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As I told you a few comments before, we try to find a workaround with the section sliders to insert a link as you do in your demo with the splash slider, so, is it possible to make the whole image ‘linkable’ like a standard image that we insert with WP media? Thanks.

Thank you very much, because even if we still have to buy your theme, I think we have found the answer in your support forum and besides, the new update includes the other features we needed.


As we aren’t, yet, a client I can’t confirm in your forum if this answer of one of your staff members is valid for all the sliders, not only the homepage. I suppose the answer is YES as we only have to edit each picture in the description field, but please, could just confirm it before buying? This is the answer:

Hi Oliver, glad you like our theme

To add such button, go to galleries and click on the gallery you have assigned to your homepage, then at the bottom click on the little pen icon on the image thumbnail, it will bring out the settings for that image. In the description filed, add this html:

Code: Let me tell you why Change #its-nice-to-meet-you to # + page slug of the page you are trying to link to. You can find the page slug when editing it, below it’s title.


yes, you’re right. Additionally, title/description fields are supported in all galleries throughout the site

Great, we will buy it with another account and if we have any issues we’ll head directly to your support forum that looks really helpful.
Thank you for everything.

UPDATE 2014.02.13 – Version 1.0.1 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:

  • WPML support.
  • Added support for drop down menu.
  • Fixed slider fallback on mobile devices.

I try to change colors it only gives me the option to change the primary color. How do I change other colors? Ex: The menu bar if I wanted to make it green instead of black? #77BC1F

type color #000


you would generally use chrome dev tools to find the proper selector and then add a custom css rule to the custom CSS theme option.

If you need help with the above, just post your question in the theme support forum and our staff will help as soon as possible.

Hi, lovely theme. For the separate portfolio pages can you insert a video into the sliders? I would like to display mainly video projects so was wondering if this feature is possible? Thanks

so is there a way to embed a vimeo video after the slider?

also, is it easy to change the text on the buttons from ‘my work’ to ‘our work’?

Hi, in single project pages, you are able to insert as many videos as you want inside project content, using provided shortcodes, that’s not a problem.

Button text can of course be easily changed.


I’m loving this theme already!

However, just one question in regards to the Contact form.

I tested and noticed the form will only be submitted successfully if the first & last names are entered. How do I make it possible for the form to be submitted successfully with just a first name entered?

Thank you!

Hello and thanks for your kind words,

please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.

hi! I have two questions:

Is possible put on home 3 or 4 posts from blog like is showed in “Meet our team” session? (i mean like columns) Some simple, image with text? This will be nice for me :)

and… Can i make this slide transition automatic?

Congrts folks, this theme is great. thx ;)

Hi, Unfortunately the only section/content supported above the splash page is the text captions or the services section, anything else would require the theme to be customized.

The splash page slider may be set to auto slide, but in this case the UI controls must be hidden.

ok :/ thank so much.

ok :/ thank so much.

What can I say except WOW!

I have a few presales questions. Is it must to have a Youtube video or we can use self hosted video? What formats are supported? For the translation, is that all elements are translatable? Utf-8? The theme is optimized for SEO?

Hi, thanks for your compliment, we’re glad you like it.

The only supported video type for the splash page is YouTube. However both Vimeo and YouTube videos are supported in the theme’s content areas.

All elements are translatable.

The theme is as optimized for SEO as can be provided in the markup of a one page theme. The remaining SEO optimizing comes down to your content.

In the youtube videos, we often find ads at the bottom of video. Are there a chance that they are also visible into background of the site?

Hi, Yes you would need to use only videos with now ads because if there are ads in the video on youtube, they they will appear in your website.

Best of luck with it. :)

Thank you :)

Hi, I am very interested in your product however I had a quick question. I was wondering is it possible to add a plugin for features such as paypal or google checkout. I am looking to be selling items on the site that I create.


Hi, We haven’t tested the theme with any 3rd party plugins for such things. In general 3rd party plguins, as long as they are well made, will work in the theme, but they may need some custom CSS to make their look, match the base theme’s look.

Is it possible to mix n mach and have a fixed video vs fixed slider? I really like the fixed slider layout with the navigation on the bottom however I want a video above the nav, not a slider. Doable?

Hi, yes its doable, but would require a bit of custom CSS, to basically change the fullscreen video home page version to be a fixed height video instead. If you decide to purchase, we will be able to help you out with this CSS via out support forums.


Great Theme, we are interested in buying but firstly can you confirm if you can add extra pages and also integrate Gravity forms?

Thanks, Richard

Hi, You can add extra pages yes. Regarding gravity forum, we haven’t tested the plugin, however its a very solid well made plugin so will very likely work fine, the only thing you would need to do is to add custom CSS to style the plugin;s form fields in the same way as the existing form field in the theme. This step is optional though.

Great, thanks very much!

Hi, I am new to wordpress and having issues uploading the theme. Can you provide me with the info to do this?

WP admin Main Menu > Projects > “Details About Magnum” > WP editor content.

For some reason I do not see or have the option to even click “Details about Magnum”. When you say WP admin Main Menu are you talking about Dashboard?? Sorry..


please head to our support forum

Hi, can you help me changing the icons for the call to action on other work page? I would like to use my own. Please let me know.

Thank you,


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

Hi Before I purchase this theme Can you tell me if buddy press can be built into the theme?


Hi, I believe Buddypress can be built into any WP theme, however this theme does not contain custom buddy press support, meaning that there are no custom CSS styles for Buddypress etc. We have not tested the plugin with this theme at all.


I really love the layout and design of this theme, I was wondering if it was possible to edit the template to make the pages individual instead of a one page paralax?

I wanted the services and portfolio pages to be separate instead of all on the home page. Is this possible in the admin panel?


Hi yes this is possible, all pages can be separate or parts of a one-page-layout, or mixed.

Hi there. First of all, I purchased the theme a few days ago and love it. . Only problem is, the main video doesnt seem to play on my android device, nor do any of the videos. Any suggestions?

Hi yes this is how all inline videos will work, but this is not possible in the main homepage showcase.

Okay thank you. Just curious, do you forsee that one day background videos will be supported on mobile devices?

I have no clue. Background videos are pretty resource heavy, so maybe its a good thing because right now, many mobile devices may not have the cpu power to play videos in the background while rendering a page full of other dynamic content above it.


Interested in the them. Is there a way to integrate the blog into the homepage?


Hi, Unfortunately not, the blog section of the theme is a standalone section and must be a separate page.

Couldn’t find it anywhere, but 1. how can I change that the Work SLIDER plays automatically and 2. how can the top navigation have background pic?? PLEASE HELP, thanks.

Hi @mh301179, please head to our support forum as your questions are a little more complicated, and someone will help first thing in the morning:

Hi @cstasiuk,

splash video is not supported on mobiles/tablets, that’s why there you only see image and title/subtitle, without play button.

Regarding your portfolio, lightbox is turned off for screens that small, and playback is left to the native mobile client. If you want to change that, go to theme folder/theme/compressed and open theme.min.js

Find this:
change to this:

Hi @Iamrichard,

yes you could add blog to the homepage, it’s really simple.

Note though that blog pagination would not work there, so if you for example want to only display a few latest blog posts on your homepage, that is fine, but for a full blog page you would still have to use a separate page.