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This is so awesome !!!

nice theme!! good luck with sales, i’m quite interested in purchasing, what are shortcodes and more features for this theme? do you use the visual composer? what font is used in the original?


all features included in the theme can be seen on the online preview, we have button, icon, columns and video shortcodes.

We don’t use a content composer/builder, each section is a page/custom template with custom metabox to control the content, which makes editing a lot easier.

Fonts (Google): Open Sans, Montserrat and Volkhov

Awesome work Bitfade! Good luck with sales.

Nice work on this theme… good luck!


I bought your HTML version with Digital-Trends-Bundle.

Better interactive design. Good Luck with Sales.

Is there anyway to remove the loader after every page load? For example – click on blog link (spinner loader appears). Then click the “continue” reading link (spinner loader appears again) Thanks!


there’s not an option for that but we could hide the loader with a bit of custom css. Just post in our support forum and our staff will gladly help with it.

This is sleek and smart work, good work by a wonderful author.

Thanks for your kind words mate.

really nice work, GLWS :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks dude

Nice design, I like it too. :)


Great looking theme! Nice job!


Stunning stuff as ever! Is it set up to allow for multiple “sections” using the same format in a one page site e.g. have two separate portfolios or services in the same site?


Hi, yes it is, multiple use of same sections in one layout is supported.

Wonderful work, congrats!
Actionscripters have the best design taste ;)

Kind Regards,

Great work, glws ;)

can you guys help me.. i just download but when i alredy instal many feature is not possible to play and do .. like i want to add page is not possible also the video is so annoying is interrupted my video posting.. helm me please.. my email is my website using your themes is … its so mess

i cannot add my video here … help me


head over our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible

Hey guys ! Really nice work but I don’t see how I can install a child theme ?

Thank you.


we usually provide child themes in our support forum, there’s not one already available for magnum because the theme is still new but there should be one in a couple of hours (worst case tomorrow morning)

check the link from time to time, you’d see a sticky post with the child theme as soon as it’s ready.

Great, Thank you ! Many luck with sales, you deserve it.

One last pre-sale question – Can I make each section 100% screen height? For instance – Alternative Services white background height is automatically the screen height, based on the browser height. Thanks!


there’s not an option for that but should be easy enough with a bit of custom javascript code. Just post the request in our suppor forum and our staff will help.

Excellent Work! you doing a great Job GLWS ;)


Great work, thanks.

I use the #5 Fullscreen Slider just with one Image and no Caption. HOW can I get rid of the 2 lines and where can I add the button that says “Let me tell you why” in your demo?


thx for your answer and greets from Germany.


1.) Go to Theme Options panel and add this to Custom CSS field:
.home-content hr {
display: none;

2.) Go to galleries and click on the gallery you have assigned to your homepage, then at the bottom click on the little pen icon on the image thumbnail, it will bring out the settings for that image. In the description filed, add this html:

<a class="button outline white smoothscroll" href="#its-nice-to-meet-you">Let me tell you why</a>

That should do it.

Perfect. Danke

You’re welcome ;)

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