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I have faced an alignment issue in the iPad (portrait mode).

Solved it by changing the @media value from (max-width: 768px) to (max-width: 767px) in responsive.css file.

Hope this helps.

Can you please help me address the boxed issue instead of ignoring me? Why does the boxed version not seem to be boxed?

Hello, I’m really sorry about that. If you have some more of time please wait a little. It is going a big Magnis Theme update with boxed version and many other features. Thanks.


In the iPhone does not load the first image of “LATEST PROJECTS” in the Home Page.

The customer does not pay me until fix it :)

Help me Please

Hello, please send me details to solarman.awm@gmail.com.


I recently updated to Woocommerce 2.4.3 – but now I get the following error when i click on a product “Sorry, no products matched your selection” (its a javascript pop up). it seems it has something to do with the variations of the products. Please assist.

It seams you are talking about wordpress version. So contact the developer here: http://themeforest.net/user/oceanthemes

what is the difference of this theme in corporate magnis? I was about to buy the corporate magnis until I saw this. Thanks

The difference between new and old html theme is supporting the newest Bootstrap version and availability of new jquery plugins.

Hi, I simply adore this template but the client has requested something that I’m not sure about how to make it work. I need the menu to be fixed on top and the logo to get smaller when the user scrolls down the page. You think you can help me? Thanks in advance.

Before buying I just want to know, the skins/color showing in the theme will be available or I will have to select color before buying and that only will be available? And for CSS, JS and bootstrap provide the documentation as well.?

I have issue with magnis v2 theme, issue is project items images are not showing up properly. do you have a fix for this. ScreenShot http://imgur.com/IkBZKkq see there is some line shown below the pictures.. what’s the issue.. thanks

Hi I am trying to put a video layer on the homepage slider that will autoplay. I have tried all the methods but the video doesn’t seem to autoplay? I don’t know if it is something that is conflicting.


How can I horizontally center the images from within project-item ?


Dear Author, Whenever any page of the template loads, there is an adjustment that happens in that everything under the header shifts about 10-20 pixels upwards.

This bothers me and I have been unable to find out how to prevent it.

Please advise

slider not working


I just purchased this template, and it looks nothing like what I see at http://rivathemes.net/html/magnis/v2/view.html

Am I missing something?

Regards, Mahesh

I found a similar page at old/html/index.html But, the play / stop buttons are not the same.

Looks like it is at /new/html/view.html

There is a problem with the verification code since a few weeks. The verification code is not displayed anymore with several browsers.

hi, the form of the Magnis – Multipurpose HTML Template doesn’t work anymore. When I bought this theme, the form worked. Any suggestion?