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The pagination on portfolio page don’t work if common setting “Post name” is selected (ex: portfolio/page/2). Return 404 page.

Do you if it’s bug or bad config on my wordpress ?

Thank you :)

Mail send. Thank you !

Hi ! Were you able test ? :)

HI, sorry for late next update with this fix will be ready next day Thanks,

Hi, thank you for the great job. Unfortunately I have a problem with the page builder ; I can’t insert a link on my pages (in a column). Nothing is happening. There are no other extensions of your install. WP 4.2.2 An idea ? Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for the update but the problem with Page Builder is always the same (I can’t insert a link on text in a column). WinMerge indicates that only revslider.zip file is different with the previous version. Is this normal ?

Hi, Thanks for your kindness please email me with you URL and wordpresss access to check this issues i checked this issue and it works fine with me

Hi, Have you been able to study the problem encountered with page builder ? Thank you.

We spend many hours over the last months trying to figure out why the .htaccess file was changed causing the website to crash. It turns out you do a flush_rewrite_rules() call (on maktab/framework/post-type/post-type.php line 271) that causes the .htaccess file to be modified. This post explains why this is a bad idea: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/100291/what-could-cause-the-htaccess-file-to-be-modified

Please don’t call flush_rewrite_rules() on init. Read these guidelines on when to call flush_rewrite_rules: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/flush_rewrite_rules

Hi, Is the theme compatible with the latest WP 4.3?

Wordpress 4.3 compatible version is now available for download


The ‘Background image of page title’ is repeating itself, where can I change this? I’ve looked everywhere.

And if I add a ‘Page Title Background Image’ it’s really big (but I quess I can change that myself). The first questing is more urgent.

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,

Thanks for contacting me please email me with your URL to check your issue



Simbad Purchased


I sent you an email 6 days ago – thru your supposrt form here: http://themeforest.net/item/maktab-clean-minimal-and-business-theme-/7345677/support
However, after 6 days, there is no feedback from you (author). It seems this is the only way I can contact (I don’t see any other). That’s very bad.
Here it is the problem:

First one is the fact that I can make tabs work. I install Demo content and also all layout features as we can see on Demo theme, but tabs are not working. You can see here – there are no tabs: http://www.forexaktiv.com/new/
Please, scroll down on the Home page, and you will see blank room next to the Testimonials. I tried to add another tabs below that with some dummy text, but also – that text is not in form of tabs.

Second problem is back to top arrow that appears at the bottom of the page when you scroll a bit (at the right bottom corner). It doesn’t work. When you click on it, nothing happens. Icon for “top top” is visible, but not in function.

And, third problem is map on the contact page – it’s missing. Here you can see blank space in upper part of the page where the maps is expected: http://www.forexaktiv.com/new/contact-us-2/

Can you please help me to solve those problems?
Thank you very much.

Kindest regards,


HI, Sorry for late response please send me your wordpress access to check your problem i’ll feedback you next 24 hours You can use email or themeforest support form Thanks,


Simbad Purchased

Hello, I just sent you all details by Support form. Thank you.


Simbad Purchased

Thanks a lot for solving my problem. Just one question – I noticed that you have changed theme folder name from Mactab to Mactabwp. I wish to rename it too, so how did you do that? Because, in past after I renamed theme folder name, everything was messed up. So, I guess I have to change something else, not just theme folder name.
Thank you very much.

I want to disable the Author on the Blog Page. How do I do that?


Go Theme options > Pages > blog > Post Author section on post single? ( Disable)


I have that selected. But its still not correct.

Still not reply. can you help? Need to get ride of the Author on the Blog Page. Also, how do you get rid of the button on the slider.

Hi – I was interested in looking at the preview of this template but your account has been suspended :(

hi, since the last (4.4) WP version the column-content-element in the page builder is no longer working. you cant insert text in textmode or visualmode. is there a fix planned for 4.4/4.5?

Hi, i fixed it myself > the fullscreen-plugin of tinymce was renamed in the new version of WP -> old name “wpfullscreen” new name “fullscreen” -> change it on line 1012 of pagebuilder.js Cheers and have a good day ;)

is this compatible to wordpress 4.5? how to install demo content completely? I did import demo xml but something wrong it’s different from previewing page.

Hi, I’ll update Maktab theme compatible with WordPress 4.5 Version today Thanks,

when will you update Maktab and fix all errors? Did you fix all of errors in updated theme?

Yes i fixed all issues in updated version and new version in approval process and will ready soon Thanks,

After setting up updated theme, I imported your demo content, but all icons are disappeared.


Thanks for your kindness Please use inline support form or onetouchtheme@gmail.com


I asked you about icon problem here and sent an email for that. but you didn’t answer me. what is your support? themes has some errors icons problem and admin page layout.. What are you going to do?

Thanks for your kindness i checked maktab new version and its works well with me i think it may be third party plugin please email me with you URL and wordpress acess and I’ll check it for you next few hours Thanks,

It looks as though this theme is causing login errors on the site I’m building. Has anyone else run into this problem?

If I install the theme, I get an error logging in to the backend. If I uninstall and use a default theme, the login works fine. Any ideas how to fix this?


i’ll check your issue and feedback you ASP if you could please email me with your URL and wordpress acess


Just sent the email.

I’ve yet to receive a response. I’ve had this theme up for several years and this just started happening so now my client is of course very upset. It is all based around your theme. Please respond.

Uncaught ReferenceError: logobg is not defined Error Under the hood. Any fix for it?