Discussion on Malina - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Malina - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

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Good afternoon

Please I can’t fix a second menu on top of my theme

Can you help me please



Provide more details, maybe some screenshots. Also, renew your support.

Hi, I had a look at comments but haven’t been able to find the answer. Could you please tell me how to set the Mosaic home page with the main demo? I’m sorry if this is obvious… Thanks

Found! While I was looking for hours…

Hi, I need to remove the “Like, Min Read, Views” in the bottom of each post. Can you help me with this? thanks


For the blog page go to dashboard->appearance->customize->theme options->blog and use options to show/hide. For the custom page, go to edit page with elementor, then select recent posts block and use settings in the block. For the single post view page go to dashboard->appearance->customize->theme options->single view and use options to show/hide each meta item.

Amazing! thank you so much for your help!

For future reference please renew support.

Hi, I have a problem with the social media icons, they have been disppear sudenly , I don’t know what to do. Could you help me please.

It seems that fontawesome fotn that used for icons, was disabled by one of your plugins. Step by step disable plugins that not comes with theme.

Hi, I did and the problem persist.

Provide url and wordpress dashboard credentials to our email artstudioworks@gmail.com


fainaj Purchased

The mobile site does not have any logo and menu. And only 1 article is being displayed.

Site: najdha.blog

Need this to be fixed as soon as possible.

To have menu on mobiles go to dashboard > appearance > menus and select “Mobile display location” for your menu.


bari007 Purchased

Hi. My latest post does not show image galleries correctly. All previous post show images in some nice lightbox when you click them. But my latest post https://www.selfiehome.cz/2022/02/zobrazeni-polohy-uzivatelu-na-mape-home-assistant/ show the original jpg file when I click it. Any idea why, please?

Hi, please wait for malina elements plugin update. There is an issue with lightbox js script, because gutenberg block for gallery has changed html structure. We will fixed it. For the hot fix, please provide us with your email or contact us through artstudioworks@gmail.com


bari007 Purchased

I sent you an email. Thank you

We replied in the email.


mhazbi Purchased

I want to try install amp. does malina already support the amp plugin? or can i use the amp plugin from wp community?


Malina isn’t integrated with amp. But you can use it on your own.

Hello, the menus in the mobile version are not visible. Can you please help me to make them visible? Thank you in advance. https://cultinterview.com/


The problem caused by your logo width. Logo cover your menu button. We can help you to solve it. Please, provide your wordpress dashboard credentials(login/pass) to our email artstudioworks@gmail.com.

P.S. your support period is expired. Please, renew your support.


jre1043 Purchased

Do you have to have elementor pro in order for this theme to function as in the demos? In short, looking for simplicity and ease in a theme with useable features that don’t require additional excessive subscriptions.

Hi, most of demos are built with elementor free version and not require Elementor pro. Demo “Moona” – https://malina.artstudioworks.net/adventures/ and demo “Moncler” – https://www.malina.artstudioworks.net/moncler are built with Elementor and Elementor Pro. If you need to have all blocks from those demos you should use Elementor Pro, otherwise some blocks are disabled.


is it possible to remove the black points (dot) or change them to something else, below the photo on the page called home list

Thank you

Yes it is. I checked your page and it seems that there is no styles from customizer -> additional css

You can check right now, my new website is online www.nomadeamoureux.com

Remove those lines from your code

//for socials

//for date label

P.S. Please, do not forget to renew your support period, as your support is expired.

hi good afternoon

Will updates come automatically by wordpress, or do I need to download the file from here?

Thanks so much


You can receive updates in the wordpress if you use “Envato Market” plugin. Otherwise, download it from themeforest. How to update theme read here https://malina.artstudioworks.net/readme/#theme_updates


ninok Purchased

Hello please help to fix menu. https://vip-travellers.ru/ style is broken


Do you mean issue with mega menu transparency? Go to dashboard -> WP Mega Menu -> themes -> malina theme -> mega menu and set background.

Hello! I am looking to purchase this theme for a wedding filmmaker website, and I love every little detail about your design – but I do have one major issue with it.

Because I am not a wedding photographer, rather a wedding filmmaker – having a photo header isn’t able to showcase my actual work. You’ve had several comments on here requesting for you to implement a video header, with the desire to keep the image carousel intact. I’d like to add my voice to this cause and ask if you are planning on adding this feature in any future updates?

