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I have a strnge problem. If i share to facebook through the sharebutton on the theme my reach that normally is 10.000 to 60.000 drops to 1. The publisher is listed as “Next Scripts”. I assume Next Scripts is banned by FB. I assume the theme uses Next Scripts somehow. This needs to be updated as soon as possible.

Sorry I don’t understand what you are referring to…but the theme does NOT use “Next Scripts” – in fact I had never heard of that until today so I can guarantee it’s not in the theme.

How can i pm you? I have not installed any plugins but when i share from the inbuild share buttons facebook states the author of the post is nextScripts.

The correct way to seek support is to open a support ticket – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/

1) Is there a way to remove the hover action that appears on images in post excerpts? I would like to have no action on mouse over. Current action is a gray highlight and ”+” sign.

2) Is there a way to change the text of the “Read More” button that appears with post excerpts.


1. Yes this can be done with some CSS. Example:

.loop-entry-thumbnail a:before { display: none !important; }

2. There isn’t a built-in option (I’ll add one for the next update). You would have to edit the content.php and content-[format].php files.

In the body text, bold colors How do I set up?

I don’t want to know who was ‘writer’. (at blog list) I want to be rid of the this symbol(=’writer’). What am I supposed to do?

Hi, my blog is having problems of overlaping posts since a few weeks. I’ve just update magtastico and plugins but it is not solved. You can see it here: http://www.teccontainer.com/blog Could you please help me with this issue? Thanks Flore

pre-sale question, can visitor register an account and with certain clearance level they can post article with selected format too ?

This is something outside the scope of the theme. In WordPress if you want people to log in and submit posts you will have to add users as authors or contributors or use a 3rd party plugin to create a submission for where visitors can submit draft posts.

Can this theme be changed to only 2 columns? In the live demo there is 3 columns. Thanks!

There isn’t any built-in option for this. The reason is because it actually uses CSS to go from 4 columns to 3 to 2 and then to 1 as you shrink the browser for a more responsive design.

How do you turn off comment feature on website?

In WordPress you go to Settings > Discussion to disable comments for new posts. Then you can go to your posts dashboard and bulk edit all posts to disable comments on old posts.

- AJ

How can I stop the menu from collapsing with the magtastico theme? By default the menu close itself when I change page Categories > Travel in the demo – how can the menu stay open when I click Travel ? so it tells me on the menu that I’m on the Travel page.


You can have it stay open by adding a little Custom CSS to the site (Appearance > Custom CSS). Example:

#site-navigation .current-menu-ancestor > .sub-menu,
#site-navigation .current-menu-parent > .sub-menu { display: block; }

You may want to also apply maybe a dark background or something to the parent item as well to make it more obvious. Example:

#site-navigation .current-menu-ancestor,
#site-navigation .current-menu-parent { background: #000; }

Simply tweak that last part according to your design to make it look good ;)

- AJ

Thanks Aj

Hi, on WMT Search Appearance > Structured Data, I’m getting hcard and hentry errors. Is there an easy fix to this? Thanks.

Sure, here you go:

https://snag.gy/5Jm1hT.jpg https://snag.gy/gXcTmJ.jpg https://snag.gy/tQchLW.jpg

I found this blog post with suggestions on how to fix the error but I can’t seem to find the right line of code in the theme’s single.php file:


I’ll push out an update soon with the fixes, thanks for the links. This theme was created before structured data was popular and before it showed on Google so it was never added – I see Google shows errors now even when the data isn’t even needed… ;(

- AJ

Awesome, thanks!

My infinite scroll on homepage changed to pagination – anyone have this happen and know how to get infinite scroll back?

Yes, it’s almost impossible that it would happen on it’s own, so I don’t quite understand unless there is a javacript error on the site, can you share the URL?

This is the setting to check for: http://cl.ly/0V2l0p0w2t1q (located at Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings in your WordPress dashboard). Not quite sure what you mean that its “all code”...is your Customizer broken also?

- AJ

Update: I just found out my Wife was in there messing around and she is the one that changed it. I am really sorry for wasting your time.

Thanks – that screenshot did the trick. I guess it was right under my nose. I am not sure how it got changed but now I know where it is. the URL of the homepage is www.marpop.com – thanks again for the excellent and fast help.

Ha no worries I’m glad it’s all fixed up now! Cool site, thanks for sharing!

the left sidebar can taht be fixed so it scrolls with the site? this way the column doesnt look empty through out the site when reading.


Yes this is possible with some custom CSS but I don’t recommend it because on smaller screen sizes such as tablets and laptops the user may not be able to see everything in the sidebar since it can’t be scrolled down.

- AJ

Hello, I would like to ask if I can change “Read button” text or only in code? I need to translate it to another language – You wrote few month ago that you add one for the next update, so I am not sure, thanks!


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All of these strings should be translated via the included translation file at wpex-magtastico/languages/. Here is a guide for translating your theme – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDa_8sflnQE

The reason I decided not to add the options built-in is because it creates additional bloat and conflicts with third party translation plugins such as WPML, Polylang, QTranslate..etc.

