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Great theme, what about some overlay effect in the parallax sections,

Hey, love your theme and thank you for making it user friendly. I am not a programmer or coder by any means and I am sailing through this.

One thing I would like to see in the next update is more control over the colors. Specifically, the footer back color, the menu bar color, and color for the of the fonts that appear before the home screen video.

Also under the services tab, do you think you could put videography? I am a videographer & photographer and it is cool to have the video background but it would be even color if I can have that as a symbol for services. Or at least give the option to edit the photography symbol to add video as well.

Also the option for footer widgets, maybe?

Hello and thanks for your kind words,

we get all kind of requests from customers about new features they’d like to be added, while we can’t add all of them for obvious reasons, we do our best to include the ones with the most wider audience.

Best way is to post a request in Magnum support forum so other buyers interested in the same features will join the conversation.

Very nice!Wish you good sales :)

Thanks mate

Good job for this theme, Good luck :)

thanks mate

beautiful theme. sorry but i?m a noob to wordpress. if possible, how do i make the black bar that holds (home,work about, services, the team, etc.) taller??? i have a logo that i?m inputing instead of a header title that is a bit too tall for that black bar. i can?t really make the logo smaller just because you won?t be able to see the details in the logo. Any help greatly appreciated!


please create a new thread in our support forum, our staff will help as soon as possible

Nice one. Love it.

Just for your interest, the portfolio section gets squashed, overlaying each other, at least with me on Safari OSX.

For my interest, cause I am not sure, about the sections, besides the splash page can I implement them in normal pages? Or in general how do they get implemented?

No parallax or full width video background (besides header) possible or did I miss something?


Can I insert a “form filed” into the slider?

I basically just want to add an email/name fields to have people subscribe to newsletter right as they come in the website

I want my site to look like your demo in full screen but with the email & name fields below the text instead of scrolling to the contact page

Hi @conradzoo, the layout issue has been fixed, however we missed to update the live demo with the newest version, it wil be done first thing tomorrow.

All the sections available are displayed in the demo. and yes each section can be a separate page.

Hi @marius7,

we don’t have such feature in the theme by default. What you could do is install contact form 7 plugin and then insert it into headlines.php, a file responsible for splash page output, to get what you want.

Some additional styling of the form wil probably be needed though.

Great theme as usual. Just a pre-sale question: can we make multiple splash pages and in each of them display different portfolio categories? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi @Yogova,

yes that is of course supported, you can have unlimited number of splash pages and different sections in each, including a different selection of projects to display in your portfolio section.

Hey there. Another fabulous theme. Can you tell me if it shares the same kind of admin and functions as OneUp? And also will allow a mixture of Single Page styles and normal pages too?



you can mix single pages and normal pages but magnum doesn’t include a content builder like OneUp. Instead, each section is a page that, when assigned its parent to “Home”, gets displayed as section instead of a single page.

I see – so can Magnum also have multiple One pages? so for example 6 main menu items. All of which are One Page style pages split into sections? thanks

It can have multiple one pages but the menu is the same for all of them (unless changed with a bit of custom php)


Great theme. i have a question about videos in this theme. Do you have to self host the video so that it looks like in your demos or are embedded youtube videos possible?

Also is your theme translation ready?



the background video is loaded from youtube. Theme is translation ready and comes with a pot file that can be translated in every language.

Dear team. Great work, nice theme! One question: why does the full screen slideshow (+services) not show on chrome and iPhones? Best <URL></URL>

Hello and thanks for your kind words,

please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.

A ja… And: How can I go to the quotes section? Seems not to work from the menu. There is an issue with the contact section. You can only access it from the menu via #contact regardless the name you use for the page. Best


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.

Hi, i’ve noticed your theme and I really like the video gallery on the homepage. I’d like to know which plugin did you use, if there is a plugin, and where I can find it. If the gallery was made by you I would like to know where I can buy it or what have you done to obtain that effect. I don’t need the theme license because the site where I want insert your video gallery uses another theme done by me. Thank you very much, Martina

thank you so much for the fast reply :D

Hello again, just a few more questions:

1. How do you create every page slider (not the splash one) and the content inside, with a custom post type or directly from some page settings?
2. Can we fix the slides height individually?
3. Can we add a button in every page slider, below the big title and the subtitle? If not, is the subtitle html editable to insert a link?
4. Can we use the lightbox gallery at the end of the portfolio ‘project page’ everywhere in a page, maybe via the standard wordpress gallery, or it belongs only to the portfolio post and it will always display after the content?
5. Can we go full width with your blog posts (without the sidebar) and use all the shortcodes inside, specially columns to split the content?
6. Is your theme multi-lingual WPML compatible, and if not, do you have any plans to add this feature?

Thank you, once more, for your time to answer.

7. Can we have a drop down menu?


  1. sliders use the gallery custom post type
  2. not supported
  3. not supported
  4. lightbox is only supported in the portfolio section
  5. no options for that, you’d have to customize theme files
  6. our framework is, Magnum theme wasn’t tested yet but we plan to add the feature in the next update
  7. original template design didn’t include dropdowns so neither does the wp conversion

Ok, thanks. It is a pity for us that we can not even make the subtitle ‘clickable’ as we wanted to use your sliders to redirect our users to some pages. Anyway we’ll try to find a workaround to compose our site as we really like this great theme. Best regards wishing you many more sales.

hi love the theme but is there a reason why when my hompage is displayed on mobile devices that the background slides don’t work – all i get is a black background,

Settings used are: Home Page Type: Gallery Home Page Size: Fullscreen Slider Gallery: home 5 gallery Gallery look: Simple Show controls: Both Landing Title: (TEXT here) Landing Subtitle: (TEXT here) Logo: yes

is there a fix for this? hope so Thanks

ok problem was answered on a thread there regarding an update 1.0.2, where can i find this?


the fix you’re talking about is for haven theme not magnum, however we have identified the issue you mention and currently working on a fix. We should be able to push the update today or tomorrow at max so check the item page in the next couple of days, we’re going to post a comment / note in item description as soon as the update goes live.


the update just went live, please redownload the theme to get latest version.

I love this theme but I need it in HD, is it possible for you to make an upgrade? Thanks a lot, see you soon.


the original template doesn’t have the feature you mention so neither does the conversion. However, that’s something we’d like to add as well so it may be added in a future update if not requiring a complete rewrite of the template css/js code.