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A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

thank you very much

really nice theme, is it also planned as wordpress edition?

zerious, Yes it is planed to wordpress edition. but it will take time.

Hi zerious,

We are planing to wordpress edition.

Its depend on how many sales this site template generate.

I am not sure about it.

Let’s hope.

I think it’s clear.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

stunning work! Good luck :)

thank you mate.

Great work!

thank you mate.

thank you mate.

Awesome work! Good luck with the sales!

thanks mate

Good luck…... Nice Theme And Great Work …. :)

thank you mate

Nice template, good job! I was just about to purchase this template but noticed the contact form doesn’t work and the contact form’s submit button moves to the right side of the contact form above the map (viewing it with Google Chrome latest version 25.0.1364.97 m, haven’t tried it with other browsers yet))!

1) Does the message banner on the top of the pages included with the template? Where it says “This Manamix theme produces 3 different style menus. – Please check ….”
2) Is the tweeter section at the footer a real working one? I mean it would update my tweets every time I tweet on tweeter.com if I insert my tweeter ID?

Hi yamon,

Updated the contact form’s submit button Google Chrome.

1. Yes, the message banner on the top of the pages included with the template.

2. Yes, tweeter section at the footer a real working one. You can use insert your tweeter ID.

Updated all files for Download.

Thank you for the update. Now I see 3 red lines on the first field (Your Name field) when submit button pressed without filling the required fields (when leaving the fields empty and clicking on submit button).
1) Is it possible that you add a simple captcha (numbers) to the form? No recaptcha please.
2) Can you replace the flicker section on the footer with a newsletter sign up form or a newsletter signup API? Maybe as an option.Thanks.

Hi yamon,

Fixed the error line with first name field. It can be replace flicker section with a newsletter sign up. no problem.

Please let me know when you buy the theme. I will update the newsletter signup for you.

is it fully responsive? on what devices was it tested?

Hi 666666,

Yes t fully responsive. Tested devices are Desktop, tablet, mobile phone.

For more info. Please check the Item details page.

nice work gsrthemes9, thank you for sale this template for us. thanx

Your welcome sandruhill

It would great to rate my product.

Thank you for purchase.

Do you know any professional and experienced who can freelance to make this template a dynamic site(custom cms)? Please let me know. If anybody is interested, to work for this template to make it dynamic driven template please drop me an email here nuvsj2010@gmail.com

Hi 666666,

We don’t have any custom cms developer in our team now.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

includes php?

Hi raxx666,

No php files right now.

If you request i can provide php files no problem.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hi raxx666,

Did you buy this template.

When you buy this template let me know.

I will provide php version no problem.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Dear seller, I like the theme, few questions:

1. how can I get rid of the top message banner off ALL pages at once?

2. How can I make the contact form send me the information? where do I input my email?

Thank you!

Hi gbinder,

1. If you use “Dreamweaver software” just press “Ctrl+F” use Find and Replace in the entire folder option. It will rid of all the pages at once. or else you have to work on every page.

2. You can input your email in the “contact.php” top of page. there you can see options “name_of_your_site” and “email_adress_reciever” please change with your information. I have been pointed in “help documentation” files as well.

Need any thing more feel free to ask me. we can help you.

Thank you for purchase my theme. please rate my product as well.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Thanks for the reply, cheers!

Hello, You are most welcome, Please check our portfolio for latest html, Thanks :)

I really like this theme and the Dev is SUPER SUPER helpful by email as I have found a few small bugs here and there and he has answered quick and completely. BUT, the 1 bug that I see as a real issue is that the “Responsive” CSS styles are even triggering on computer desktop and laptop browsers. This should not happen. It should happen on phones and tablets, but not on computers. So on a computer browser, if you narrow up your browser window, the site width scales narrow and breaks the content. Fine on a tablet or phone, not good on a computer – it needs to stay at the fixed width on a computer browser. This really needs fixing and addressing.

