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Oh my day’s, this is absolutely incredible. Definitely getting a tweet man!

Man your fast, I just found out it was live. Thanks so much buddy I can always depend on your support, it was fun watching the progress on Dribbble right ;)

Thanks for the tweet brother – appreciate it – I can go to bed now it’s live :)


Yes of course, and keep doing that dribbble progress! I love it. Every step of the awesomenesssss!

Please stop your awesomeness :)

Well to me I’m always improving and will never have ‘awesomeness’ – but it sounds great coming from you buddy! Thx for your support!


Good luck with sales Jonathan!

Thanks so much CanYigit – I appreciate your support bud and your time to leave a message!


Super Clean !! GLWS :)

thanks quad! we appreciate the kind comments man!

Outstanding work as usual J! Good luck with sales buddy!

:) thanks epicera! we appreciate the support bud!

What a great theme, very well done mate.

Quick question, how many menu levels does this support? I have a project in the works that requires at least 3 levels, possibly 4.

Let me know, thanks.

Thanks Samuel, appreciate the kind comment, currently as a default we always style for 2, but the styling is a few lines of code and we could always help with support if you need/want it. :)

thanks mania! appreciate the kind comments!


:) thanks very much! we appreciate it!

Hey, congrats, so happy to see your beautiful new theme here, love every piece of it :). Have a many, many sales, i know u will ;)

:) thanks! really appreciate the kind comments!

Great Layout Jonathan!

Would be great to get it as non Wordpress-Template…

Good luck with the sales… Regards from germany, Mirco

Thanks Mirco! We haven’t thought about HTML yet…..hmmmm

This is awesome Jonathan! You really didn’t went down on the same route everyone goes! That’s great! Well done!

:) thanks icy! appreciate it man!

Congrats Jonathan , looks fantastic ; wish you the very best with this one :)

thanks man, we appreciate you taking the time to comment! really means a lot to us!

Hi Jonathan,

This is truly awesome—just one question to make sure – can the footer colours and colours on the titles and titles of slides etc. also be customised. I think I understand that it can, thus creating a totally custom colour scheme but I would just like to make sure.

I think I must create a project just to make use of the theme!


Francois Wessels

:) Thank Francois! And yes, absolutely it can. The slider title font color, slider title background color, the footer background color, footer font color etc etc. Each section it totally customizable!

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply—sold!!

this is delicious! if it was a cake i would eat it… :inlove:

thanks! :) we appreciate the kind comments

Don’t know why this is for $ 45,- while others get $ 50,- on every theme they release no matter what it is.

Congrats and good luck with it!

thanks rev! appreciate the kind comments!

thanks man! we appreciate the kind comments!

I am in love with this theme!

Need to ask questions before considering buying it

1. Gallery Post, is it possible to see the gallery in the blog index? 2. There is a gallery type for portfolio? 3. There is a page builder on the framework (admin panel) or just 5 type of home page? 4. How easy is change fonts and color? via CSS or framework? 5. Portfolio page can have a filterable click? 6. Can we use sliders plugins like LayerSlider and Revolutin slider? 7. Images at portfolio can be portrait? 8. Any video or screenshots to see all posibilities of admin panel to see what can do with this theme?

Sorry for so much questions, but I need to be sure to spend my money for what I need

Hi virplay and thanks for your kind comments.

1. The gallery post could be easily changed to allow the slider on the blog index, we just chose to not show this on this particular theme. 2. The slider/gallery option is automatic on the portfolio single page. If you have more than 1 image uploaded to the portfolio, the theme will automatically display the images in a slider type format (only on the single). 3. We offer the 5 homepages and then several other template files (full width, right sidebar, left sidebar) but we don’t have a “page builder” as such. 4. The font colors are all accessible for change through the theme options. If you want to change the fonts, you would need to edit the header (as we use the google web url font call) and the style.css. 5. The portfolio page could have a filterable click, but again, we chose for this design to not include that so you would need to edit the appropriate template files and css file. 6. There is nothing in this theme that would cause any other plugins to not be activated for you to do what you wish. 7. Images on the portfolio page can be portrait or landscape, again- you may just need to play with the css a little to get the layout the way you want it. 8. We currently don’t have any video’s or images of the admin but I can sum it up for you, basically every section you see is customizable. The header, body, footer, copyright, contact form fields, focus, borders, footer contact form fields, focus, borders, link colors, hover link colors, button background color and font color (for hover and active), the intro text font color, p font color, menu links, menu link active/hover, portfolio background and the list keeps going.

Hope this helps :)

Actually there are screenshots of the some admin screens if you just click screenshots ;)


will probably buy, but before i do that i have a question… i notice the slider gets cut off half way… the top half is white(where the text is) and the bottom half seems to show… any idea? I’m using chrome latest version.

Also does this work with woopra analytics?

Hi and thanks again for reporting this – can confirm it also (had an issue with one machine showing it perfect but the others are what you see) – we just fixed the live preview and are uploading a fix right now to the queue – again thanks for being awesome and letting us know! :)


no problem!
thanks for your prompt attention to the issue :)
Will buy once update is realsed!

Sure thing – we will update the “Update” area of the item description once things are passed – thanks again!


Hola jonathan01 thx for the answer

If I buy this theme I could change some fonts like “time news roman” u use here with your help? :D

And the some for the portrait images on the portfolio with CSS ?

I have some knlowdge of CSS but no idea of php :D

Other question :D what type of widget this theme use?

Soory for bothering you

Your not bothering me at all! :) Yes, I could help you change the fonts out no problem. And there is no php with the questions you’ve asked here, only CSS tweaks (apart from the fonts). We are using several plugins here like Contact Form 7, Easy FancyBox (lightbox), jQuery Collapse-O-Matic (toggle boxes), MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video (styling for audio and video as well as increased functionality) and Single Post Template (so you can choose, right sidebar, left sidebar or full width on a per blog post basis since you already have that same option on pages).

We are in the process of putting in an update for some CSS tweaks we noticed, just wanted to make sure I mentioned this in case you buy before the update gets approved, you would need to re-download the package again after the update has been approved by TF. :)


1. I meant widgets, not plugins :D What widgets this theme have? :D

2 . An update? today?

Hi again,

we explain on this page the home page templates and their widgets – – we also include 4 widget areas in the footer (we don’t use them in the live preview) – we also have unlimited widgets for the blog pages, and pages, and the contact page has one for the map – hope that helps!

Yes we have a few CSS tweaks added to the style.css that’s in the queue :)