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Hi Dabaman,

Can we make the home page slider a bigger size?? How??

Thanks a lot!!


you can edit functions.php (inside ‘Appearance>Editor’ if you want), scroll down until you see ‘ADDING THEME SUPORT’ title, and find this line:

//nivo slider images
add_image_size('slider-thumbnail', 680, 260, true);

Just to note first, that this is for Flexslider, and not for Nivo slider, but this comment left from one of the previous theme versions when I was using Nivo. Change 680 to 725 to get full width slider, and 260 to the height you want.

Also, you should add this css:

.flexslider { max-width:745px !important }

Hi, I made the chances, but it seems it’s not working.. Can you please check? I’m e-mailing you the link and username..

I forgot to mention that you’ll need to reupload your slide images from your computer again, so that changes can take place.

Also, I have few questions:

1-) How to allign the menu to the left (now it’s centered)? 2-) Can I create a different color of menu tab backgrounds? When they move the mouse on the tab, it will change the hover effect? Is that possible? 3-) Is it possible to add some links on top right corner? 4-) How can I change Social media icons?? 5-) Just at the bottom of the menu and top of the social media icons, I’d like to add an image. Where is it exactly to I need to add the code? In header, or CSS style sheet?

Sorry if I asked a lot of question, but I’d be so happy if you can answer. Client asked me these customization and I need to know if it’s possible.

Thanks a lot! :)


#menu_list {
text-align: left;
padding-left: 20px;

2) Well, the entire left section is sharing single background. I guess you could add a custom background using css to each list element (or link) inside #menu_list I’ve mentioned above.

3) If you want links to appear on all pages, you can edit page template file (page.php).

4) Social icons file is ‘social_icons.png’ file, found inside ‘images’ folder of the theme’s directory.

5) You can add it inside ‘footer-menu.php’ file, just above social icons div.

Thanks a lot for your quick and awesome response!! It’s all great.. Only you said:

2) Well, the entire left section is sharing single background. I guess you could add a custom background using css to each list element (or link) inside #menu_list I’ve mentioned above.

Which code should I use to assign this background image, when people move the mouse on, it will be a different background color?? Sample here: http://bit.ly/11rI0hY I think it’s not a background image, it’s just a color?

Thanks a lot!!! You’re awesome! :)

You can use something like:

#menu_list li a:hover { background: red; }

Play with it until you get what you want.

Can I use a non google font. I want to use Georgia.


I will add Georgia to the list in my next update. But in the meantime, you can go to ‘Font Options’ page and set Arial for everything (so that none of Google fonts get loaded), and paste this custom css inside ‘Theme Options’ page:

body, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, #menu a { font-family: Georgia, serif !important; }

hi, How can I remove PrettyPhoto lightbox plugin? thanks

Hi, you’ll need to edit two files:

- inside functions.php, under ‘ENQUEUE SCRIPTS & STYLES’ title, remove this two lines:

wp_enqueue_script('maja_lightbox', MAJA_THEME_DIR . '/lib/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js', array('jquery'));
wp_enqueue_style('maja_lightbox_style', MAJA_THEME_DIR . '/lib/css/prettyPhoto.css');    

- inside ‘mixed.js’ file (found inside ‘lib/js’ folder), remove the part at the top that is under ’// PRETTY PHOTO’ title.

Thanks a lot! 5 stars theme

Hi, I’ve created a page, but there does not appear to me any padding or margin between the text on the page and the menu bar on the left. It is too close. Can you tell me how to add left padding or margin to pages? Thanks!


you need to wrap your content with one of the layout shortcodes. Inside visual editor, select your content, and chose one of the buttons marked as ‘1’, ‘1/2’, ‘1/3’ etc., depending on what layout you want to build.

Ok, I see that now. Thank you! Two more quick questions: Where would I find a list with all the shortcodes—the codes used in the [brackets] Also, how do I raise the [title] on the pages a little?

You can see the list inside the documentation, under ‘I) Shortcodes’ section. For the second question, you can use this css to decrease the top padding:

.content { padding-top:60px; }

60 is the current value, so take it down to the value you want.


