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my site

The font colour for the site sometimes changes to grey and when it should be a dark blue.

Also, my menu item falls onto the slider… HELP!!

Really realized menu issue now. Icon menu needs to be absolute for centering your white area. And it reversed to relative position when your menu sticky. And applied container padding (right 15, left 15px) for your menu and drops last menu items. So please add there this style there and works fine and removes 15px difference. Changes will included on next version.
header.stuck li:first-child a{
header.stuck li:last-child a{

Thanks a lot

It fall into the slider because you have a JPG photo that doesnt scale with the sticky nav.

You need to get a PNG of that photo, the it will scale comfortably. I noticed this when visiting your site

Thank you really much, appreciated :)

I want to buy this theme, but there is a mixture of comments regarding its functionality with the latest wordpress update.

Is it working, layout builder and all, or whats going on?

I would use this theme heavily and need it to work in all aspects

Recently I’ve updated the theme with few fixes of dashboard issue related wp3.8. Hope those fine now with it

Thanks a lot

Hi, a couple pre-purchase questions:

We are needing to do make an event registration system using Gravity Forms, Stripe payments, and custom post types (using advanced custom fields). WooCommerce won’t work well for what we need to do, unfortunately.

We are confident in how to make the forms and Stripe integration work, but we will need to do custom template files for the events listing page, and individual event pages. With your theme, will it be possible to create files such as page-events.php and single-event.php so that we can do our own WP query loops and markup in there?

We are also going to use some custom javascript filtering on the events page to allow users to filter events based on categories specific to the event post type. Do you foresee any problems with us doing that as well?


I’ve tested it with advanced custom fields before and it works fine with it. Didn’t tested other plugins yet.

Fortunately we developed the theme with WP standard and it means you can use your own page template and singular pages.

Thanks a lot

no support for 12 days…
Is that your answer for the customers ????
I got a support ticket and waiting your answer.


I’m answering tickets by their order. Hope you’ll get answer soon. Please be patient and I’ll help you there definitely

Thanks a lot

First of All, you should explain why you took a looooong time to answer our tickets.

We, all customers , are deeply disappointed against your support attitude.

And if you still keep this bad support, I request a refund to themeforest.

On the other hand, if you explain the situation and give us a dedicated support, we feed back the known bugs and help you to make this theme better.

Anyway, I do hope you never take such an attitude to your customers again.
And if you don’t answer to my tickets within 3days, I start to request a refund.

Hello, i have uprgrade to wordpress 3.8, upgrade mana to the last version, and now i have a problem under chrome to visualize an video embeded(from vimeo) Is it Working in firefox.

Best regards

Recently I’ve updated the theme with zIndex issues related wp 3.8. Hope this fixes help you.

Thank you!

no support for 27 days, nothing. Really not good… I guess these guys are not interested in their buyers. :-(

just asked for a refund. too bad as the theme is so cool but too many problems & headaches. If the support is back with some fix i might buy it again.

If you didn’t refund your money yet, you can ask your issues again. I’ll try to help you.

Integrating all those features (specially style) in a one theme was bad idea. Seems better now it would separate few other themes :) anyway hope your issue will have fixed soon

Regardless of which Header type I choose, it always stays the same. Not working. No WooCommerce functions working either. Revolution slider not working. All major issues. Please respond ASAP or I’ll request a refund. Thank you.

Disregard. I’ve registered a complaint through Envato and requested a refund. Will not buy from this author again. Don’t purchase if you expect to receive support. many features do not work.

I think there definitely was a problem. Any way thank you for your time

I’m really worried about the support on this theme, I’d love to know if it will be like this all the time.

Hi there, I’ll answer your tickets soon. Thank you


lyo Purchased

Hi, thank you for this amazing theme ! My questions :

About Menu : When the onepage menu is selected, it seems that icons from header layers (1, 2, 3) not appear. Is there a way to fix it ? is there a solution to have the same header menu instead of the dropdown menu (small logo and no icons) when scrolling down ?

About spacing i have change the top and bottum space for the haeder, but now my menu (layout #1) is cut on the top. how can i ifix it ? Is there a way to change space between bloc in pages ?

