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Hi, thank you for your beautiful theme. I was wondering if there is anyway to move my logo higher on the header section. Please see Thank you.

Hi – sure you would just edit the style.css (or place your custom css in the admin panel css area) to your specific customization – if you use firebug plugin with firefox this should be a simple edit for you.


Hi Jonathan

I can keep the slide on every page of this theme? I can change the width size of the slide?

If you want a slide on every page I recommend using a free plugin. Thanks.

Hey! Beautiful theme. Does it support child themes?


Yes – there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. You just duplicate the theme and call it -child and move over the style.css.


Beautiful! Thanks, man! I’m buying it now!

:) Thank you very much. Please don’t forget to rate the product – it really helps us authors out!

Hi, I’m new to wordpress. I’m using the Mammoth theme but can’t figure out how to make multiple drop down menus. Thanks

Hi – you left a duplicate comment – I already answered above. Thanks

Hi, I’m new to wordpress. I’m using the Mammoth but can’t figure out how to make multiple drop down menus. Thanks

Hi and thank you for your purchase. I am assuming you didn’t do the XML import and you have a menu set up already? You just drag the pages slightly to the right under the parent menu item so they are indented and then save your menu. If you still need further assistance please contact me via the form on my profile page as instructed in your documentation an we can send you a screenshot.


Hi Jonathan,

Great theme, looking forward to working with it!

One question – I don’t want the slider title and content to show on the homepage slider images. I have left these fields blank in Wordpress but a coloured box still appears on top of my slider image. How can I remove title and content from the home sliders and their background colours?

many thanks. Keep up the good work!

Hi – you will need to add some things to the css to hide those containers I believe – if you could possibly contact me via my profile page contact form it will be easier to assist you :)



Hi Guys,

Thanks for your template. Great job :) Unfortunately, I’ve got a problem with the slider… All the title are working, but the picture is too big. Basically it doesn’t fit the featured image background, even when I try to resize it, since it also goes above the “Make Contact” part of the page. How is it possible to have the same slides like the one we can see in your “live preview” ? Thanks you very much !!

Hi and many thanks for the purchase – unfortunately it’s incredibly difficult to assist without a link :) you say the picture isn’t large enough but that’s very strange because it stretches images to be 100% of the browser – if you mean it’s not tall enough then I would recommend using a more square image – as I said all the theme does is stretch an image to the width of the browser window and the height is proportional.

If you mean it takes up the whole page, then you have not set your background colors / images etc in the theme options panel – also within your help docs.

We include all images in the xml import as per the instructions, plus you have the photoshop files also you can reference – the image size we use is 1400×800px – hope that helps!

Please note also that this is actually just a comment area and not for support – as per the documentation please use the contact form on my profile page so we can have direct communication for anything further.


Hey, I like the theme alot. I’m having a problem with the slider stretching down below the other content. I have to zoom in with my browser one notch and then it fixes it. I tried with another browser and had the same problem until I zoomed in.. do you know what the problem is?

WELL… I needed to add a background image, and WHA-LA! :)

Yup – you needed to add a background image to your page ;)

Good to hear you worked it out – in the future if you need support please feel free to email me as per the instruction help doc by visiting my profile page and simply using the form – then we have direct communication in private – many thanks!

Hi there, I have shortlisted this theme to buy. Can you please 1) tell me how easy it is to include video on the pages including the home page 2) how comprehensive is your video support / training – can I please see the support. Look forward to hearing from you. Would like to make purchase decision in the next 24 hours. Thanks

Videos on the homepage can be created by using the 3 widget areas under the slider to dump your video code in a text widget. There is no special support needed for videos. We use videos under the blog section for the ‘post format’ you just dump the iframe there an your done.


Hello i just installed the theme. Everythings works wells but the home page slider is really too big ! I think there is a problem with the height.

Can you help me ?

You can see the problem here :


Hi and thanks for the purchase – you just need to finish setting up your theme options by setting a page background color / image etc all as per your instruction help PDF file included in your download.

If you require further support please use the contact form on my profile page as per the help doc also.

Many thanks


My god ! So simple ! Thanks a lot !

No problem :)

Hi, looking good!!

I have a couple of quick Q’s before hitting that ‘buy’ button, hope that’s OK? :)

1. In the demo slider can i embed a 960px wide vimeo video in each slide?

My main use it to showcase videos (hosted on vimeo) so want to make sure I can get nice big 960px wide videos to display on the home page, full width in blogs and in individual pages.

So could I set the slider width to be either full screen width with a 960px vimeo video centred in the middle of it, or could I just set the slider to be 960px wide and embed a full 960px wide video in there?

Just trying to confirm my options and exactly what IS achieveable :)

2. can i use ANY slider plugin? (been using the excellent slidedeck2 on another project as this can use layers which can be useful)

3. sorry to ask but can the header image (ie the area underneath the blocks of text – titles) be changed on each page (or posts). Just wanted to check how configurable it is :) I presume the title blocks of text will just sit overlayed on any header image? Or is this area ONLY for use of text (on NON-slider pages?)

4. If i add a bigger logo (height wise) will this just push down the lower content? or am I limited with logo size? Just curious.

