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Is it possible to have the menu bar to show on the first page (instead of having to scroll down before you see it)? Thanks for your help!

Hi @gfunk,

yes it is possible, but it’s too nig a modification to perform here in comments, can you please open a thread in our support forum and we will take a look:


Hello, Just purchased the theme and everything works great except the contact form always gives “Error! Please validate fields” I have entered correct data in all fields and it still won’t work. How do I fix this? Thank you

Hi, This can result from your hosting restricting the php Mail() function to avoid spam. You would contact them about this, or you could install and configure this plugin:

Hi there, I absolutely love this theme and I am thinking of using it however before I purchase im curious, Is there a portfolio page available or a way to display many portfolio items. I will be using it to showcase up to 25 projects so a page which displays many projects would be ideal as it may look cluttered to place them all on the home page.

Thank you

Hi, Sure, you can create an additional portfolio page which is standalone. Then you can also filter the projects inserted there (in the back end) so that the projects from the homepage are not repeated.

Fantastic! Cant wait to use this theme. Thanks for the quick reply also.

Hi—very nice theme to work with thus far, slick, clean and relatively simple.

I have a small problem, I have both my logo and a video on the homepage, but whenever I try to upload a smaller logo, it resized and pushes the play button to the right and down (no matter the size of the uploaded file). Is it possible to have a way to push the play button down a bit, or move it on the page underneath the logo?



Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

great site! I actually love the music on the feature video and was wondering if that might come with the purchase of the site? If not, any chance you remember where you purchased it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, that song is called “Intro” by XX. Here it is on YouTube: Its not included in the download, the video is just an embed from YouTube

Hi There,

I would like to know if it would be possible to display more than 3 large projects when using a widescreen. The project “cards” quite large and would like to use the 210px wide cards to display more. I understand we might need to look into the stylesheet – can you please advise where to dig?

Thanks! L

Hey, Open portfolio.php and change the “four” class in the grid markup to “three”, this may not give you the pixel width you require but it will give you 4 items per row instead of 3.

Hi there!

We really like your theme, but before purchasing, we’d like to know a few things:

- Is it possible to have a picture in the header instead of a slider? - Is it possible to have the colors of the menu items change when you are to right spot in the site? So for example: when I scroll into the ‘services’ area, then the ‘services’ menu item will get a different color than the other menu items. - is it possible to have a captcha in the contact form, to prevent spam? - is it possible to show the newest blog entries on the homepage?

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much! Marlies

Hi, Yes an image is supported there, it doesn’t have to be a slider. The main menu items do not highlight, this is not a feature of this theme and hence would require custom work to implement, because its not just a simple case of CSS. There is no captcha in this theme, but if this is something you require you could try using a third party form plugin in the theme. Unfortunately the blog section must be a separate page and cannot be part of the one-page layout.

Hi Bitafde,

I tried to paste the Google Analytics code into the theme custom JS hook in admin interface, but it does not track jack shit!

Do i have to install a custom plugin or mount it manually into code to get this work?


make sure you removed the ”<script> ... </script>” surrounding the GA javascript code before copying it in the custom JS field (the “script” tag gets added by the theme code)

Hi there,

I am absolutely in love with your theme! It is exactly what I was looking for.

I would like to change the color of the call to action on the project page (the black background where it says “Is this your dream save the date?”). It is too dark for my linking.

How would I go about that?

Thank you so much, Camelia


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

Hi, I’m using the Fullscreen Video + Services homepage template along with the Services Carosel. And I’d like to use 4 services Icons over the fullscreen video that are excluded from the services Carosel, however I can’t find a way to exclude them. Are you able to let me know if there’s a way to exclude them from the Carosel?


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

Hi! I would like to show the last 4 posts of the blog in the homepage, but I couldn’t manage to do this through “pagecontent” templates.

I will appreciate any tips about this issue!

Thank you!!

Hi, The blog needs to have its own separate section. Incorporating it into the homepage section is not supported.

hi! I just bought this theme and I’m excited to get started, but just had one question. I was able to install the theme, but until I have it ready to go, I don’t want to activate it as my blog is currently live with another theme. Is there a way to work on it without it being activated?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hi, You can create a local server or development environment and you can install WordPress there. You can load in the dummy content into the theme once activated and then work on the theme there. You should search Google for the many tutorials about setting up such a situation.

Hola. Quiro saber si hay versión para Wordpress 3.9

Hi, Yes this theme supports WP 3.9

Hi. I add a newsletter form what can I do?

Only with a 3rd party plugin.


Are the images and video files included in the package?

Hi, The images and videos displayed in the online theme demo are not included in the download package. There are several reasons for this, we don;t have licences to redistribute those images/videos and that’s only demo content, which needs to be replaced with your own content. Out theme does however have dummy content included which can be optionally imported by you once you activate the theme, this will replace the images which you see in the theme demo but retain all the pages/layouts.

Excited! Love the theme and purchasing it ASAP! Awesome demo by the way. Great choice of vid….and song!



I have an issue with Safari compatibility around the project tiles. The theme works superbly with other browsers, and even on Iphone/Ipad safari browsers. I’ve seen a previous entry here – it was not answered earlier. The issue is exactly the same.

Would you be able to look into it? I am able to provide a screenshot if needed. Many thanks!!

Hi, I’ve checked the theme now in safari and I am not seeing any problem with the project titles, could you be more specific about what the problem is? I’m assuming you are talking about Safari on OSX?

Yes indeed, I am using 6.0.4 and only the photo appears, not the info below it – in addition the titles overlay each other. I am able to supply a screenshot or URL if needed. Thank you for the help!

Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

I have tried installing the full zip file onto my site and I am getting this message. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Please advise asap as I am excited to start playing!

Hi Kristin, As discussed on email the item you have purchased is not the WP version of this design but the HTML template version. Additionally WP themes purchased from Themeforest cannot be used on hosted sites, instead you will need your own hosting and your own install of WordPress before you can used them.

Hi Bitfade,

Can u pls answer my ticket in your support forum (nickname = flo). Have a deadline to make today, so it’s pretty urgent.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Forum threads are answered in the sequence in which they were submitted. We have 3 staff working 4+ hours each in the forum each day, so please be patient and we’ll get to your thread shortly. Also please don;t bump forum threads, because they are then returned to the back of the queue as new posts.

Hi, I already by it; it’s wp 3.9 compatible?

Hi, Yes it is. If you have not bought very recently, then you will need to download the theme again because we uploaded an update for WP 3.9