Discussion on MAMA - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on MAMA - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Hi Team, Can you update the theme to run on PHP 8.0? Thank You!

Hi, I have a problem with your theme on the website https://www.toth24.de/. The button below the text on the start page doesn’t work (only in Safari). This is a big problem because the visitor is blocked. What can I do to make it working? Big thanks for your help

Yes, received it. It’s on queue. Thanks

Thank you so much for fixing my problem. You are really great! And I love your theme, it is so fresh and surprising.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. It will be great if you give us a 5 star rating with some comments. It’ll help us a lot.

Hi, congrats to your awesome theme! I would like to know where/how can I change the “loading” font. Thanks so much.

Hello ekirsch,
Thanks for like our Theme. You can do it by custom css from Apperance>Customize>Custom CSS.
.animsition-loading:after { position: fixed; top: 50%; width: 100%; margin-top: 40px; font-family: 'Playball', cursive; font-size: 32px; text-align: center; content: ""; letter-spacing: 3px; }
Above the Loading selector and CSS Properties.

And what about Safari/ mobile Support? In Safari its pretty buggy and the screen is shaking while scrolling and on mobile the scroll effect isnt there at all. Only on the “About” page and nowhere else. Is this intended?

It shouldn’t be like this. We will check it. It’s not intended.

Will there be WordPress 5.0 Support soon?

Yes, we’re working on it. Very soon we’ll release an update.

Hello team, I am using MAMA WP Theme to our Digital Media website [ http://illusionzmedia.com/ ]. I want to add horizontal menu in front page. Is this possible to add. And also a navigation button to scroll down and up. Thanks

Hello maqbul1233,
1. It’s not our Theme Default feature. Yes, it’s possible to add this. You need to customize this.
2. Scrolling also needs to Custom Services.

Hi there, For the hero image on the front page, can it have say 3 images and can scroll through?

Sorry, don’t understand. Please let me know in details.

What I mean is, for the home page, there is a hero picture. For now, there is only one hero picture, is this theme able to put multiple pictures and they will rotate

This feature not available.

hi there… ipurchased mama 3 years ago… wanted to install it today… after that it crashed my wordpress installation. is this problem solved with the newest version?... best


Hello pixelhelden,
Thanks for your comment. I cann’t see any Purchase history of this Theme.
Yes, on newest version it works fine.

i bought it 4 years ago on the account of my client “imageforyou”... so you cant see it… is it really save, that the actuall version works? than i buy it again. thanx

Our Demo is running WordPress 4.9.6(latest Version), you can check the Demo: https://mama-wp.jeweltheme.com/
We always update our Demo Servers to tract the conflicts with any version. You can see, no problem with that.

I would like to set the split animation when scrolling in reverse. For example: Rather than scrolling to have the next page close together, it would rather have the current page split to reveal the next? Is this possible? If so, can you please help me.

Thanks for your help and reply.

Hello trevers,
Thanks for contacting with us. Please contact on our Support Forum.

Hello trevers,
Thanks for contacting with us. Please contact on our Support Forum.

Hello we have a lot of problem with this theme, you don’t answer on the forum, before noting this theme with a very bad note, can you answer our questions on the forum…

Hello betc,
We’re on vacation for our Holly Eid Festival. That’s why it’s been delayed to response for couple of Forum Tickets.
We’re working on it. We’ll be completely online within 2-3 days.
Thanks for understanding.

Impossible to register in your support forum. (I do not receive confirmation link and no password) I have a trouble with contact section of your theme. Thank you to contact me.

Hello globcom,
Login with Username and Password on Forum while you’ve created an Account. If you cann’t then you can send us email directly: jwthemeltd@gmail.com

When the responsive theme goes from desktop to mobile view, the Background images for “Home”, “About” etc. sections don’t auto-crop. Instead they get distorted. Is there a fix for this? It’s not really responsive.

Will you please check now http://mama-wp.jeweltheme.com
Let us know how it’s now ?

I’ve installed the updated theme. I’m still having some issues with background images for each section (in Mobile). They are getting cropped really small and the site seems to break as I view and scroll on iPhone 6+ in safari.

Hello oitsemily,
Thanks for let us know. Please send your details on our email, we will solve your problem. Email: jwthemeltd@gmail.com

We are looking to add section on homepage

How to do that?
Please create a Support Topics on our Support Forum, we will discuss there.

