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I bought the Word Press magnum theme, but the menu is not functioning correctly. I clicked “Import Demo Content” and I have not changed anything, but the menu buttons are not scrolling. Instead of scrolling to the appropriate part of the page, clicking a button on the menu redirects me to that page. This is not what I want. I want my website to work like your live demo which scrolls to correct part of the page. How do I get the menu to work correctly?

Only the home button scrolls to the top. The rest go to different pages. How do I fix this? I’ve gone over the documentation, and I haven’t figured it out. pirate4lord

By the way, I have the latest version of WordPress – version 4.6.1

I tried going to the main menu and clicking “save”, and nothing has changed. So I removed the main menu and rebuilt it, but I am still getting the exact same result. What can I do to get the menu buttons scrolling correctly?

Hi, Please share your website’s url so we can take a look. Thanks

I sent you a message with my website address.

I have another problem. When I hold my mouse over the service columns on the page “other-work”, my mouse turns into 4 arrows like I’m going to drag and drop something, but there is nothing to drag or drop. How do I fix this so that the mouse does not change like that? (By the way, I am using Google Chrome primarily as my browser)

Hi can you share the url of your page where we can see this issue? Thanks.

Bought this theme but for some reason, the options on the home editor is not working properly. Please help, thank you

Anyone still supporting this?

Hello, apologies for the late reply.

Can you please contact us using this form:

Please send your login details so that we can check what is wrong with the editor.


cant get the video to play on home page header. i have inserted the link to videos and selected video to play but nothing happens.

also the color changes and options are very limited in theme options. all changed have to be made in CSS? font sizes, menu colors, link colors.

Yes. Check in our support forums for this theme, you’ll find many snippets there. Open a new thread if you don’t find what you are looking for.

video does not play on mobile, how can i fix this

Hi, Background videos aren’t supported on mobile devices due to a limitation in their operating systems. This is the same for all devices and is unrelated to our theme. The usual solution is to replace a background video with a background image on mobile devices. Out theme does this also.

Hi, congratulations on the template. I have a doubt. I bought the template and I imported the demo, but clicking on the menus is going to another link instead of continuing on the one page. Do I need to do any more configuration to run the one page mode?

Any solution?

Hi, Try re-saving the main menu which is imported in the demo content. Sometimes this step is required due to import complications. If this does not help, send us your url and login info via our profile page contact form, and we’ll take a look.

Hi. Thanks for feedback. I tried to re-save the menu but it did not work. I will send the url and login. Thanks

I have figured out how to use videos properly and they work on my site everywhere, but the home page. I have a 5 sec loop I want to play but it just gives me a black background.

It is from Youtube the full URL and it is Http not https. Any ideas?

Hi, Please send us login info privately via our profile page’s contact form and we’ll check back stage.

Hoi, I’ve added a few new projects but it will only show three of them on the website. Do I have some to change some settings?

Hi, In your portfolio page, you can set the max number of projects to show in the “max” field. Set this to a high number if you want more projects to show. If you have used the “Selection” control below the max field, you will need to insert the new project manually. If you don’t use this selection (remove all manually added items) the theme will automatically insert all available projects (up to the number of projects set in the max field).


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Hey, I’m out of support, but have a simple question. How do I rearrange the order of sections (rows) on the home page. I would simply like the services to show before the projects.


Hi, Open the page you wish to swap positions and in the “Page Attributes” dialog on right side of edit page admin area, you”ll see and “Order” field. This determines sequence of sections on 1-page layout. Just swap the order numbers. Done.


dediger Purchased

Hi, I like this theme but wondering if you might have an update to it sometime soon, last supported wordpress version was for WP 3.8…

Hi, Currently the theme supports WP version sup to 4.7, the latest version hasn’t been tested yet.


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Bought the theme but I got some issue with the gallery. Now I am currently waiting for support in the forum.

Hi, Can you share a link to your thread, if its not been dealt with already.