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Tell the queue to hurry :D

Last question, I promise (I hope so) :nerdy:

Taking a look at your 5 home pages templates If I need to choose another different themplate, like having the slider, below a messege, below Recent proyects, below a regular post, below what ever…. Is that possible? I mean build my own home page the way I want?

Hi again – no not from within the theme only by editing the order of loops in the template file – we stray away from as much as we can that is not part of the core of WordPress and therefore we don’t do the whole drag / drop create own page etc etc – the 4th homepage allows slider, message and then your page content which means you could put anything you want in there.


PS – we can always send someone the new CSS file once purchased if they contact via the comment form on my profile page until it goes through the queue.

Sorry jonathan, but I love this theme and need to be sure, and my english is not that good and sometimes I misunderstand.

But taking a look at your screens, I see I can create a New Template, but I can´t choose my own template, like the question before. I only have the option to choose 5 of your templates but not changing the orders… Is that waht u mean?

Yes for the home page we offer 5 different home page templates with slider and widgets – or you could use a right sidebar page, left sidebar page or fullwidth page (those would not have the slider)


Ok, now I understand, I can only choose one of your different home page templates. :(

Yes as normal :)

ok, I would love to choose my own template

You can from the available options, just like you would with any theme….?


sorry? I dindt understand you

Hi again – this works just like every other WordPress theme, except rather than having one dedicated home page template, we offer 5, all a little different, one of which allows your own content rather than fully dynamic.

It’s also like other WordPress themes where you get to set the reading setting in WordPress so you can have any page set as your home page – sorry I can’t explain it any clearer than this.


But I dont see the available otions or I am missing something :(

I guess you are :) I explained the only way I can previously.

Many Thanks


PS – please also hit the reply button rather than making an entirely new post for each question as it’s just clogging up with pages and pages of comments about the same thing :)

ahh ok, sorry. reaply button clicked :D

any video where I can see the options from homepage?

Show me another home page template if u want, your own home page, caus I think I am missing something

Already shown in the demo bud ;)

LOL ! :D another one :D editing the order of loops in the template file .... So I can choose where I want the loop, right?

So in template 4 I will decide the orders of the loops…I will choose Slider, then messege, then the latest 3 portfolio items, then the latest 3 blog post, and then 3 widgets.. :D I can do that

No that’s not what home page 4 is… See the page with the images and explanation show you EXACTLY what the page layout is. Customizations are the buyers choice – you have 8 page templates, if one doesn’t fit your need then you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and alter a template :)

It doesn’t get any clearer than the images and page examples offered – maybe you need to look at an alternative theme that has drag and drop functionality – we don’t do those kind of things sorry!


Ok, sorry :D

Thx for ur support

Hi, is the theme WooCommerce ready? Thanks for answer.

As WooCommerce is a plugin it should work just fine, but obviously we can’t test all plugins :)

I hope that helps


Hi Jonathan,

Absolutely brilliant theme, just a quick question, is there a way to have only portfolio items under the main slider at the top?

May be 4 lines of portfolio images.


Hi and thanks for the question – actually home template #3 is pretty much exactly that as if you don’t set a message or use the widget areas it would be just slider and portfolio – you can alter the loop count and remove the left message area to bring in 4 portfolio items – we could help with that if you need assistance :)


Awesome template, glws mate! ;)

Thanks csspress! Appreciate it! :)


Hi! It’s the first time I install a theme this complex. I’m trying to make the website look like your example but I find it very difficult. I followed the instruction up to page 7 with no problem and then I got lost. The settings that are supposed to be already set aren’t. Like Top Logo, Colors, ecc.. So I decided to jump to page 43, installing the “wordpress_content.xml” but that didn’t helped that much. The template still looks very different from your example. What did I do wrong? What I missed?

You can see the site here:

Please help me!

:) Sure no problem at all. If you want to contact me via the form on my profile page with your WordPress login details, I would be happy to pass this along to my developer to have her set up your site exactly like the live preview and then you can just delete posts, pages, slides etc and replace with your own content.


Thank you so much! I will send you user & pass for Word Press. Thank you again.

Received and we are working on it for you – will email you soon :)


I reseted all the wordpress and I try it again. I stopped at page 7 as before…. The problem is that when I go to General Setup (page 8) and I have to change Logo, Favicon, ecc… the fields are already empty. This also for all the other setting. What should I do?

Yes, these fields are empty ready for your own logo and favicon. We explain in the documentation if you upload your logo and favicon via the Media Library ‘Add New’ and then copy the URL to that image you just uploaded and place in the appropriate sections of the General tab so the theme can call upon that image.


Duplicate post – apologies

Hi Jonathan,

Very interested in purchasing this theme for use as an online store.

How difficult do you think it would be to have three boxes that sit below the main image in the demo version (i.e. Who We Are / What We Do / Where We Do It) instead feature different products from either the WooCommerce or GetShopped (WP-Commerce) plugins?

That’s our main issue – is just ensuring that we’ll be able to use those areas to display various products.

Aside from that, the template looks fantastic.



Thanks Lee for the kind comments. Those 3 boxes are widget sections so you could place whatever you wish there.

Hope that helps.


I am about to purchase but need to know one thing:

Is it possible to change the location of the the slider boxes and text? On the sample they appear in the same location.

Also is it possible to change the fonts easily both in the boxes and throughout the site?


Hi and thanks for the question – to change the location and fonts just simple css style sheet changes or via the admin custom css. You can’t alter without editing the css.

Many thanks


Johnathan, I have to tell you I am SO PUMPED to buy this theme. I am getting into small design work but not roughly ZERO web dev experience so I mainly just find templates for clients and do the “techy” stuff until they are happy lol.

I really enjoy a lot of the other templates you carry, the Bee Bee one is pretty slick.

Anywho, it will be another week or so before the funds come in to purchase it but I wanted to say thank you for such an awesome design, you truly are talented my friend! Cheers!

Well thank you very much indeed for your kind comment – really made my day reading this! :)


Impressive looking theme. One question on it. Are there limitations to the dimensions of the logo image? I don’t have the luxury of a horizontal format logo such as your design uses. Thanks


you can use pretty much anything just may need to tweak the css to accommodate if things just don’t look quite right – it would be simple css changes though.


Jonathan – having some issue with the homepage not displaying correctly. Any help you can provide?


yes – i did not directly purchase; working to install for client. did not know if this was something you could quickly indicate as why not working correctly ..

could I provide to you the purchase receipt for help?

Unfortunately you’ll have to get the buyer to contact via the method for support detailed in your instructions – via the contact form on my contact page – then I can check the purchase – many thanks


that’s reasonable … thanks

Once again, another beautiful template. Love the minimalist style.

Thank you! :)