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I purchased this theme but i’m having problems changing text colors. In the Theme Options > Colors it says:

“In this page you can set alternative colors for the main colored elements in this theme. Four color options have been provided. A primary color, a secondary or complimentary color, a primary or dark grey and a secondary or light grey. To change the colors used on these elements simply write a new hex color reference number into the fields below or use the color picker which appears when each field obtains focus.”

Only the primary color option is shown though. Can you tell me how this works?

Thanks in advance

Hi, Unfortunately any mention of other colors which can be changed there is a typographical error ( a remnant of another theme). The only color which is possible to change from there in the Magnum theme is the main primary color.

Ok, too bad. There 2 other problems that we have.

When you visit the page with safari, the portfolio projects and some texts are overlapping. It’s also happening when I visit the theme demo page with safari (on a macbook). Any idea when this problem is gonna be solved?

The other problem just came up last week: when you click on a portfolio project (video) on a mobile device it is redirecting you to the source page (a youtube of vimeo page). So you leave the website instead of getting the lightbox popup.

We have the latest version of your theme. Thank you!


For the portfolio grid bug, please see this thread in our support forum for the fix:

About the video, yeah its disabled on mobile, but can be enabled as follows: Edit a file in theme folder/js called main.js, find this: disableOn: 700, and change 700 to 0

Hi there,

I’m waiting for a respons on my ticket for two days now… have deadline to make.. can u guys pls answer me? (ticket:


Hi, We’re awaiting the link to your page in which the image you are referring to is located. Please post it in the forum thread. Thanks.

I use a featured image for a project but that image does not showing because another photo in my gallery just randomly shows up as the project thumbnail?

I’m kinda disappointed actually

Hi, do you know how i can disable/hide the square gallery underneath a project page? thanks in advance

or having the option to set no gallery for a project for instance?


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

Hi great theme! Is it a lot of work to add the menu as transparent on the first splash over the video and make the menu background appear when scrolling like on your Heroic theme?

Hello and thanks for your kind words.

that’s not supported as option so you’ll have to customize theme css and javascript code in order to add such feature. Can’t really tell how much time involved because that depends on the freelancer who’s gonna do the work.

Thanks for the information, is it possible to hire you for the customization?

Hi, Unfortunately not, we don’t do custom modification work. You could try Envato Studio (link in site footer). They have a WP customization category there.


Is this optimised for SEO?


Yes sure all of the usual SEO based concerns were taken into account during the building of this theme. All contents will be indexed by the search engines. However what matters most is not the theme itself (almost all themeforest themes / templates are SEO ”optimized”) bur rather your content and quality/number of back-links to your site.

Additionally you can install an SEO optimization plugin if you need extra custom control on keywords etc.


Any chance of adding a page template for a category list? or even a horizontal style recent blog posts?


Hi, A category already has a layout of its own:

Unfortunately there is no recent blog posts section.

I’ve purchased the magnum them and am so excited to get it going, but I’ve tried updating the gallery/project/staff members with a test sample and the only thing showing up on the front end is the blog posts. what am i missing? thanks so much for any advice


Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

hmm, i paid through paypal and have an invoice id, but never received a purchase code. where can i find it?

Are you sure you didn’t buy the HTML version of this item? How much did you pay?

Hi there,

Just thought you should know but there currently is no support page. It says that page does not exist :(

I have a big problem which is that the project tiles do not display properly in safari. The images are squished on top of each other, rendering the portfolio unusable. I have several screenshots and I would like to know what can be done to resolve this please!

Hi, The forum is online, please post details of your issue there:

Love this theme… !


Need help! I can’t upload pictures to gallery? it doesn’t shows any uploads!!

Hi, Have you updated your WP to 3.9 and not updated your theme? Download the latest version of the theme from your downloads page in your TF account and then see this thread in our support forum for instructions on how to update your theme:

I can’t seem to get the homepage video to play on iPhone or iPad. Is this compatible? Do I need to update or is there a workaround?

