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Hi guys, I update the theme and my site broke. Can’t really figure out why. How can I get a copy of v1.5 to downgrade my site?


But what is your problem because i don’t know.

I downgraded to version v1.4 but now I can’t add or edit posts or pages. So i’m trying to go up to v 1.5 hoping that issue would be fixed

Create thread on support forum and write more info, because i don’t understand where is problem. And create account for us support@studio-themes.com

I’ve started to create my page using your wonderful Make design, and would like to add a section like the news section you have on the preview version. Basically 3 colums, each column with an image on top, a title and content. I’ve added the 3 columns, added an image inside, title and content but my image does not fill the space and is aligned left. Can you shed some light on how to create the news design?

Please use support forum. http://support.studio-themes.com put some screenshot, code with your problem.

Hi, Ii’ve been trying for the past 40 minutes to figure out how to login into the support.studiothemes.com, but nothing works, it does not take my envato account, which by the way the login looks like the Wordpress login, but my WP login does not work either, I can’t verify my account putting in the license number.. I just want to know why I don’t have the same formatting buttons so I can color my text. How can I login to the support?

Hey again, send your purchase code to support@studio-themes.com I will check it.

Hi, I’m thinking about buying this theme but I need to know one thing. In the client section you have an image or a color background and white arrows to move clients logos. What if the background is white? You wont be able to see the arrows?

Shouldn’t be problems. We are ready for fixing if you see problem.

Answer please

Page look the same on all modern browsers.


Is your theme compatible with wordpress 4.22? I’m installing it and all i get is a white page after I activate it both in the admin panel and the frontpage, and there is no way back from there unless i delete the theme.


I tested now and works without problems. Please use support forum, maybe prepare for us FTP and wp admin account? support@studio-themes.com

I can’t get any audio on the YouTube tutorials. My audio works because I can hear other files. Do the tutorials have sound?

I can’t understand what you want to do?

Is there sound on your tutorials?

No, only text comments. If you have problems with something you can use support forum.

Is it possible to translate a website with your theme? I’ve got two translations plugins (WPML and Ajax Translator Revolution) but no one works with the onepage system.

No, This theme not support WPML.

And is there a translation module that can work with it?

I saw one site with Polylang plugin but our theme can be not ready for translate, you can try.

How do I remove the footer attribution links?

In theme options you can change footer text and remove social links.

Work with wordpress 4.3.1 ?

Shouldn’t be problems.

Good morning We have updated the new version of Wordpress on our site. Now we can no longer see properly the portfolio. We use the child theme. What can we do?

Hello, please use support forum and send url to your site. Would be nice if you create too account for us support@studio-themes.com . Forum: http://support.studio-themes.com

hello i want to change the color of each icon in the Content Box

Hello, our theme use general color for icons in the content boxes. You can use only dynamic css in theme options to edit it.

For more information please use support forum. http://support.studio-themes.com

Before I buy this theme I have a question, I noticed that there are only images in the portfolio, can you also include vimeo or youtube videos in the portfolio?

Hello, 10 item has vimeo, 01 item has youtube.

Great Theme! Does it work with wordpress 4.5.?! I would like to buy it, if it reliably works with.

Hello, shouldn’t be problems. If you have problem just write on our support forum http://support.studio-themes.com

hi, how can I activate sticky menu on mobile, layout broken

I solved it by myself, thank you:)

Hi i have a question regarding the slider, i am trying to insert a button from the format builder than button but this option is available for me? what i need to do to insert button for my slides? with kind regards

Hello, what slider do you use? If revolution slider you can use default “Layer style” to create buttons. You can create own styles but you need to have some knowledge about CSS. More help in http://support.studio-themes.com

Hi, i´ve updated the theme by mistake and now the contact form doesn´t show properly. the site is www.thedigitalsalad.com I need to fix this. Thank you

No, it works perfectly, but for some reason the theme makes it really small. Please I will pay you, tell me how much it is to fix it and I will pay you,

Write about it on support forum http://support.studio-themes.com and on our email send access to wp support@studio-themes.com I will look for it later.

just sent you an email

Hi, is this theme still being supported. Pre purchase query. Thx

Yes, is supported.

I had a slider problem in the chrome web browser, when click menu the page does not slide to the top. So I upgrade theme now it showing error. wp-content/themes/make/inc/api.php on line 98

My site is http://edesignny.com/new_blog/

Please contact with me via marcinneo1@gmail.com

Ups, your Demo is broken ;-)


I bought your theme several times and I like it! My question is: Is your theme compatible with Wordpress 5.1.x?

Thanks for your answer, Micha