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Pre-Sales Question: Hi, love this theme!! I would like to use it for a client. Can you tell me what the built-in color themes are? Are they customizable in CSS to any color theme?

Also, is it possible to customize the left hand menu side and give it a white background? My client’s logo has a white background and must go on a white background.


Hi, from the previous comment:

“Each color scheme has its own css file, so you could just edit one of those to change color. Font and selection colors can be easily changed there, only the Flexslider controls are graphical so that’s somewhat harder to change. You can take a look at the demo for HTML template – that one has a styleswitcher at the left side, so you could see all the color schemes that you’ll get with the WP version as well. Just don’t forget to switch back to WP version if you’re buying. “

Menu side can be changed to any color with css, the code for that would be:

#menu { background:white !important; }
#menu_list li a { color: #666; text-shadow:none; }

Hi, also, is it possible to assign the blog to the home page?

How do you recommend I do that?

Thanks, Valerie

I’m not sure what you mean precisely, but you can set blog page to be the page that visitors see first when they launch your site.

Hi, thank you so much for your two very prompt replies. I greatly appreciate it!! Can you tell me how I would set the blog page to be the page that visitors first see?

Thank you so much, Val

You set this inside ‘Settings>Reading: as a post page, you select Blog page. And for the front page, since you can’t use the same page again, just leave unselected. Your site will then always launch blog page when visited. :)

Also, you may notice that the blog page inside the menu is not indicated on the first launch, but you can fix this simply by pasting this css code at the very bottom of theme stylesheet (inside ‘Appearance>Editor’):

#menu_list .current_page_parent   { 
    background:url(images/current_page_white.png) right top no-repeat; }

Dear Dabaman,

I’ve contacted you last week with some questions regarding the “Jumper” template. (see email below) Thank you for your quick and thorough answer. The choice for the template has boiled down to 2 templates and the other one is also yours (well-done ;)) Therefor I have the same question as I had for the Jumper-theme. Could you tell me if the Maja-theme can also handle the Google Event Calendar plugin (preferably on a page) and the q-Translate-plugin with the country-flags?

Thanks in advance for your support.

With kind regards,

Jeroen Havinga

I’m making a website for a client and this template seems to be exactly what we are looking for. There are two things I need to be sure of before I decide to buy this template: – my client wants a google calendar integration with the website; does the Google Calendar Events plugin work with this template, preferably on a page instead of just the sidebar-widget? and - does this template work with qTranslate, to make the site bilingual, with country-flags positioned somewhere on the page? Hope you can help me out with these 2 questions, because it is hard for me to judge when not having the code to check it Thanks in advance for your support. With kind regards, Jeroen Havinga


- Google Calendar Events works perfectly on pages, no conflict or styling issues here.

- For qTranslate we just need to create a widget area inside the menu sidebar, so you could place flags as a widget.


Hi Dabaman,

Thanks for the information. That is very good news. I will forward the information to my client and let them decide which template has their preference. You will here from me soon.

With kind regards,

Jeroen Havinga


I just purchased your theme and it’s quite the one I’ve been searching for a little while for displaying my photos, thanks for that. There’s nevertheless a few changes I’d like to do that I could not figure out so far: _Because I downloaded the Easy Fancybox plugin, I have two different displays when clicking on a portfolio item: a first large image thumbnail with title above and possibility to view the full size image (this is what comes with the theme). I must then close this image to view the Easy Fancybox display which is in my opinion cleaner. How can I block the display from the theme so I only view the plugin’s display when clicking on an image? _ I was not so happy to have empty space on the right side in the galleries? How difficult would it be to have a 3 column gallery with bigger image thumbnail (same size as 2 colums gallery?) using the space on the right hand size. Thanks for your support Pierrick

Hi, thanks for the really fast reply!

That sounds a little ambitious for me as I am quite new to wordpress and CSS. I am now trying an alternative by deactivating the plugin and try to modify the large image that displays after clicking on the portfolio item instead. What actually bothers me is the icon that gives possibility to enlarge the image to full size. I saw that it doesn’t appear on the theme preview but I havn’t found the trick to remove it yet as I could not find it on the CSS. I would also like to remove the play/pause, next/previous buttons and image number from the bottom. Do you know any “simple” way to achieve that?

I figured something for customizing the content space playing container and wrapper max-width.

Hi Dabaman!

After struggling some hours trying to deconstruct/reconstruct the world on CSS, js… myself, I tried your trick on the mixed.js file and it worked just fine. Thanks a lot for the support.