Anything helps.


Hi, Background videos are not permitted on mobile devices, this is an OS restriction. This is why fallback images is used in such cases.

i bought this item with a bundle.. “the digital bundle 2014”, ok this was the link but the promotion is ended Here the website is in html, but i need for wordpress, i can pay the difference?

thanks my email is

Hi, That bundle included the HTML template version of this design. The WordPress version is completely different and is being sold by a different author (us) from that of the HTML version (original designer) with permission of course. Therefore if you wish to obtain the WP version of this items you will need to purchase a licence in the normal way. Thanks.

oh very bad, i appreciated a discount about difference

Hi, What should I be expecting with regards to video on ipads or iphone? I just tested the main page and the video button’s don’t show up. How can I get that to change? Thanks.

Hi, You can’t because background videos are not supported in mobile devices due to limitations imposed by the mobile operating systems. Therefore the theme uses fallback images instead. This is not a theme limitation but an OS one.

I’m in a bit of a pickle. On the one side, I love the design of your magnum theme on the other, I NEED Woocommerce compatibility.

I found in the comments that woocommerce compatibility is not on the roadmap. How difficult does your codebase make it to get woocommerce compatibility? I’m willing to this myself (can’t see the current codebase without purchasing though).

Do you have other ecommerce suggestions?

Again love your theme! Hopefully theres I way to make it sell stuff!


Hi, Yes adding Woo support is not planned. Adding compatibility would require significant work to the theme’s php. You’d need to hook into the plugin and provide custom header/footer for their pages. Then you’d need to add custom CSS to make their pages display correctly based on the theme’s responsive framework etc. Unless you’re pretty skilled in WP development, I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself.

Unfortunately we have no other e-commerce solution to recommend. We haven’t tested any of them.

Hi, before i buy the theme, i have aquestion: 1. Is it possible to see the menu on first page too? 2. Can I use Vimeo and Yourtube videos on first page (full screen)?



1. Yes you can add a little CSS snippet to make the menu sticky always. This has been solved in our support forums already.

2. Youtube video is supported in the background of the homepage. Vimeo is not.

Self hosted video backgroud too ?


it’s not a very simple process and our customers so far vere happy with the YouTube approach.

Self hosted videos are more complicated as you have to manually host the videos + host multiple versions of it, while YouTube takes care of everything automatically.

If interest would be high enough, we would consider implementing it.

I understand you. But the problem with Google is that there has pubs at the bottom of the video. In the context of a professional activity, is not good.

Hi, Yes but if you are the author of the video you can control the ads on the video. So the idea would be that you upload your own video to YouTube and not use random videos already on YouTube. Then link it to your theme and seeing a your video is on YouTube it can also be a way to market your work and place a link back to website.


I have purchased the html version, but my web designer tells me I need this version now. Do you offer credit for that?


Hi, Unfortunately not. We are a completely separate seller. You could try contacting Envato about doing a swap, but as far as I know, if you have downloaded the HTML template after you purchased it, then a refund is unlikely.

Is there a way to show the youtube play bar when playing video on the fullscreen home page?

Hi, Unfortunately not. That background video plugin uses a chromeless player, which means no UI. Also seeing as those videos are generally in the background, a use wouldn’t be able to interact with it anyway due to the elements sitting above it.

I’m having several issues with this theme that have never been addressed. 2 very big problems with my site at the moment:

1. No responsiveness (on computer and mobile, the navigation is having issues and disappears when the user scrolls) 2. The contact form is broken (never worked)

I submitted 3 support tickets two months ago and these issues have not been addressed.

If I can’t fix these items, I’m going to have to purchase a new theme and I already invested so much time into this… :(


Hi there,

please use our support forum for support-related questions, it’s much easier to help you there.

I have just checked and all of your threads have been replied to, maybe you haven’t received notifications.

I’m not sure why I wasn’t getting email updates from the forum threads, but everything has been fixed. Thank you so much for the support!!