Thank you for your help. regards Lyonel

Menu: One page menu built with your page titles. And you need to add your icon as following on your sub page title

<span class="icon-heart" />

Space: Can I see your site in action? I need to know is there have css problem or not. And apply custom style for your need

Thanks a lot

It appears the layout builder and functions arent working correctly on this theme. I bought a few days ago and am unable to get the blog element to change the appearance of the blog layout, I wanted the mansory option with right sidebar.

I also noted that when creating my homepage the background color change option for the “service box” didnt work.

I have no doubt this is down to the latest wordpress update causing havoc, but as much as the theme looks great.. It just doesnt perform.

I’ve began a refund process via Envato.

Service bg color aspects few of style as you can see here, Please make sure your selected service layout same as those. Probably need to update description for it.

Sorry for the inconvenience and refund is really up to you. Thanks again

Hi, I have any questions. 1. How to change styles of files woocommerce-custom-style.css and all bootstrap.css file from mana/asset/css. I’m using Mana-Child theme and if I write @import url it nothing is changes. 2. After update to newest version of theme I have a problem with carousel which has contains products from woocommerce. There are four products (class=entry_product). Could you see at attached picture. See my ticket before 10 days ago. 3. I can’t change icon’s color. Regards, Robert

1. Wondering there you need to change all those? Please just add your customized styles on child’s style.css. And try to add importance of style specially on woo styles. And it won’t help you, you can copy and paste css files into child’s style file entirely but I don’t recommend it.

2. Looks you forgot to add image link on your comment

3. Probably it overwrites another styles of theme. May I take a look and check it if you send me your site link.

Thanks a lot

WARNING !!! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS THEME IF YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE SUPPORT FROM THE AUTHOR. Many features DO NOT work correctly and the author has ignored many of our emails. Envato issued us a full refund for the theme.

Thank you!

Hi themeton,

i have some questions for the Blog-Part of your theme.

Is the excerpt and “read more” button handmade in each article of your demo? Because I don`t see the button at all and in my excerpts I always see code from the Content-Builder. (code like that : blox_rowblox_divider style=”style11” height=”15”/

Another Question would be that I use the medium blog format and I dont need the format icons like “post, video post, ...” is there a way to hide them? or link them to real blog categories? That would be much better so user can instantly switch between blog-categories.

Best regards Hendrik

Oh and an other thing what i noticed is that the scrolling in firefox is very smooth but in chrome it`s quite bumpy. Can you fix that? greets.

Any Answers? – Your Support was so great in the past! ;-)

If you didn’t added there readmore split on your post content, theme splits your content by 20 words. And seems there it needs to clear shortcode tags. I can add this on next updates.

I think those icons linked post formats category. Isn’t it?
Anyway following style helps you to hide it on blog layouts
#primary .entry_format { display:none !important }

Scrolling: Seems on my chrome everything fine. Wondering how to check it. What is your chrome version and OS sir?

Thanks a lot

Hello, your theme support categories for products,to shop ? thx

Theme don’t have separate file templates for product tax page. And it means it shows just how woocommerce defined.

Thanks a lot

It there a way to make the top bar move with the main nav menu when you scroll down the page?


Update – I did some fiddling around and I attempted to create my own bar and just hard code one in there. It alsmost worked apart from it broke somthing in IE please see the following page –

Works on chrome and firefox but not IE, if I have done this the wrong way or you know why IE is broken please let me know.


What is the version of your IE. I checked your site on latest version and 9-11 is fine. 8 has non fixed header + some color issues.


twitter oembed (status) not working anymore on Presgrid theme. Is it cause of wordpress itself or your theme? Twitter announced that HTTPS request yesterday, so how we solve that problem?

What is your theme version? Is your theme and wp latest?
oEmbed conversion is come from wp core. But okay I’ll take a look and update if there have problem


How can I disable the “Go-To-Top Button” – not the button in the footer bar – the other one

It’s okay. I have set a custom css class to hide the button

Sounds nice :)

What happened to the Support…. anyone know? Awesome Theme and Amazing Design flexibility/Options, but… what happened (just have one question but see the history here now above)....??

Sir I’ll answer your question very soon. Thanks

Support is almost non-existent. Had a ticket for over 30 days with some bugs and other issues with the theme, and nothing yet. Got a refund yesterday… so, i would not recommend the theme at this stage.

Sorry for the inconvenient. Hope I’ll serve you better service next time. Thanks