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Have you updated the file regarding plugin fails issue?

Not yet. But found the solution. Please read the azmalkhan’s answer :)

I’ll update it today and hope reviewers accept it today as well.

Thanks a lot


Dear all,

I know you are waiting next update. Here I have few minor issues including Plugins directory issue and xml content of all home pages. I’ll update it today and stay tuned :)

Thanks a million

Please, find my question in the end of the first page here, your answer will be very appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Sorry for let you comment again. I’ve answered there recently. Please check your previous comment there :)

Hi i’m very curious about Page Builder feature. Is this a Visual Composer or smthing else? There are no screens of this feature. Can you show us more?

Different one. Please watch this initial video tutorial :)
Also here is documentation link.

Thank you for interesting

thank you… basicly this is awesome. i will buy your theme soon

Hi ! Fantastic theme. Not perfect at the start, but the most flexible and customisable i think ! You’ve stopped my long research of the (almost) perfect theme fort an ambitious project.

Anyway… I’ve a trouble with captions who doesn’t want to appear ! Is there a tweak for that ?

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

I’m very glad for helping you :)

Can you point me what captions are bothering you?
I think we can hide it with custom css or php method.

All the best, TT


This update included xml data of all home pages.
Hope you have experience of content including but If you need an include instruction I can update the documentation file

Thanks all of you


I have an issue downloading your version 1.2 – all I get (full or wordpress only) are files with filedate < oct. 31. I’ve tested it and the improvements for v1.2 are missing, so I think, I’ve downloaded an older version from ThemeForest? Did I miss something?

Thank you sir, you’re right. Probably I did a mistake or there have something wrong.

Anyway I’ve updated it again and hope it will updated next few hours.

Appreciated, ThemeTon

sorry to tell you again here, but if I download the wordpress files only, the zip cannot be opened. I received with the whole install version 1.0. Layerslider and Revslider do not work but I had them from another theme.

I hope this works superfast because I just switched on the last day of development for a page (!) for your fantastic looking framework/template

ok – now it works to download 1.2

big issue with Woocommerce add-ons. Whatever original Woocommerce add-on I try to install, your theme creates a fatal error (works on other themes fine).

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_woocommerce_active() (previously declared in /kunden/91909_1140/rp-hosting/24/25/mana/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-pip/woo-includes/woo-functions.php:13) in /kunden/91909_1140/rp-hosting/24/25/mana/wp-content/themes/Mana/framework/config-woocommerce/config.php on line 10

it is just a testdomain for your demo – so I am happy that I did not try it on my real page. Please reply quick what to to because without some essential add-ons from Woocommerce I cannot use it.

Okay sir, I received your forum comment and answer there. Thanks :)

Newbie question: I received an update to my email. What’s the easiest way to update my Mana theme? I’ve already done setting it up and I don’t want to go through a hassle. Is ther a button to automatically upload and activate it vis admin panel? Thanks.

Here is the update instruction. Hope you can get everything here,

You can update it automatically with simple click If you set up Envato Toolkit plugin there

FYI, You should keep your changes if your made there hard coding in css or php files. Otherwise Theme Options and your content won’t be lost.

Thanks a lot

Thanks.. I found the link to update but this i’m receiving this fatal error message: “Fatal error: Call to undefined method Envato_Backup::database_dump_filename() in /home/......./wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/includes/class-envato-backup.php on line 451

I trying to find the solution from google but cannot find. Seems it is very rare issue. So please just try again without Backup (don’t check the checkbox) there.

Please let me know if it doesn’t work without that too. I’ll check myself there



I am very impressed by your Theme and want to purchase it but have a few questions:

1) Can you have a full size image slider on the Homepage, the demo slider are not full size so want to confirm.

2) Also is full size video possible on a Page?

3) Can a full size video be made part of the Slider? so perhaps 2 images and 2 videos in a full size slider?

4) Can I stop the 1 Page Website style, I want separate pages to be linked to via menus and other links.

Can you let me know.

Thank you, Mona

Hello Mona,

1. You can hide every web part of your site except content section by Page customizer. Then you can show there slider only. But it doesn’t stretch your screen resolution exactly like fullscreen.

2. Same as #1 hide parts then you can add background video on Row element. Row has fullwidth option.

3. Mana has Layer and Revolution slider and really hope they have BG video option

4. Seems you understood the theme little bit different. Theme has all possibilities of regular theme and plus One Page and other features.

Best wishes, ThemeTon

Hi, i have a problem -> LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue. why this problem ?¿

Just like in the suggestion message of LayerSlider, you should turn ON this option under General Settings tab of your sliders.