Hi I am really happy that i purchased your theme. I need help with a bullet list. I have tried everything to get it to display correctly but it is not working. Any Ideas?


inside the visual editor, you need to select your unordered list, and click on the button that has a bullet (dot) displayed (4th button from the right end of the toolbar). Next to the bullet list, you also have a choice to use arrow and check list.

For a more detailed explanation, take a look inside the documentation, under ‘I) Shortcodes > Lists shortcodes:’ section.


I was having trouble because i was selecting each item and not the whole. I do not exactly have a list, it is more of a question and then statement. I highlighted the entire thing and it looks ok, the arrow is in the middle of each response and not at the start of each response. I switched from dot to arrow and it looks ok now. I will send a link when it is live. Thanks for the great response time and all of your hard work.

Hello, I really like this theme, and just purchased and installed. I have quite a few menu items, and I am finding that the menu is not automatically rolling up, even with the AutoClose setting checked. Any suggestions? Thank you.


auto close affects only sub-menus – for example, when you hover another sub menu, then the previous one get’s closed. Try moving some of the links in sub-menus to get more space. If that doesn’t help, you can use this css code to decrease all spaces inside the left column:

#menu { padding-top: 35px; }  /* less space at the top */ 
#menu_list { margin-top: 40px; } /* less space above menu list */
#menu_list li a { margin-bottom: 0.6em; } /* tighten menu links */


Hey! I’m thinking about buying your theme.. I like it because it has the menu in the sidebar and also an ‘fold out’ effect for 2nd level menu items. The problem is only, after i customized it, it must look EXACTLY like this website: http://www.lisesarfati.com and also it needs to have a feature where 3rd level menu items are display in a second column, see this link: http://www.nicolasprovost.com/films/421/ ..

Is this possible to do with your theme without spending weeks on tweaking ?

Thanks! - Jacco

Hi Jacco,

I’m not sure about second column for 3rd level links. The accordion menu is controlled by a plugin, and a 3rd, 4th and any other level will work in the same way as a 2nd level – by folding in and out.

Hi, Great theme!

I have a request, how can i have the drop down menu only appear when a user clicks on it?

Thank You!


unfortunately this option is not available inside the settings page, but you can turn it on if you edit a theme file called ‘mixed.js’, found inside ‘lib/js’ folder. There, under ’//NAVIGATION’ title, change ‘eventType’ to be ‘click’ (instead of ‘hover’), and ‘disableLink’ to be ‘true’ (instead of false).


Thank You so much for quick response!

Hi Dabaman,

Great Theme, thanks. But I have some problem. My client wants the site works in IE6. Is it possible? Can you help me?

Thanks a lot! Luana Aguiar

Hi Luana,

I’m sorry, but it would be impossible to make it work on such an old (almost 12 years now) browser.

Hi, I have another question, it seems the width of the theme is 1000px how can i make it 1200px? I know there is allot of code to replace, can you direct me to what i need to change? thank you so much!

You can try with something like this:

#container { max-width:1200px; }
@media only screen and (min-width:768px) {
#menu { width:18.333333%; min-width:auto; }
#wrapper { 
    max-width:1000px;  }

Thank you!

Hi, Thank you again for your prompt responses to my other questions it is greatly appreciated. One more…

How can i make the site unresponsive to mobile devices? i am assuming it would be in the CSS coding?

Thanks again!

Well, you should remove the code I wrote before, and add this instead:

#menu { width:18.333333%;  }
#wrapper {  width:81.666667%;  }
#container { width:1200px !important; }

Then, inside style.css, delete everything after ’=MEDIA QUERIES (RESPONSIVE DESIGN)’ title (it’s the last section of the file).

Hi, i have a question about this theme. Is there a way to put the blog under the homepage section. Not the blog as the homepage but putting the blog under the home section?

2. can i change the background into a slider?



1. If you mean to place the blog as a part of the homepage, but under it’s content, then no. Blog needs to be on a separate page.

2. I’m afraid not.

Can I add another sidebar? Show me how.

