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Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

I have a problem with the installation, i have uploaded the two folders on the /concrete/packages folder but they dont show up for installation. I’m using concrete5 v5.6.0.2 Help will be much appreciated

Hi, Put them in /packages not the concrete/packages directory and clear your cache. Let me know if you still have problems.

thanks Sarah that solved it :) i’m new to concrete5

Glad to hear it. Many thanks for purchasing the theme.

Sarah: I need to create a blog within an existing HTML site with static pages. I’ve installed C5 in a database and I’m ready for a theme. If I buy this theme, am I able to tweak the design in any way to make it look more like the site’s existing branding? Thanks.

Yes but you will need some basic knowledge of CSS to make some changes.

Hi Sarah, thank you for your nice and clean work on the template! i have one question: how do i get an image in the page list template blog list? thanks for your time, have a nice day, Mieke

Hi, There is a Page List Template included which you can set via the Custom Template option. Make sure your Page List Block is within the Blog List Area.


I bought this theme earlier today and really like it. I just wanted to check one thing. I have created a three column page and have three columns with a title, photo and text in the same way as the demo version.

The titles are given H2 and ‘block-surround’ but one title will always split to two lines no matter what I do. The text is ‘Natural Pool’. If I put it all in lower case or all in upper case, it’s always split. I can remove letters from ‘natural’ and it’s always split. But if I add an extra ‘o’ in pool it’s back to one line. I can make the text ‘natural poolpoolpoolpoolpool’ and it stays on one line.

Have I missed something very obvious ?

Thanks Martyn

Hi Sarah,

For some reason I cannot get the block items from Magnify to work so I’m unable to get the Slider, Blog Display, etc to work correctly.

Check out – I cannot get the Slider to see any Sets of images or anything.

Really need some help as the parts that do work are great.

Yes please Sarah. I’m going to do a clean install – do you have some sample data you could share so that I can get it to work.

The slider images don’t work and Blog Display. If I had a sample set of data on a clean install it would really help me identify what the issues are.

Email me at hello@sarahevansdesign.co.uk and I can get an alternative flex slider block across to you.

Hi Sarah, It appears that the issue is that the page types are not installing correctly. For example. the Blog Type isn’t from Magnify, so there is no way to get the “Thumbnail” image to show correctly on the Blog List view. There is no way to manage the thumbnail image.

Really need assistance, I’ve sent you information for access but no reply.

Hello Sarah, I am interested in using this template for my site, however, my logo is a bit more than just a word mark and is more square than rectangular. Will this template still accommodate that?

Sorry for the delayed reply, I’m not getting notified of questions posted here. You would need to make some small edits to the CSS of the theme to accommodate a logo with a lot more height.

Is there a version of this theme being prepared for the new 5.7.x version of concrete5? I’m not sure what all would need to be updated, but I believe it should be a relatively straight-forward update.


I installed concrete 5.7 and bought the template. It seems it can’t be used for 5.7.

Do you plan to update the template ?

Yes I do. It’s on my list of jobs to get done.

Hi Sarah, When i install it, it shows: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. What should I do?

The doesn’t seem to be working with concrete5 version 5.7 . I’ve copied flex_slider and magnify over to the packages directory but when i go to install them i get Broken package error. Please advise

Any updates when we may see a 5.7 version?

Great Work! Good Luck!!!