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Very nice work, good luck with sales :) Svaka cast ;)

Thanks! :)

clean work.. good luck!

Thanks Mark!

nice work, good luck w/sales but there is a one bug i guess. i looked w/ipod touch, left menu is doesnt work good.. it doesnt scroll well.. i guess you fixed the main menu block.. and also small size screen.. it doesnt work well.. thank you from now on

Hi ftz,

I will try to make it more user friendly for mobile devices.

Nice work, good luck! :)

Thanks mate!

I want to buy, but wait for the mobile version and the version for tablets. When will?


I’m working currently on making this theme responsive, so it fits mobile and tablet devices nicely. I can’t pinpoint a date when I’ll be done, but it will be soon.


the template is wonderful! I have a question for you… Is it possible to include two google maps? I bought the theme but I can’t set it… Can you help me?

Thank you MarcheMilano


there is no settings inside the option page that allows you to create two google maps, however, you can achieve this if you add some additional code inside one of the main template files. Contact me over my profile page so I can get your email and send you instruction if you are interested.

I would like to make my logo slightly bigger – how can I change this / where is the logo setting stored (does not seem to be in CSS )


you upload your logo as an image, so – if you want it to be bigger, simply create a larger image. There is no settings inside css for that. You have a PSD file just for a logo, you can edit it to your needs, save it as an image and upload it inside WP.

I figured that out now – thanks – sorry to bother you! Was uploading the wrong sized file!!

I would like to hide “Homepage” in the left hand menu. How might I be able to do this please. Thanks in advance

Inside ‘Appearance>Menus’ you decide what to show in your menu. :)

Easy! Thankyou :)

If I have content on a top level page or level 1 page and the several sub menu items underneath that I don’t seem to be able to click on the level 1 or top level item. I am able to navigate to the drop down sub menu items however. Is it possible to make level 1 menu items “clickable” if they have sub items or child pages underneath? Thanks in advance :)

You can enable this if you edit ‘mixed.js’ file that inside lib/js folder. Under ’// navigation’ section, find ‘disableLink: true’ line and change ‘true’ to ‘false’. Save that file and upload it to your server.

Can it be easily put into a container and then centered? Thanks!


it can be easily centered by adding this css:
#container { margin: 0 auto; float:none;  }

Is there any way to resize the nivo slider to be a different size? I tried to alter in functions.php and no changes displayed.

Sure there is,

1) first inside functions.php you need to change image size for nivo slider images (it’s currently 680×260px):

add_image_size('nivo-thumbnail', 680, 260, true);

2) second, you need to change css styling for #slider element:

#slider { 
    margin:0 0 42px 58px;

58px is the left margin, so if you’re going to increase width for a 10px, than you should decrease left margin for the same amount, to keep the slider centered on the page.

3) Lastly, you will probably need to reupload all images for the slider so that the change can take effect.

Is it possible to make self-hosted videos to open in the ligbox in the portfolio section?

Hi luciendub,

yes, you can use self-hosted videos, but you will be limited to the extensions that prettyPhoto lightbox can handle. You’ll be able to play videos only in swf and mov extensions, but not a flv files for example.

All you need to do is to paste direct link to your video inside ‘Video URL ’ field, and possibly add a width and height dimensions at the end. Something like this:


awesome theme, incredibly helpful dev. highly recommended!


my wifes site is waxappealstudio.com and the templete looks alittle off. could you please help


theme needs to be configured first (don’t worry, nothing complicated). Take a look at the documentation, under ‘A) Installing theme and importing the demo content ’ section – everything is described there. :)

im sorry im not really familure with it so where in the folders would it go in and what other folders do i need to install and where. thanks

When you extract the zip package you downloaded from TF, you have a ‘Maja documentation’ folder where the help file is located. Everything is described there, step by step. You have installed the theme and imported the demo file, so all that is left now is to:

1) Set Home page as front page under ‘Settings>Reading
2) Configure options (set your logo, chose color scheme, etc) inside ‘Appearance>Theme Options’
3) Replace dummy content with your own content

ok got it. now when i upload pictures they come out half showing. Im going to edit it to fit on photoshop. what size should i make it at.so that it fits in the slider part

WordPress should crop your image automatically when you upload it and set the size as a thumbnail, but if this doesn’t happen for some reason, you can crop it manually in photoshop to 680×260px.

Great theme. Awesome support with prompt response even on a weekend. Thank you very much!



I just recently bought your theme and I have a problem with it being displayed on smartphones. When it is resized the window for the drop down menu is blank instead of having the “go to page” text.


you just probably need to go to ‘Appearance>Theme Options’ and click ‘Save’ button.

Actually my theme can not display anything that I set in “theme options”. If I change something and click “save” nothing changes on the site. Moreover the logo, site details and social icons are not being displayed. It is as if the theme options panel was not active at all.

That’s really strange, I’ve never had such a problem. Perhaps you can create an user account for me (inside Users>Add New) so I can take a look and see whats wrong. You can send me an email from my profile page.

Hello, I’m bought your theme and am using it for a client site. They’re using a the Watu plugin for an Assessement and some how the CSS is conflicting and I’m getting staggering in the quiz. You can see it here: http://eaglpro.com/who-should-attend/assessement/

This staggering doesn’t happen with either of the default (twenty-eleven and twenty-ten) wordpress themes.

I’m at my wits’ end. Can you tell me what CSS class I need to edit to fix this problem.


Hi, try to add this css, it should fix the problem:

input[type=checkbox] {
padding-left:0; }
float:none; alone will take care of the staggering, the rest is for proper styling.