Here’s the page where I’d like a sidebar to put archive minutes in. http://oceangroveassociation.com/minutes-archive/ I know I could use columns but it would be easier if I had a sidebar.

Ok, you can do it like this:

1) Go to ‘Appearance > Editor’ and select ‘Theme Functions’ from the right side. Paste this at the end of the file (but before closing ?> tag):

register_sidebar( array('name' => 'Sidebar2'));

2) Now open ‘Page with sidebar Page Template’ from the right side. Scroll near the bottom, and find this line:

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

and replace it with this code:

<aside id="sidebar" class="one_third">
        <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar2' ); ?>

3) Now, you need to edit your page where you want your sidebar to appear by applying ‘Page with sidebar’ template, just like I said in my first message. You add widgets to it by going to ‘Appearance>Widgets’ and dragging them to ‘Sidebar2’ panel.

Thanks, that’s just what I needed.

Howdy, this is a pre-purchase question about the Maja theme. There is no mention of eCommerce on this theme’s details page, can you recommend any specific plugins that are compatible with your theme?

I currently use the GetShopped eCommerce plugin, with no real complaints with its functionality. But I am not steadfast in having to use that plugin with Maja. I havent used WooCommerce but that plugin seems to advertise theme compatibility a lot

I’ve tested GetShopped, and I’ve encountered several problems with it. Mainly, the plugin breaks some theme’s functionality (accordion menu and the mobile navigation stopped working), and there are also some styling issues (thought those can be probably fixed).

Unfortunately, I had even less success with WooCommerce. There are some layout breaking problems, and I honestly don’t know why, but I might look into this in the future. In the meantime, perhaps would be better to go with an already eCommerce compatible theme. :/

Wow, thank you so much for your research into this question. I really appreciate the attention.

Sadly, i will have to find a more compatible theme.


Thank you for your theme Maja. It is just what my client was looking for! However, there is one thing I don’t understand. I have translated the default.po into Dutch and renamed it to nl_NL.po. I put it, together with the nl_NL.mo file in the lang-folder of the theme. I use the local version of WP and the config.php file is in order as well. So everything should be in order, but… the translation is not accepted. The blog remains in English. Could you please help me?

See http://apctekst.nl/_nieuw/blog/

Thank you!


I can’t open that file on dropbox, can you upload it again? The problem with localisation.php is that you added an empty space after the closing ?> php tag – you can’t have that, because it causes an error. I’ll email you a correct file, which you can then upload to your theme’s folder (inside a lib folder). You should be able to access wp-admin after that.

Ok, I opened the file (didn’t noticed that there was a dot at the end of the link). “Cannot modify header information” is an error that occurs if you have an empty space after the last closing php tag. The corrected localisation.php file should fix this.

Everything works! Thank you very much for your help!

Hey Dabaman!

This is a fairly simple question, but how do I add additional images to a gallery? I can only set the featured image; there doesn’t seem to be an option to add more.



Hi Pat,

each image is added as a new post (‘Portfolio>Add Item), so you need to set a featured image for each post.



I have recently purchased your template and love it, this forum has also been very helpful in customizing the template. I just have one issue, when I upload images, specifically logos, into a page it puts a gray border around the image. How can I remove this border?

Thank you!


go to ‘Appearance>Theme Options’ and paste this inside ‘Custom CSS code’ textarea:

.gallery-item img  {
border:none !important;
box-shadow: none;

It should remove all styling for uploaded images.


Perfect, thank you so much!

Hello, I have resized all my slider images to fit the default of 680×260, however, when I view the slider it cuts the image in half and has a large blank white space on the right side of the slider. Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix this?

Thank you!


I am still having trouble with the slider. Any photo I upload it will only fill half the slider and the other half of the slide is blank. Can you please help?

Thank you!


sorry about the slow response. Could you please post or email me your site link so I can take a look? Anyway, WP should automatically resize any images you upload to the correct dimensions for the slider, so there shouldn’t be any gaps. The only cases this doesn’t happens are mostly the ones when you try to upload bmp or similar image formats, so make sure you only upload jpg or png images (you can check extensions inside Media library).