Thanks so much for getting back to me soooo quickly! You guys rock. I’m using Safari, and IOS. Looks like an Apple specific problem.

Still having issues with the anchor menu system instantly jumping down, instead of scrolling in Safari. Any suggestions?

I also recognize that Elementor anchor menu’s do not allow you to link to them if you’re not already on that page. I do have to create a second page, so I need to create a second menu that is only visible on this second page. I noticed that your theme uses Mega Menu, and traditionally the Mega Menu plugin allows you to create a section in Elementor, and supports the use of secondary menus based on each page. However, this is not available in your theme, from what I can find. How would I go about creating a second menu for a specific page?


When you add anchors, you need to use full link to the page where this section with id is located. In this case, like when your section on the home page, but current page is “about me”, and you click on menu item with anchor it will go to home page and scroll to this section. Otherwise, browser try to search section with id on the current page.

Our theme doesn’t have option to select menus on each page. There is no ability to use different menus on diferent pages in the header. You can add it content or create second header, then add another menu, then us header on specific page.

Regarding to the issue with anchor scrolling, we will fix it, please wait for update within 2-3 days.

Hi, after struggeling with the Instagram oAuth flow i found another solution to get a new token directly. But the new token seems to be invalid with older API versions like the theme integrated one. Is there a workaround or any update planned yet?

My token solution: https://smashballoon.com/instagram-feed/token/ The generated token works fine with other instagram plugins

Update theme and malina elements plugin, there is fixed link to generate access token key.

Hi, I love your theme which is additionally Divi compatible (you should specify that !). I meticulously followed the documentation to install the demo before making my changes.

1.Would it be possible to have the mega menu for the sidebar?

2.my site is basically an ecommerce site, as you mentioned that it is compatible with woocommerce I did not hesitate. -It isn’t possible to choose the layout of the store page and the product page. So impossible to put a sidebar to allow a good navigation to customers and thus push to purchase -How to put in the header an access via icon to the page “my account” at least and to the “wishlis” it would be wonderful -How to put a breadcrumb ?

Best regards


1. It’s not possible.

2. There is predefined store layout and single post layout. To put sidebar you can create custom page add block with product and block with sidebar. You can create custom header (Malina Header) with Elementor and add those icons to your header, then select this header in the customizer -> theme options -> header. To show breadcrumbs, please go to customizer -> theme options -> general and enable it.

Hello, thank you for your answer. I expressed myself badly concerning the mega menu it is not to put it in the sidebar but to put it in the header 3. Is it possible?

Best regards

No it’s not impossible too.

Hi, the Instagram oAuth flow is no longer working. After authorizing the app it takes me to a sales page on the SmashBalloon website. No access token.

Hi, thank you for the information. We will check what is wrong and fix it.

Hello, I have a problem with the instagram token in the malina theme. Is there a way to use the token generated by my Instagram profile and show not mine but other instagram feed, like other social plugins?



Instagram doesn’t allow to show feeds from another accounts that your.

Hi, I’ve another plugin (Flow-flow lite) and with FB/IG token I can show every account…


I need support. My theme appears a space between slides and posts. Can you help me.

Hi, yeswe can help you. We responsed you in the email. Anyway provide your site url and dashboard credentials to our email artstudioworks@gmail.com to check what is wrong.

Hi, I have a problem with a one click demo import (the demo I chose is called moona). While installing the demo I have an information: “All required/recommended plugins are already installed. You can import your demo content.” So I’ve clicked on “Continue & import”. It said “Import complete! Congrats, your demo was imported successfully. You can now begin editing your site.” But in the same time a little lower I have an information: “Please install Elementor Pro Plugin, before this demo importing. This premium plugin are not included.” And my site looks nothing like your demo:( It’s all blank, I don’t have any footers, pages, nothing.. Could you tell me what am I doing wrong? Do I really have to buy Elementor Pro for this site to work??

Hi, we are very sorry for the late reply. To have the same site as demo Moona you should use Elementor Pro plugin. If you don’t have this plugin some features will not work, like forms (you can replace it with another plugin like CF7), counters block. But Header and footer should work fine. Please provide your site credentials(login/pass & URL) to our email artstudioworks@gmail.com we will check what is wrong and help you.


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