Hi Dabaman, Sorry to bother again but I’m in a struggle for building the taxonomy of my site. Note that I am using the original version of the theme you created. I started from the primary navigation you provided. I want mine to be so: Gallery (page) -portraits (that only shows portfolio images categorized “portraits”) -landscapes (that only shows portfolio images categorized “landscapes”) -...so on… I tried with using filters and placing them in the navigation menu but when clicking on one of them (f.ex. landscapes) it shows a page : archive of ‘landscapes’ -> not found. “Filter portfolio categories” is turned on. I even created new custom taxonomy but same happened. Here’s my question: how can I assign a portfolio item (image) to a specific page (landscapes, portraits…) in a specified layout ([portfolio-2col]...)? The gallery pages are now displaying all portfolio items with no category distinction. It seems then that filtering should be done on the page itself. Thanks



I understand that, but as I said, the filters inside portfolio are intended to be used only for Quicksand filtering. You get ‘not found’ message because there is no template for displaying filter taxonomy (WP tries to display it with default category template, which is intended for blog only). I’ll try to add this template in my next update.

Ok sorry I misunderstood you previous comment then. I am actually trying to figure out how to create new templates (I’m not a CSS/PHP expert yet :-)) but wouldn’t it be easier to just create one to display the taxonomies from the ones you created for the galleries? That way we would still be able to use the shortcodes and the fine layout you achieved.

Thanks for help

Of course, that’s the plan. :)

Love this theme – I’m using it for my company’s website which should be launching soon :)

I’ve noticed that in Firefox (18.0.2) the social icon tooltips overlap with the links, making them unclickable. Seems to be ok in all other browsers though. Where in the theme can I fix this problem?


can you share your site link so I can take a look?

Hi, I’ve emailed you the beta site. Thanks in advance!

Hello – great theme thanks! I am trying to change the background of the left hand navigation panel. How do I do this?



when you upload a new bg image to your media library (and click ‘Edit’), on the right hand side you’ll see a ‘File URL’ link. Copy that link and head to ‘Appearance>Theme Options’. Inside ‘Custom CSS’ filed add this:

#menu { background: url(file_url_link); }

Just replace file_url_link text with the link you copied previously.

Hi I like your theme, but is it possible to put in an image in the background – Right aligned on the page. That stays fixed while scrolling down the page.

Would be a great feature and be even better if you could change that image on different pages.

Please let me know



it’s possible with a little css (but there is no such options inside settings page). Since WP adds an unique class to every page, you can set different background to each page. You can email me if you buy the theme so I can help with this.


Hello – I’d really like to use a different font – Helvetica – could you tell me how i do this? Sorry I’m not very good at CSS! Any advice which is the best website to get the font from?

Sorry, I meant ‘Maja’, not ‘Pen and Paper’. That’s my other theme.

Unfortunately i can’t even get into appearance>themes without the error coming up. All I can access is the dashboard…any idea? Thanks!

Oh, I see, but don’t worry, it can be easily fixed. What you need to do, is to extract the theme’s zip file (if you don’t have a backup, download it again from TF), and find a file fonts.php inside ‘lib’ folder. You will then upload that file to the following folder inside your WP installation:


where 1.x is the version number of theme you’re using. This will overwrite the existing (bad) fonts.php file you have. You can upload files using some FTP software, or use some web file manager if provided by your host.

Having trouble with the single-portfolio.php. When Single portfolio’s are being viewed – the featured image is not the same image as the thumbnail or selected featured image. It is using the last image uploaded for all posted regardless of post id. I can send you a link to the site if you pm me. sethcheshire at gmail


single-portfolio.php is used only for quickly previewing your image inside the portfolio. For example, when you’re adding a new item, from the ‘Publish’ panel set ‘Visibility’ to be ‘Private’, update your post, and then use ‘Preview’ button.


Dear Dabaman,

I have been playing with your beautiful theme and so far so good. I’m now implementing the qTranslate plugin and the translations go well, the only trouble seems to be the placing of the country flags. You suggested before that there would be a possibility to implement a widget-area in the menu-structure on the left side. Could you help me with that? It would be nice to have the (three) flags centered above the (tekst)logo.

Thanks in advance.

With kind regards.

Jeroen Havinga


to create a widget area, you need to do few steps:

1) Paste this at the end of functions.php file (but before closing ?> tag):

register_sidebar( array('name' => 'Flags'));

This will create ‘Flags’ area inside ‘Appearance>Widgets’.

2) Paste this inside menu.php (before <div class="clear" /> line):

<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'flags' ); ?>

This will display the widget area.