Thanks a lot

Very Thanks :D

Hi i got a problem with Blox Page Builder – I have submitted a tickes @ support.

Got it and replied :)

Best wishes, BJ

Hi. Thanks for an awesome theme, very impressive! Hey, I seem to have a problem on the “shop” page: I get a div that refuses to go away, and which overlays the page content. It’s a div with id “woo_added_cart_msg” (with the contents of an icon of a cart and the text “WAS ADDED TO THE CART”).

Is it just me, and I should hack around myself, or is it a known issue? One other minor issue I seem to have is that I don’t get any icons for the navigation. Could be a path thing I guess, but I run bootstrap (and various icons) on the same setup without “special” settings for other sites.

Otherwise, very impressive theme. Flexible and loads of ways to customize. Great work. Thanks.

Hey hellquist,

Woo: I wanna take a look it. Can you send me a ticket?

Icon : Have you added there menu icons? There have additional options for menu and you should set there icons. Documentation link:

Thanks a lot

Woo: ah, so I did a reset of the database and noticed there was an update to the theme, so updated it. Now I can’t replicate it, so either it went away in the update, or whatever was causing it is gone in either case.

Icon: doh, silly me. Ignore. It works exactly as you point out in the docs. Now when I actually have read it (RTFM) all is fine. Sorry.

Thanks again for a great theme, and quick/good responses in here! :)

You’re welcome :)

Hey themeton,

I have noticed a issue with the new update that you rolled out. When I activate the option “Shopping Cart” in the “Top Bar” area I get the message “Was added to the cart”, I have also added a snapshot. Any ideas?

Cheers Mike

Hello zenji,

Seems known issue here and fixed it :) I’ll update the theme today and you’ll get fixes then

Just FYI, attached image doesn’t show.

Best regards, ThemeTon

Thanks ThemeTon … and sorry for the duplicate post. :)

Cheers Mike

Made a ticket but didn’t receive a confirmation email so thought I would also raise the issue here.

Scrolling down breaks the header -

See website

I am using wordpress multisite

I tested revolution slider here and nothing wrong with it.

I got your login details from mail reply and assigned your ticket to the staff. Hope he will answer there with solution. Please just FYI reply your ticket on freshdesk, don’t reply mail notification further :)

Thanks a lot

Hi, in mana theme to “LETS CREATE AWESOME WEBSITES WITH MANA” the background is a video, As I can put a video?

Yes that’s the right option. Thanks for the image :)

Sir, I’m curious about your question. Was this really this or you’ve changed it immediately? Because I’ve answered you completely different on first reply because you answered me different question.

So anyway I’m answering you again your new question now. V1.2 included new option for Row element which sets background image as you asking me. Please go to your Row element and Edit it. Then you’ll see video bg options there. Also v1.3 has Poster image option which shows if your video doesn’t play on small resolution and mobile devices. Take a look at this,

Thanks a lot

Hi Themeton, please help me with some little things.

I try to create a parallax header but if I am adding a background picture into a row-element I always have some space between the Header (logo navigation with hided title)and the parallax picture. (with transparent header I have the same space between the top of the page and the picture)

I already checked your documentation but it couldn´t help me.

Another strange thing is the following: When I decided to use a transparent header. The top bar is gonna be covered with it. Can you guys fix that? Otherwise it wouldn`t be possible to use top bar and transparent header at the same time.

Thanks a lot for your great theme and support. Best regards.

Hi Jakowlew,

Yeah we fixed fullwidth row issue on last update.
I suggest you to use another layout than transparent if you really need top bar. Or simply you can hide top bar and keep your transparent header. I don’t think show both of them is good idea because it doesn’t look good all top bar elements on opacity such as social and shop cart etc. There are various header options to show with top bar and hope you like one of those

Best of luck, ThemeTon

Hmm… I know that I have a lot of header options but this one would be quite important. I think it would be a great addition to have the opportunity. It depends on the overall design if it looks good or not. And in my case I would like to use it on 10 of about 20 pages. Is it a to big effort do make it happen? Or do I have a chance that it could get done in later updates? ... please ^^ ;-)

Okay, I can make it on your site if you send me your login details on

Thank you for your effort :)


I’m :Overwhelmed by the amount of features of this theme, which make it almost the perfect theme to me.

Having worked with the most popular WordPress themes from ThemeForest, I wanted to know if it is ok to send an email using to request some new features (some seen in other themes).

Thanks in advance,


Yea yeah, please send me your list and talk about them how hey possible.

Thanks taking a time for it :)

Sent the first email with a list of improvements for the menu.

Received it. Thanks for your time. I’ll answer there for those improvements. Best wishes, ThemeTon