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Love the the theme.

I’m pretty new to wordpress, used it only once before, do you offer much support after purchase? I was also just wondering how easy it would be to disable the spry accordian type action that happens when you hover over “gallery” and “shortcodes”. Also the plugin you need for the contact form, is this free?

Thank you

Hi ashcat,

I’m famous for my good support. :)

- That accordion effect only happens if you have child pages inside your menu. So, if you don’t nest any pages, you wont see that effect.

- This theme uses Contact Form 7, which is free and easy to install (you’ll find step by step instruction inside my documentation) and configure.

Hi there, lovely theme! I’d like to know if this theme is compatible with Event Espresso Plugin? Also, you able to customise backgrounds for the menu on the left and the content background?

Thanks in advance ;)


I can’t check if it’s compatible with Event Espresso, because it’s not a free plugin, though I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

Thought there are no direct options inside admin panel to customize backgrounds, you can upload your own images through the media library and set them as background using little css (I can assist you if you need help).

I can’t seem to get the sidebar to work on my pages. Works fine on posts, but not pages. Just updated to the latest version ad still doesn’t work. Help?

Hi ryankstrom, that’s because sidebar is only available on posts page.

Confused. The theme says widget ready….

It is, it’s just that you can place widgets only inside sidebar, which is available only on post page (ie blog).

However, I remembered that I actually created such a template (page with a sidebar) for one buyer several months ago. You can email me from my profile page, and I’ll send you that file which will allow you to select a ‘Page with a sidebar’ template when creating/editing a page. But please email me as soon as possible, because I’ll be away from monday for several days.

Hi, really like your theme :) can you tell me if its possible to use my own slide/slideshow for your maja wordpress theme. thanks


do you mean like using another slider plugin instead of the built one? You will need to install and implement another plugin for that, but keep in mind that it should be responsive just like the theme.

Hello, thank you for this amazing theme. I have a problem with my footer. It looks kind of messed up. Please take a look at the website for me: http://joo*sten-sm*it.uwtes*tserver.nl/

Please delete the 3 stars, this is against Google indexing.


your footer elements only need some help with positioning. Adding this css would sort things out (you can paste it inside ‘custom css’ box inside options page):

#social_wrapper { bottom: 110px; }
#copyright_info { bottom: 55px; }
#copyright_info a { text-shadow: none; }

Also, adding links inside copyright information field does not work unfortunately, due to some limitations of the settings page that I’ve used. If you want to display a link inside the footer, you can hardcode your text inside ‘footer-menu.php’ file (if you don’t know how to do this, please email me and I’ll explain).

I just tried to install your theme and received an error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Never mind, I found a previous post with the same problem. I got it installed.


Where can I go to edit the options for the Color Scheme. The red that you provide is too orange.

Also can I place images within the [title] and [subtitle] shortcodes?

- You can paste this css code inside custom css box, it will define the color scheme:

/* color for selections */
*::-moz-selection { background:#e46008; }
*::selection, mark { background:#e46008; }

/* text color */
.main_title, .filter_portfolio .active a, .filter_portfolio a:hover { color:#e46008; }

/* flex slider */
.flex-caption  { border-bottom:3px solid #e46008; }
#e46008 is the hex value for red color, which you’ll need to replace with your custom color (you can get hex codes at http://www.colorpicker.com/)

- Why not, though the every inserted image from the media library comes with a border by default. To remove this, click on the image inside visual editor, and then on ‘Edit Image’ link. Go to ‘Advanced settings’ , and under ‘CSS classes’ field remove classes like ‘size-thumbnail’, etc.

Are there shortcodes for the construction of tables or do I just HTML tables?

There are no shortcodes for making tables, but you can install Easy Table plugin for that.

I understand your instructions regarding the construction of a gallery, but your documentation doesn’t explain how the images get grouped for each album.

Is this the only way to make a photo gallery? I have hundreds of images to upload under multiple categories.

I’m afraid that is the only way to create a gallery using portfolio feature. Because this theme is a single pager, it is designed in mind to showcase only a smaller number of images, far from a hundred. In fact, currently it is limited to 40, but that limitation will be removed in v1.0.1 which is currently in the uploading process.

If you want to quickly add a lot of images, you can use WP gallery option, and view the pictures with some lightbox (like a jQuery Colorbox). When you click on a ‘Add Media’ button, choose ‘Create Gallery’ from the left side, select all of your images at once by holding shift, and then create the gallery. Under ‘Gallery Settings’ , you want to select ‘Link to: Media file’, and the 5 column layout looks the best.

Best of luck!

How can I decrease the line spacing on the home page? There is too much spacing between a few lines of text. I’ve tried a number of things but nothing seems to work. I was hoping you can assist me. Check out the site at:

I want less space between where it says: “Tielescope offers:” & “writing & editing,” “marketing communications,” and “coaching & support.”