3) Add some css styling:

.widget_qtranslate {     
    top:-5px; }

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {    
.widget_qtranslate { margin-left:-4.4871794%; }    

.qtrans_language_chooser { text-align:center;  }
.qtrans_language_chooser li { display:inline;  margin:0 5px;}
.qtrans_language_chooser li a { display:inline-block; }


- when adding Language chooser widget, select ‘Images only’ and ‘Hide title’.

- you can edit previously mentioned files inside ‘Appearance>Editor’.

Dear Dabaman,

That is the best service I have ever had on Themeforest. Thank you so much for this extended support!

With kind regards,

Jeroen Havinga

Dear Dabaman,

I hope you can help me with the following. At www.langsteert.nl I have created a page (de bungalow) which contains a gallery. The problem with this gallery is that it opens the picture in a post instead of viewing the picture bigger in e.g. a lightbox. In the gallery-settings I have set the preference to “link to media file”. Can you help me out here?

Thanks in advance.

With kind regards,

Jeroen Havinga

Dear Dabaman,

Forget the previous question; somehow it works fine now.

With kind regards,

Jeroen Havinga

No, you are right, I found this WP option quite buggy, because it won’t work always for the first time. In that case, you just need to edit gallery again, set option back to ‘Link to: ‘attachment page’, update it, and then go back again and set it finally to ’’Link to: ‘Media file’ once more. :/

Great theme! I have a question about the accordion menu. My menu has a lot of sub-items which quickly overwhelm the menu, so I changed the .js file to open on click rather than hover. That works fine, but I’m trying to figure out how to auto close a top level item’s submenu when another top level item is clicked. Can you help with this?

Of course, you need to set:

autoClose: true,

though if you’re using theme version 1.7, you already have that option inside Options page in your dashboard.


Ah, so easy! Thanks!

Quicksand Filter. Is there a way to have it filter by “post name” and not “post date”?

Are you referring to the posts order? If so, it doesn’t have anything to do with Quicksand, but with the way that WP sorts your posts. Currently, it shows newest at the top, which is the default (descending order), but you can set it to order by title or name. Check WP Codex for more info. WP query where you need to set this is found inside portfolio template, at line 53.

Awesome. thanks.

Next is there a way to get Quicksand to default to a filter? Like “people” instead of “all”?

I don’t believe there is.

Yeah, read through all the documentation on their site. It is posible, but for this client, i just ditch quicksand and made templates for each portfolio filter. loads a little faster too. Thanks!

Hi, one more question. I’m trying to add a link to the gallery image captions to an external site. Is this possible? Nevermind, I used a plugin…

Hello- I’m developing a website for a client using this theme (Purchased and Provided by my Client)

Here is URL;


The issue is;

1- Auto close doesnt work on sub menu. 2- Slider doesnt showing any slide (previously it was showing a slide, but the moment i added sub menues it stopped working)

Please have a look and let me know how i can fix it :(


Hi Shafiq,

I’ve never had this problem before, but it seems that your mod_security is blocking jquery.cookie plugin, on which menu plugin relies to work. As I see, there are two ways to fix this:

First is to modify mod_security rule (take a look at this).

The second one is to rename ‘jquery.cookie.js’ plugin (found inside ‘lib/js’ folder) into something else, because phrase ’.cookie’ seems to be the problem here. But after that you’ll need to update the correct name for this plugin inside functions.php at line 44.

Let me know if you resolved this.


I renamed the jquery.cookie.js and it worked. Thanks So much. Really great and fast reponse.

I notice some funny behaviour with the Quicksand plugin both on my installation and the demo on here.

When I click a filter some content goes missing and again when I click back to “All” the second row of items are cut/cropped/missing?

Is there a quick fix for this?



I’m aware of that. But as far as I noticed, that only happens when you resize your browser screen, therefore the chance that someone will notice this is rather low. Only workaround I can think off, is to disable layout changes when resizing browser window, and make the theme responsive only when viewing on a mobile devices (cellphone, tablet etc). This can be achieved if you change media queries at the bottom of ‘style.css’ file : the phrase max-width should be replaced with max-device-width.


It happens for me regardless of resizing the window on both my install and the demo.

I think I found the solution though – in your portfolio_script.js

find // Finally call the Quicksand function $container.quicksand($filteredItems, { // The Duration for animation duration: 750, // the easing effect when animation easing: ‘easeInOutCirc’, // height adjustment becomes dynamic adjustHeight: ‘dynamic’ });

and change adjustHeight: ‘dynamic’ to adjustHeight: ‘auto’

Seems to do the trick. Thanks

Thanks, I will look into it and implement the change in my next update.