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We just purchase this theme, installed it, and pulled in the demo xml file, but it doesn’t pull anything in but and about page and some layout colors:

Does this not pull in the slider or any other actual pages, callouts, content, shortcodes, etc?

Thank you!

Hi – please use the ticketing system for support so we can better assist you.


We have purchased the them and are still setting things up, and realized that the homepage slider is hidden in mobile view. We do not wish to hide the slider, we would like it to display even on mobile devices. Is there a setting to make sure it displays on mobile as well?

Thank you much!

Hi – please use the ticketing system for support. The slider is hidden from view using CSS as it takes up way to much prime real-estate on the smaller devices.


We have purchased this theme and are setting up the portfolio. Can you let us know how to change/remove the css that causes the portfolio images to be black and white when not being hovered over? We’d like them full color at default but keep the slight opacity on hover.

Thank you!

Hi – try this – in the custom css box under Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS place this: a img {filter:none;}.

If you need anything further please use the support link in your documentation.

hi! that css worked, but had to add !important to it:

a img {filter:none!important;}

thank you so much! :)

You are welcome! :)

Does the Mammoth theme have a option for mobile to make a Three Line Menu Navicon? Thanks!

Hi – currently no, it’s just a select menu as the mobile navigation. You could request a quote for a customization to change this or customize this yourself if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and PHP.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this theme for a client but want to learn a few things first: – For the portfolio page, is there a way to change the layout so there are 4 columns of portfolio blocks rather than the 2 shown in the example? – Same of the staff index page, Is it possible to adjust the columns there and make the images a bit smaller? If so, can these be accomplished within the theme settings or would I have to use CSS? Thanks in advance!

Hi – absolutely you can do this with CSS. Unfortunately it’s not a theme option. If you decide to purchase and need assistance with a couple of small css tweaks (such as this) you can nip over to the support area and we’d be happy to help.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Sounds good!

Hi, i just bought this theme for a client. Don’t know why but when i resize the screen to view the mobile version there is no menu displayed. Any solutions?

many thanks

Hi – you don’t show a purchased badge? Maybe you used a different account? As directed in your documentation, please open a support ticket at the support center after confirming your purchase verification code. Thank you!

I’m troubleshooting for a friend who purchased this theme and my problem is that the social icons are not loading properly. Instead of images appearing, it only shows the letters. For example, I have the letter “F” entered in for social icon 1, and instead of an icon on the page, it just shows the letter “F”. How can I resolve this?

Sounds like the site is having trouble displaying SVG files. You can correct this in the .htaccess by placing this:

AddType image/svg+xml svg AddType image/svg+xml svgz

If you need further support, get the license # of the item off your friend and open a ticket at

UPDATE! V2.5.1

Greetings everyone,

we just pushed a new BIG update to this theme. For those upgrading their version please ensure you read the documentation for suggested methods of updating as the built-in CPT have now been replaced by free plugins for the slider and portfolio sections:

Update on 05/20/16 – v2.5.1 NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: This is a full point upgrade. Please review the documentation BEFORE making any changes! Built-in Portfolio and Slider items are no longer supported, you will need to review the documentation on how we suggest switching. New responsive menu added – please name your menu primary (if it’s not already).

You can view the documentation here

Thank you!

brilliant theme! but one little problem: my portfolio doesn’t show up in my homepage (i choosed home #3 as standard): maybe you can help me out

Hi – can you please open a ticket at with a link to your site and an admin login please?

Hi, I’m looking for a theme like this but to choose it first I’ve some questions:

1) Can I redirect the main menu to the same home, I mean, only use a front page (home).

2) Can I add more moduls at home, or the home you show in live preview is the full version of the moduls at home ?

3) Can I add a google maps section o more sections at home ?


Hi Alex! :) There are some hard coded loops on the homepage that bring in the products, but the area below the products is all your own content from the WordPress page so you can add whatever you’d like there. As for the main menu question, you don’t have to use the other page templates, that’s just what ever you set up on your site. Hope that helps!


My company recently bought your theme, and while setting things up I ran into a few issues. Mainly that certain options are not available. I want to add custom css but the input textarea is greyed out and uneditable, and when i went to select colors for certain areas like (body background), I was unable to edit them and no selection options appeared. I went through the docs and was unable to find a solution to my issue. And yes i am running the paid version of the theme. I’ve attached a screenshot to show you what I mean.

-Best Regards,

Hi, if you could open up a ticket at but have you tried to enter the CSS in that box and save?

Hello, I’ve created a page to show a galley of portfolio items by modifying a homepage. So I have 3 columns showing item image with title below. I want to show below title, the category / type that each item belongs to. I’m no php expert so other than copying and making simple mods to existing code from post template, which I tried but can’t get to work, I’ve no idea how to do this. Can anyone suggest some code that would work? I’m using version 2.4.1.

Hi :) Can you go to to open up your ticket please so I can send you some screen shots. All support should be handled through there :)

Thanks. I did try to do that before posting here. When I try I get a message saying my purchase code is not valid.

It’s ok, you can just post it under general so you don’t have to enter a purchase code. :)

Hey guys. I see you stopped support for this theme and I understand why. However, with the most recent WP update the blog title is now including the site title and tagline. It is doing it on your live preview. Can you help please?

Yes, we are aware of the issue and will be updating soon. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :)