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Great!!! Is it possibel to have a small picture gallery? Than it would be perfect for my need! Thanks

Hello, thank you! Yes, sure, why not. Almost every block is divided into two parts–left and right, so you can choose one block, delete right or left content and instead put a gallery. I can explain further how to do that–cause depends whether you will want a list of small images or sliding big ones. The trick is that all elements are scalable on this template, so some knowledge will be requirable to place a gallery and make it scalable too.

Wow, this is really spooky :) I like it a lot!

Thank you very much, Jan! You must be frightened and you are smiling:)))

Excellent! How about a WordPress version?

Thank you very much! No, I do not know WP code:)))

Nice design and cute scary character! Boo!!! :)

Boo:(( :)) Halloween is coming and dark music is eternal!

Thank you very much for lovely words, much appreciated, as always.

Woow! Amazing! Great job :)

Thank you very much!

Great theme! Just wondering…who is that character in the black cape on a beach? Been wondering for a long time since seeing it on TV a while back.

Hello, thank you! I scanned it from my collection of cuts off–since childhood I used to cut off from magazines and brochures various pictures, those I simply just like. I think this one is from Bergman movie, but I am not sure, simply liked the image and cut and add it to my collection.

Hi there, I would like to use the template for small project. I have some plans, though I would like to ask some questions:

1. Would it be too hard to have light color background? 2. And can I easily add some more sections like when clicked the menu item “Come”? 3. Can I replace the poll section with some texts? 4. Can I add some more links within the content to scroll to a particular part os the site?

Are these changes too big for basic support? Thank you!

Hello Kriszta, thank you for your interest!

In regard to your questions: 1) Part of layout is just dark colour #111, so you change it to let’s say #ddd and you are done. But part of layout is pattern, so you will need to find appropriate seamless pattern. Also knob I drew in Photoshop is dark, so if you will need location section or any other section opening as a panel, you will need to create a light knob.

2) You can create as many sections as you need, simple script helps to scroll smoothly inbetween sections, all you need to mind is to give unique id to every section.

3) Sure, remove poll, insert any text you need instead into the box the poll nested in.

4) Sure. Just remember to give unique id to section and assign it to anchor with class “scroll”. For example, you want to scroll to section with #x, you assign this id to “a class=”scroll” href=”#x” and that is all.

Hope it helps, thank you! Tanya

I will think about it. Thank you so much.

I’m working on this at the moment and noticed the pages are split in half with a left side and a right side. Is there a way to add a graphic to the background on each of the pages? If so what size would the whole graphic need to be?

Thanks and great work!

Hello, thank you! Yes, naturally. You may modify the layout as you wish. About the size of graphics–it is not so important since css rule resizes the graphics according screen width but naturally it should be pretty big (me prefer to use graphics not less than 1920px (or split into two halves = 960px each) but there are bigger screens so if you will use bigger size it will be just better. Thank you again!

Thanks! I’ll try that. The other things I am having trouble with is changing the map and centering on the other pages so I can edit them.

Hi, love the theme but one question. The image of the character (which is what caught my attention when purchasing) on the right is showing very faint when I run the site locally? Also none of the bubble images are displaying? all of those images caught my attention and made my decision to purchase. Not sure if I’m missing something in the download but I’m not finding that image. Please advise.

Thank you Robert

Hello, thank you! Of course, photographs are never included into package (any theme or template), they are for demonstration only. In rare cases when images/photographs included, you see that it is mentioned in the description of the item.

Choose the images which suits your needs best and replace the placeholders with your images. Best wishes and Happy Halloween!

The company I am helping bought the theme. On the them it as fancey font on the top header. After buying it and working with it I noticed the fancey font on the top title is replaced with just regular text. Does anyone know how to get the fancey font on the top header like in the demo? Here is my live version of the file which has the basic header font http://e-exit.ca/hallownights

Hello, this is foglihten no04 regular font. Free download: http://www.1001freefonts.com/foglihten_no_04.font

How can I make subscriptions, emails, work and receive the fields filled?

Hello, thank you! You use Google Docs.