The best way to translate is via a .po file.

- AJ

Hi, pre-sale question here. On the home page of the theme demo http://wpexplorer-demos.com/magtastico/, the masonry tile of most of the post types show the “Share” button. But the tile for the quote post type (Vince Lombardi) does not. Is it possible to have the “Share” button appear on the tile for quote posts? Thanks!


The reason the quotes don’t have a share button is because it wouldn’t look good. You could add one by customizing the code via a child theme…but alternatively you could just use the standard post format instead when adding quotes.

Thanks. With the alternative you suggested, if we create a standard post (with the post title field blank) would the quotation appear on the tile (along with the share button)?

Personally I wouldn’t add the social share to quotes but if you must have them you can create a content-quote.php file in your child theme and modify the code to display quotes however you want ;)

Hey guys, I want to ask, before I buy this theme, does it work with WordPress 4.6? And do you add support for a new versions of WordPress? Thank you! :)

Yes! The live demo is using 4.6 and we do regular updates if there is any issue in the future just tell me and I’ll fix it ;)

- AJ

I purchased the theme but the blog posts don’t show on their own. I have to scroll down for a new post to populate (appear). Could you please advise on why this may be happening? Thank you.

Yep that is weird :(

Where you able to update the settings to display more posts?

All of the login credentials are currently with my web guy. However, I will have him try the Settings>Dashboard to make sure that more than one post is being displayed. Thank you for your assistance, much appreciated!



jbmaca Purchased

Hi, any issues with WP 4.7? Just wanted to make sure before I update. Thanks.

There shouldn’t be any issues. If you do run into any just let me know. But I didn’t notice any when testing ;)

- AJ


yaaahhh Purchased

Hello, your theme is wonderful. But i have a problem for a few days. The links of the video from facebook don’ t work anymore. There is an update ? (check the problem here : www.rootsisrael.com). Thank u


yaaahhh Purchased

Thanks a lot ! I will try it now !


yaaahhh Purchased

Good job ! It’s working !!! Thanks for your reactivity

You are welcome, thank you again for your patience in the matter. If you haven’t yet, do you mind going to your ThemeForest downloads and rating the theme? Thank you!!! ;)

Have a great weekend, AJ


jbmaca Purchased

Hi, not sure if this problem is related to the theme but I just noticed today that search doesn’t work on mobile. Instead of showing me a page of results, it just goes to the homepage. It works fine on desktop though so I don’t know why it isn’t working on mobile. Any ideas? Thanks.


jbmaca Purchased

I thought it was being caused by the WP AMP plugin but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I deactivated it and the problem persisted. I just checked and I don’t seem to have any other mobile-specific plugins. Very strange indeed. In any case, I’ll try deactivating the the other plugins and see if that works.

Let me know what you can figure out. The search function you are using is actually not part of the theme, it’s a core WordPress search widget so if there is an issue I don’t believe it’s part of the theme. It could potentially though, be affected though maybe by other widgets added in the sidebar if they use some sort of conflicting javascript.


jbmaca Purchased

Sure, will do. I don’t understand though why it would only affect mobile and not desktop…


tcoopee Purchased

Are thinks to release notes for this theme, so I can see exactly what was changed in version 1.4.1?

Hi WPexplorer team, firstly, love the theme. Really well built and looks great.

1) I want posts that I mark as ‘sticky’ to have some kind of ‘Hot’ or ‘Featured’ label over the corner of the excerpt/thumbnail/grid element so that people are aware it is sticky/pinned for a reason. How difficult would this be to mod?

2) Is it possible to have the main menu sidebar (left) sticky/fixed so that it doesn’t scroll with content? I read a similar question which you answered 3 years ago, quoting that it would take several CSS customisations via a child theme. Wondering if you ever made a jump on this or if it would be easier now following all of your updates?

Thanks, Den.

Hi Den,

Thank you for your patience with this matter.

1. This is a bit tricky you would have to modify all the content-{format}.php files via a child theme to add your custom code. What would be faster/easier if you know some javascript would be to look for the “sticky” class and insert your custom HTML for the sticky marker you want to add. This way you don’t have to modify any files you can just add your javascript to a child theme or custom plugin. Then add a little CSS to style things.

2. You can set the sidebar to a fixed position with a little CSS like this: https://wpexplorer-themes.com/magtastico/snippets/fixed-sidebar/

But if your sidebar has a lot of widgets if someone is on a small screen they may not be able to see everything in the sidebar which is why it isn’t set like this by default.

Thank you very much! Exactly what I needed :) (I don’t know how to write custom JS so I will have to ask around for that one)

While I have your attention, are there any future features/updates planned that would be good to know about? Any place to leave requests?

There aren’t any current updates planned, this theme is intended to be un-bloated and fast so it doesn’t really need anything else. If you want to leave suggestions you can do so via new comments ;)