Pre-Buyer Question:

I’d like to purchase the Mama WordPress Theme for my Image Consulting website. I’m not tech savvy in any way, so please humor me in answering the following questions.

1) After the first year of support is up, is there any additional support that I can purchase directly through Jewel Theme? What does additional Support cover? 2) Once WordPress is installed on my computer, is there any coding involved with using this theme? Or will I be able to just drop and drag my content into it? 3) Keeping my lack of experience in mind, is this something I can do myself, or would I need to hire a professional?

Thanks in advance for providing some clarity!

Hello EpiphanyIC419,
Thanks for your nice Questions. Let me clear your points
1) After your First years of Support up, you can extend the Support only(If you need Supports) from this Product URL. You can get the Product URL here http://themeforest.net/downloads
Usually, this our Support Covers – if you face any problems like Installation(we will do it absolutely free), Arrangement, little CSS fixings like colors, Logo Placement etc
2) We’ve given Shortcodes, you don’t need any Coding Skills. We’ve included Video Tutorials with the Documentation attached with the Theme. You can see them to familiar with the Theme how it works. If you face any problems then our Dedicated Support will help you on our Support Forum
3) I don’t think so you need to hire any Professionals. We always provide Supports to our Clients. We’re very much Trusted for our Quick Support.

Thanks for your quick turnaround here! I’ll go for it! Best regards!

If you need any help then Post a Topics on our Dedicated Support Forum:

Pre-purchase question: Is there a way to have the hamburger menu replaced with traditional links on top

Hello staybrandnew,
Thanks for your query. By default this feature isn’t available. But we can give free support for this.

that’s great, will it be as simple as a CSS change? or do we need to hack PHP code?

It will be Little hack of PHP, CSS and JS Codes. We will take care of this.

Hi Guys,

I have installed theme, but how to import demo data?

Hello Rohits89,
Thanks for Purchasing “MAMA Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme”.
UNZIP the Downloaded Package File and you’ll see a Folder named “Demo Content”. A file “content.xml” is the Content File. Import Data From “Tools>Import>WordPress Importer”.
If you faced any problems then create a Support Topics on our Dedicated Support Forum: https://jeweltheme.com/support/forum/wordpress-themes/mama/

Thanks for your reply, Failed to import Media “canola2” Failed to import Media “dsc20050727_091048_222”

I have got following  errors

Also how to import setting from jSON file?

Sometime WordPress cann’t import few media files or if you try twice to import XML file then skip those media files and show this kind of message. You don’t have to worry about it.
Open the JSON file in Text Editor. Go to “MAMA Settings>Import”, copy and paste the settings. That’s it.
If you need further help please post on our Support Forum to discuss:
Sometimes we need your website credentials, on here Public Comments may harm to you.

There’s been a lot of glitches upon installing. Paragraph spaces and bulleted lists are not appearing properly. Whenever I add words on the team page, it skews the other pictures. Logo cannot be adjusted to the right on the orange menu and the contact page I created won’t appear despite already selecting it in the settings. Any resolutions for these?

Can’t add contact form as well and it just keeps showing the codes. Tsk3.

Hi jbabs,
Please contact our support forum and our support team will fix your problem. https://jeweltheme.com/support/forum/wordpress-themes/mama/
Thank You

Hello. Pre-Purchase Question: Is Visual Composer or any other form of Page Builder Integrated with your theme? How are pages constructed. I don’t like using themes that construct pages with just barebones shortcode so I wanted to know before I proceed to purchase.

We didn’t use any page builders or visual composers. We have made our own system to create sections. Also we have used Shortcodes to create different sections.

Is it really free installation for buyers? I just purchased the theme. Thanks.

Yes, we give free Installation for Buyers who are facing problems with configurations.
If you need this then post a Support Ticket with your WordPress access in Private Message.

How do I make my site have the same effect as the one in the live preview? Thanks!

Please read the attached Documentation. We’ve made few Installation Videos also. If you cann’t do it, Please post a Topics in our Support Forum we will do it for you within hours !!!

How do i take out the box on 1st box that says PURCHASE NOW ?

24 hours have passed and i am still waiting….

28 hours + 3 days…. this is horrible support im sorry guys.

We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Just back to work, Please check support forum. Lets discuss there.


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