The [one] shortcode (which contains ‘Tielescope offers:’ text) has a bottom margin, which pushes the bottom content down. You can do it like this: instead of using [one] shortcode, wrap your content in this html code (inside text editor, not visual):

<div class="one" style="margin-bottom:0">
your text...

Hi! Two questions: 1)I’m trying to simply use a Google font with site logo instead of uploading an image for logo, but I can’t seem to make a change to the font either with css or by using Google font plugin. 2) The social widgets and copyright info seems to be pushed off the bottom of the page- what can I change here? margin? z-index? Thank you!

I did migrate from a local server- all my images are linked appropriately to the new server and are uploaded as featured images. Even if I try to create a new slide, it’s impossible to see it in the slider. Here’s what I’m seeing: http://ecbiz132.inmotionhosting.com/~possib8/

When you click on the ‘Slides’ in your dashboard, do you see any slides in the list? If you don’t, than you don’t have any slide posts yet. If you do, open any slide post, and see if there’s a thumbnail image in the ‘Featured Image’ panel. If there isn’t any, than the featured image is not set, and you’ll need to select one by using ‘Set featured image’ link.

If this doesn’t help you, please go to ‘Users > Add New’, and create an account for me (set role to be Administrator) so I can take a look whats wrong.

Hi- Yep, I have slides and thumbnails. I just emailed you new user account info. Thanks!


1.- How can I change the background to a color gradient? 2.- How can I have a diferent colors in my titles, subtitles, text? 3.- How can I remove the shadow to the font?


1) Use gradient generator to generate css code that will go inside the curly brackets:

html {  }

2) WP has text color icon inside visual editor.

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, a { text-shadow:none !important; }

Thanks!, the answers 1 and 3 works for me, but in answer 2 i need to put for example: Title -> Red Subtitle -> Blue Text -> White


How can i do this?

Just as I said, you can use WP text color icon inside visual editor. For general change, you can use something like this:

#wrapper h2.main_title { color:red; }
#wrapper h3.subtitle { color:blue; }
#wrapper p, 
#wrapper a, 
#wrapper li,
 #wrapper h2,
 #wrapper h3,
 #wrapper h4   { color:white; }

I can’t seem to get page titles to show up. Any hints?


you can use title and subtitle shorcodes for main headings:

[title]Your title[/title]
[subtitle]Your subtitle[/subtitle]
Hmm. I was looking to have it pull from the title of the page Like
 <h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1> 

You can do this if you edit page template (page.php) inside ‘Appearance>Editor’. Pate this code just before <?php the_content(); ?> part:

<?php the_title('<h2 class="main_title">', '</h2>'); ?>

Now your page title will automatically show on the top.

Another question. In the portfolio template – col 3 | I want to have the images link to the portfolio post and not “lightbox”. I know it is right here, but i can seem to get it to stop lightboxing.
<li class="one_half" data-id="id-<?php echo $count; ?>" data-type="<?php if ($terms != '') foreach ($terms as $term) { echo strtolower(preg_replace('/\s+/', '-', $term->name)). ' '; } ?>">

                <?php if ( (function_exists('has_post_thumbnail')) && (has_post_thumbnail()) ) : ?>

                    <?php if($item_url != '') { // if 'video url' box is empty display an image ?>  

                        <a class="portfolio_thumbnail" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]" href="<?php echo $item_url; ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail('portfolio-thumbnail-2col'); ?></a> 

                   <?php } else { // if there is an 'video url' display the video ?>

                        <a class="portfolio_thumbnail" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]" href="<?php echo $large_image ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail('portfolio-thumbnail-2col'); ?></a>    

Nevermind. Got it.

Just purchased. Saw a previous question from AccurateDesign regarding centering the site in a container. Your answer was to center using #container { margin: 0 auto; float:none; } Exactly where do I put that? Thanks.

Duh. Nevermind

Hi, This theme looks great. I have two questions before purchase it.

- Is it possible and not too tricky to change the background (of the right part) by a non repeated one (big image) ? - Is it possible to not display the logo in the left sidebar but in the right part (and centered) ? -Is it possible to add colors (myself) in the case the 7 default ones don’t meet my preferences

okay, I said two questions and I asked 3…. :-)


- Bg can be changed with css rather easily.

- But on the right is the place reserved for your pages. You would need to insert your logo image inside every page on the top.

- Well, each color scheme has its own css file, so you could just edit one of those to change color. Font and selection colors can be easily changed there, only the Flexslider controls are graphical so that’s somewhat harder to change. But why don’t you take a look first at the demo for HTML template – that one has a styleswitcher at the left side, so you could see all the color schemes that you’ll get with the WP version as well. I believe that it has something for everybody. :) Just don’t forget to switch back to WP version if you’re buying.


Thanks for this fast and detailed answer!

Hi, other question

How can i change the facebook, twitter, rss logos??

Best regards

Icons for social services are found in a file called ‘social_icons.png’ inside images folder, which is inside theme’s folder. I suggest that you hire someone to make this changes for you if you’re unsure what to do.