5. As each page/post title is displayed on blocks of text on the header, how wide can the blog titles go before causing problems in the header? Some of my older posts have longer titles (for descriptive SEO purposes). Can the font size here be configured to be able to use long blog titles?

Sorry for all the (possible silly) Q’s ! Thanks in advance, and for your patience!!



Thanks for the quick replies :)

1. So for the ‘cover’ could I replace that with a ‘Revolution Slider’ (not slidedeck I got mixed up) that’s 960px wide and use the slider to hold whatever content I wanted? (I’ll not worry about full width for the home page)

My first preference was to have a big bold video slider on the front home page, then have the rest of the site be a simple responsive content with a layout such as this….

MENU HEADER IMAGE (if possible underneath the title texts? CONTENT

If I can’t do a bold video slider then the next option would be to use the full width slider you have (or revolution slider if I’m able), and get each slide to link to a page/portfolio containing that video… would that work?

3. So is the header image (underneath the title text) either on or off? No way of setting that per page? or even one for rest of the site, and one for the Blog?

6. ooh, and prob a really silly Q, but the content for the demo is set to around 980px… I can set it to 960 can’t I ?? That’s the size I want all vimeo video content so wanted the videos to be ‘flush’ with the page edges :)

Thanks again :)

Honestly I don’t think this is the right theme for you, it’s really not hitting the points you want and you need to alter it so much for what you are looking for which is very specific – I would probably take another look around ThemeForest, you may find something closer to what you are looking for maybe.

All the best.

Thanks for the honesty… It’s definitely on my hit list if I can’t find something that’ll 100% satisfy my needs… cheers

Hello, i really love the theme ! But i need to find a way to make the big slider image (homepage) clickable ? Is there a way to add an url to the featured image ?

Can you help me ?


Hi – links in the slider come from the content – there is no way to make a background image clickable in HTML. Simply add content like we did and offer a link.



This is a great theme, beautiful, well-documented. Even more important the support supplied by company is remarkable. I had a couple of problems that were linked to my use of another plug-in on the site, and they worked with me until I was able to solve all of them.

Thanks so much for letting other potential users about your experience @Shivaunmn – greatly appreciate you leaving feedback!


Hi, great theme.

I can’t figure out where to translate the “Menu Selection…” title on the drop down menu that appear in small screens:

Could you point me in the right direction?


Hi footer.php has the JS you will need to edit to change that default message in the mobile menu – many thanks and hope that helps!


Thanks a lot. Cheers!


What is the font used in this theme?

Hi – it’s actually called ‘Open Sans’ from google fonts – if you open a photoshop file and select a layer it will give you the name of the text in the character window of photoshop (even if you don’t have the font) – or you can look at the style.css for the font family, or simply inspect some text on your site in a browser with an inspector to see the font name etc.

I hope that helps and thanks so much for the purchase!


Hi, really great theme

On some of the versions of IE, the menu on the top right drops down a level compared to the logo. Can you advise on how to fix this please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and thanks for the purchase and I’m very happy you are enjoying the theme.

As this doesn’t happen in the live demo (and no other reports from buyers) I am presuming you may have more menu items than can fit in the space allocated, or something similar.

It’s a little difficult to assist without a link as this is specific to yourself and therefore I would need to be able to see.

Reducing the font size slightly may help you – which can be done by simply editing the style.css as you normally would. Again I can only presume at this point the reasons.

You can gain help at the dedicated support center which is here:

Many thanks

Thanks Jonathan for your quick reply. I gave the menu a try, but it didn’t seem to be the cause. I’ll create a ticket to see if you can fix me there. Thanks!


When I look at my site with IE the slider pictures gets thrown around. Firefox looks normal. Any suggestion?

Hi and thanks for the purchase. What version of IE?

The newest version.

Hi – our item description does not show that we support IE10. However, we are in the process of updating all of our themes in the next couple of weeks for the latest IE. Once we complete this, you will be notified of the update.

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for this them. It’s AMAZING. Following the documentation there are really no issues. Love it.

The only question (and this is very minor) left is: How do I get an Instagram Icon in the social area. I was looking for a detailed documentation of “character=icon” but was not successful.

Can you help? Thanks!

Hi and first many thanks for the purchase and it’s so nice to hear everything went smoothly for you!

The bad news is that the social icon set used for icons does not include an Instagram icon I’m afraid – here’s a link to the authors site:

The only ‘solution’ I can really think of is to just wipe out all your social icon settings, and use a free social icon plugin from such as the WordPress plugin site and add using any of the 3 footer widgets that are available.

I know several people have requested an update to the font to include Instagram, if they do then we can update the package at that point to include the new set.


Thanks for your quick response. Having made quite a few customizations to the theme I think I’ll try to tweak the current icon package to get an instagram icon into it.

Really love the theme! Thanks.

I previously left a comment to share how much I like this theme. My opinion hasn’t changed a bit – the last experience on your support forum was just what i had hoped for. Fast response, to the point and most of all a working fix to my issue. Thanks.

Well I’ll say many thanks again to you Philipp! It makes me so happy to hear buyers great experiences, let’s us know we are doing things right :)