Discussion on Malina - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Malina - Personal WordPress Blog Theme

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ninok Purchased

Please update template. owl carousel working not correct after updates plugins. thank you


Here is my website address: https://www.papabienveillant.fr/limitation-creatrice-un-motor-puissant-for-learning/

I use the “handmade” variant and on the mobile version I find that the articles are displayed in too thin “columns”. This forces visitors to scroll a lot to read all of my articles.

Where can I change the size of these “columns”? I guess I need to edit a CSS file but I don’t know which one and at what line. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot of the “columns” that I would like to reduce: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/122xuql7r9pkx2v5zizm9/columns.PNG?rlkey=dzyihnlgj4bh9bokvv4ozs7w2&dl=0

Thanks in advance.


willpai Purchased

Hi, I like this theme and great job!

I’d like to add the tags list on archive page by each post article. Is it possible?

Bonjour, j’utilise la variante “handmade” du theme Malina. Est-il possible d’ajouter une sidebar à mes articles ?

Hello, I have activated the display of author information, I have my biography which is displayed below my articles but not my profile picture (although it is well informed in the back office via gravetar). How do I display my photo? Thanks in advance.

Olá, estou recebendo um erro do controle deslizante de revolução sempre tem uma mensagem. => Mensagem: Há uma nova versão ( 6.6.14 ) do Slider Revolution disponível. Para atualizar diretamente, registre sua chave de licença agora ou adquira uma nova chave de licença para acessar todos os recursos premium. Pode me orientar?

Hi, As for the Slider Revolution, you can download it from http://artstudioworks.net/recommended-plugins/revslider.zip please read the instructions using the link below: http://www.themepunch.com/faq/update-plugin-packaged-theme/

I am not able to get this installed correctly, how can I get any help? Am I suppose to be installing the child theme too? I am just confused, as I had bought the Malina theme for my other blog through someone else and I did not have any of the issues I am having now. I read through the documentation but it confused me worse, what all am I suppose to actually install. Help please!

I can not add any widgets at all something is messed up big time

Hi there you all. Can you please give me a hand at getting this installed correctly with everything working as it should?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Please, describe your issue correctly. Did you install theme and third party required plugins?

Hi team how do i set for footer? can share me email to send what issue

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Did you generate access token? Or you tried to use your username. You need to generate access token. Go to customizer -> theme options -> footer and use link in field description for access token key.

Isse that you have caused by password reset or if your profile is private.

can share ur email? i still got face some issue.

Hi, please contact us with your issue through email artstudioworks@gmail.com

Hello! i like very much this theme, but how can i set my mobile header background color . I cant find it. It´s always white Thanks. https://imgtr.ee/i/0588i

Hi, please check option in the customizer -> theme options -> header if no option for mobile header background color, please provide your site url we will provide you css code to change background.

Hello1 i did it, but i cant change the collapse menu for mobile. I want it to change, to white.

I´ve solved it! but when you see my site on a mobile or a pad, it seems to be all the content on the left side, how can i center it.? thanks

Good morning I know that my support has expired, however I have a question if you want to answer it. How do you please put the slider on the home page of a site?

For example the “madrid” demo, I would like to use the slider that scrolls with the three photos, but I can’t.

Can you tell me how to proceed, please?


Thanks for your feedback

I must have expressed myself badly, because your answer does not correspond to my question.

Here is the link to illustrate my request with the photos: - start living today, - New York with -Jules, Soho



Autrement, je veux bien renouveler le support si vous pouvez m’installer la démo sur mon site et également avoir quelques réponses à mes questions.

En vous remerciant par avance.

If you need to add the same slider on your page, go to edit page in the wordpress dashboard (not elementor page builder), then at the right side find options for “Hero section” then herosection type? select slider, after this scroll down to the slider settings and use them to select posts to show, and other options

Hi Team,

I’m going to buy the themes, But before purchasing the theme I have some questions I need to go through with the theme. Can you guys contact me shortly?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Contact us through email artstudioworks@gmail.com

Hi there! I’m writing because i want the home page looks like the “Shop Main” style that are parent together since i bought this theme for a eccomerce i want looks like exactly the demo when i click in Home but when i am editing te page i just see the Image&post carrusel and slider which is not what i want. Please help. Thanks

Olá, Boa Noite! Acabei de comprar o Templete e preciso de ajudar urgente na instalação princialmente na opção da loja. Aguardo!

Olá! Comprei o templete e quero a instalação da mesma forma da demostração do templete Malina com opção para DA LOJA (e-commerce). Obrigado! Fico no aguardo com URGÊNCIA!

Hi, you can do it in the same way as any demo. Before demo import be sure that you install and activate WooCommerce plugin, and all theme required plugins.

Hello. I am planning to purchase your product, and I am wondering if I get exactly what you are offering, along with all the different DEMOS? I would need an answer asap. Thank you.

Hi, sorry for the delay. You will have access for all demos and when you import any demo you will get the same view.

top stories section settings are not displayed normally in single post view. single post layout is standard.

Hi, please provide the post link and we will check. Also would be great if you provide some description.

hello is there an update coming soon? it says there was one 9-22 but yet Wordpress is still giving me update warnings about the theme saying it is no longer compatible with WooCommerce. I have compared the old file and the supposedly new one and they are exact no change.

Hi, we will update woocommerce template files within 2-3 days.

If I want to show the first post in full text and the rest in grid with excerpts, what would be the proper code to add in the index.php?

Hi, we replied in the email.

Hello, when I make a form, the captcha button is not centered. How can i fix it? Thank you very much,

hi, please provide your site url where we can test it and find solution.

Your container width is 100% of page, because you use fullwidth page template and your form fields has 60% of the container width. So, the right way is to use form fileds width 100% and set row max width regarding to your width. The hot fix to add following css code additional css option in the customizer.
.kadence-form-_3c63bc-90 .kb-form .kadence-blocks-form-field.google-recaptcha-checkout-wrap {
    max-width: 60%;

Good afternoon

Please I can’t fix a second menu on top of my theme

Can you help me please



Provide more details, maybe some screenshots. Also, renew your support.

Hi, I had a look at comments but haven’t been able to find the answer. Could you please tell me how to set the Mosaic home page with the main demo? I’m sorry if this is obvious… Thanks

Found! While I was looking for hours…


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