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This is unique..

This is quite unique.

very unique concept. you may work a little more on typography. overall, a marvelous theme. but getting sales is usually a mystery here. wish you luck with that

Hi Kashie,

Thanks for comment. Yes, is not what i expected regarding the sales, but, what remain for me is to have patient.


Hi Readactor,

It is unbelieveable that this theme has not been sold more often, because we think it really should be. Selling on themeforest is sometimes a real mistery indeed, as most authors can confirm. However, we think this theme is GREAT ! :-)

All the best! Theme Dutch

Hi ThemeDutch,

Thanks for purchase and your encouraging words. I appreciate.

Kind regards

This is a very nice looking theme but it loads very slow, in some cases not at all on my browser (chrome). Perhaps it is the server you have it on? a few of the gallery pages just keep buffering, this may be why sales are so slow…I’m surprised it hasn’t done better. I bought a theme the other day that was doing the same thing, the seller moved it to a better host and booom! sales went crazy.

just a thought. best regards

Hi CanCars,

Thanks for your kind words. For my internet bandwidth the loading speed is good, even, indeed, sometimes can be some problems with the host. The website is loading ok in all browsers. But, i will keep in mind your suggestion.

kind regards

Love the theme! Honestly, it’s beautiful to look at.

Have you removed most of the blog news functionality and replaced it with images? Otherwise, is there a way to include news posts/pages?

I’m dying to purchase it but just don’t know how to use it without those features =)

Hello Movingsun,

No, i didn’t removed the blog functionalities. In fact, everything you see, is a category listing, or posts listings. The WordPress remain the king. The thumbnails are posts featured images, excerpts, use post comments (under thumbnail the bubble of comment is activated after the post have at least a comment).

Regarding the pages, you can add how many you need, for top or left menu. The documentation contain screencasts for most principal theme features.

Let me know if i can assist you more.

kind regards

Really nice theme. But believe me, it loads far to slow. I have a glasfibre cable speed and I have to wait between 6 to 10 sec till one site comes up. If a new site is loading, I have a white screen for 1 to 3 sec. Hope it’s your server and not the theme. I downloaded one of your pics (DSF28931.jpg) and optimized it for the web in PS and could get it down from 233kb to 111kb (and BG 1327928 _2128 from 315 to 147kb) without loosing visible quality. Maybe one step to get it faster to load.

I like especially the transition effect from b/w to the colored photo in the background and this would be one reason to buy this.

As a photographer I like this unique style and wish you a lot of more purchases.

Hi McMax,

Thanks for your kind words. Is true isn’t loading like a minimal blog theme, but for a “photography” style theme, a 6 – 10 seconds for loading, is not at all a “slow” time for loading. I just tested few themes from popular section what are loaded in over 20 seconds, and is clear that doesn’t affect the sales.

Sure, if someone is looking for a flashlight loading theme, then MagTruetitude isn’t the rite choice for him. Even is published in a restaurant category, the core and features are build like for a photography theme.

The images from demo are optimized at just 75%. Course a bigger optimization can speed the things, but may be problems for big screens resolution when theme use the fullscreen background.

kind regards

I like your theme a lot. I can’t find the documentation though. Any hints on where it is?

Hello James,

Thanks for purchase. The documentation is a html one and is places with the screencasts in the “documentation” folder of the downloaded package. Open with your browser the index.html file from mentioned folder.


Oh and also I have a couple questions on the reservation system. Is there any way to customize it? I need to have a time picker in addition to the date picker. And can customers pick multiple menus? Thanks for any help. If you have a support forum where this would be better posted please let me know and I’ll head right over.

Hello James,

You need to edit the reservation.php file from theme folder. If you have knowledges about forms and php, then you can customize it with no problem, add any fields you like.

At this moment, the customer can pick just one menu.


Hi, I just purchased the theme, I am not very good at this sort of things, when I wanted to upload it to my Wordpress dashboard, it just divided into different files, so my question is : do I have to upload the files 1 by 1 and then it may not appear as a whole theme? Or is there another manipulation to upload it as 1 file ( the whole theme), i am on iMac. Thank you


Thanks for your purchase. The downloaded package contain more then the Wordpress theme. You need to upload just the “magtruetitude” folder from “theme” folder.

In downloaded package you have a screencast about how to install the theme. You can find it in the documentation / screencast / 1-theme-installation.mp4


Very nice template!

Can you tell me how to get images into the slider? Can’t get it to work. Also want to add the blocks above the slider (HOME, CATERING ,etc) and have no idea howto…

Hope you can help me with this!


You need to set the categories for black bottom area. Go to “layout / Featured List category” from theme options.

To set a gallerie like in demo, you need to use the shortcode for nivo and the basic wordpress gallery for post images. For instance, the demo gallerie work with this code:

[nivo_slider source=”post” link=”image” size=”550×325” limit=”20” effect=”random” speed=”600” delay=”3000”]

[gallery link=”file” columns=”4”]

Regarding the footer text…not sure what do you mean.

best regards

Thanks, got the gallery working too, but there is one small thumbnail that is showing above the first thumbnail? When starting all the images are loading in this thumbnail, but the thumbnail remains there? The thumb is also showing in the gallery a little further… so it’s a duplicate…


Sori but is hard to follow what you say. Please use the contact form from my profile and email me the screenshots or link to yr website.


Thank you, but it still doesn’t work :(


then somewhere you miss a step from instructions and screencasts. Theme should be installed like any standard WordPress theme. If you email me using my profile contact form with yr ftp and wordpress login details i will install it for you.


Very nice template, worth the investment! I was very pleased with the fast replies I got on my questions, and managed to build the website in a few days.

Hello I am trying to install your nice theme but I have an error while installing from my dashboard. It is saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

What shall I do ?

Hello Lamerrougedj,

Thanks for purchase. Assure yrself you are installing just the theme package and not the entire zip file downloaded from ThemeForest. Please read the documentation from package, you have and screencasts there, or follow the FAQ from ThemeForest item:


thank you I got it. Now I have another question please, concerning the nivo slider. Message is “Nivo slider: no attached images, or only one attached image…” I don’t know how to attach images.



If you talk about the Home Page Nivo Slider, then you need to wait a bit till you have more content (from where the slider get the images) on the featured / selected category.

If is talk about the shortcode, then you need to have more many images in the post where the Nivo is placed.


I found out that I have to add new posts and pictures attached

thank you

correct. welcome :)


Installed the theme, but cannot get the images to show up on slider it just blank with the prev/next arrows on the side. Also how do I create the navigation for the sidebar at the moment I only have a top menu.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jameal,

Thanks for purchase. Please follow the answers from above comments regarding slider and for sidebar navigation you need to place there a widget for custom wp menu. You have also screencasts about custom menu in documentation folder.


Cheers, got it!

Hi readactor great theme

I need help creating a gallery like the one you have in the live preview..(Light color Scheme)

How can i do this? Are those images posts?

Many Thanks


A more explicit instruction then it show the screencast from link provided and description made in previous answers, i can’t give. This question is related to WordPress usage and not to theme itself.

If you contact me using the contact form from my profile page and send to me your WordPress login data, i will make a gallery page for you, and you will have it like example for future usage.


Hi readactor gallery works fine…the theme is fine by it self.. this is an issue with wordpress.. it seems that everybody is complaining about this on the web.

Many Thanks

Hi Iacovou,

I am glad you manage to do it. Didn’t know about this WordPress issue. Thanks for info.

kind regards