming up with wordpress version ?

Yes, we are. We’ll post more details soon.

I love your template and I’ve gotten nothing but great comments on my site.

Thank you!

— Justine

Demo doesnt work… Suspended Account…

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll try to get it fixed ASAP .

— Justine

Demo is back, enjoy!

Very, very nice! Bookmarked.

still waiting for the wp version….. :)

We’ve decided to wait with the WP version until WP 3 .0 come out officially. We want to make sure our themes utilize new features to their best. Meanwhile, we are working on some more goodness, so stay tuned :)

— Justine

Really hope youg rind out a wordpress version soon, this would be amazing!

Great design, one of the best I have seen on this site.

I couldnt understand why the search field isnt there :)

How do I get the search button to actually preform a search? Not quite sure how to do this!

Thanks- love the theme btw!


The css theme doestn get validated. Any tips on this?

Hi graceac,

We used some CSS3 and vendor-specific properties, therefore the CSS file doesn’t validate against the CSS 2 .1 specification. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the code, simply that we used properties that aren’t fully supported by all/old browsers.


Thank you for the quick reply :)

I dont mind it wont validate. For me, at least, it doesnt mean anything. I was afraid something could go wrong—but you cleared that up.

Are you going to sell Tehana, too? I’d be great!