Hello, You are most welcome, Please check our portfolio for latest html, Thanks :)

After dozens of emails with the Dev, he determined that this appears to be “normal” for what “Responsive Design” seems to mean here on Theme Forest as all of the examples he looked at worked the way his did.

No matter what, this Dev is fantastic in that he answers emails, makes a very nice product, tries to understand the problem, and you can tell he wants to fix issues. I would buy anything he sells as that is the kind of Dev I like & support and this issue appears to be part of a bigger issue in “Responsive Design” functionality and execution.

But to explain my point… I think both the Dev and I can see, there are issues with the definition of “Responsive Design”. Let me explain:

On a mobile website platform, when the code senses your on a mobile device, it shows you a mobile website. It does not show you a desktop full website.

“Responsive Design” should be the same concept and the code seems to imply it wants to, but it does not execute properly. For example, the responsive design says if your a tablet or a phone, scale to this width and if your a computer scale to this width (Tablet = 768px, Phone= 480px and 320px, Computer browsers = more the 960px) BUT what actually happens is that no matter what device you use to view the website, it scales and seems to scale to “Phone”. And it should not. If you take this website and narrow it down on a computer desktop, it does not adhere to the 960px or wider “Computer browsers” parameter. In fact, it treats it like a mobile phone and scales it down. This should, technically, not happen. The fact it does means the de facto behavior is to just ‘scale no matter what device your on’. So how is that “responsive”. “Responsive” means it “responds” to whether your on a phone, tablet or computer and serves up a view (handled by CSS) accordingly. If it serves up CSS that responds the same no matter what device you have used, that is not “responsive”. Imagine if mobile website behaved this way… they would ignore the fact your on a computer and serve you the mobile site? But they do not as they properly “respond” to the device and serve the proper code/styles .

IF this is the way all “Responsive Design” works here on Theme Forest on “Responsive Design” templates, fine then it seems this template works like all the rest. But that does not mean it is implemented correctly. And since the Dev claims to use the method here that is used all over this site in other templates – and I did not check and verify but will trust his claim – that means his is like others and thus, all is well.

Hi LockedNLoaded ,

Thank you very much for you very clear reply

Hello, You are most welcome, Please check our portfolio for latest html, Thanks :)

To All,

My Featured Template can be found here: http://themeforest.net/item/nest-hosting-responsive-hosting-theme/4240971

Thank you, GSRthemes9

If I want to use different color css, how to I make a switch that css in folder \css\colors? Playing with the switcher is easy… but with the downloaded templates, how could I use those different styles efficiently and easily?

Thank you.

Hi sheares,

You can find below the code in header section:

<!-- just remove the below comments witch color skin you want to use --> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/blue.css" title="blue" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/darkblue.css" title="darkblue" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/green.css" title="green" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/orange.css" title="orange" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/violet.css" title="violet" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/pink.css" title="pink" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/lime.css" title="lime" />--> <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/tan.css" title="tan" />-->

Just remove the comment of witch color you would like to use.

Need any more help please mail to: gsrthemes9@gmail.com

I am glad to help you.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

I have purchased this theme but it does not work for me. I have tried contacting the Dev a few times now for some help with this theme and have had no response.

Hi Garyboomboom,

I am here to help you any kind of problems.

Please let me know what you are facing with divs.

Please mail to: gsrthemes9@gmail.com

I am glad to help you.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

This is an amazing template. Even for someone who isn’t a website designer or developer, with basic HTML skills, you can use this to build a robust and professional looking website.

I’m familiar with HTML1, as an email marketing and email coder, I have been able to use these files and build my new website within a few weeks. It’s by far the best template I found out there for a simple online consulting company.

Thanks so much and I’m totally impressed and would recommend to anyone!


Thank you so much for your great comment about my work and skills.

It would be great to Rate* my product.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

I’m as picky as they come. I can spend hours going through templates, trying to find one that will minimize the amount of changes I’ll have to make.

This one is going up as is, other than a logo image and content (the way it should be). Impressive work! Will watch for more of your offerings. Your sense of design coupled with simplicity is stunning. Keep up the good work!

Your welcome BigTex,

Thank you so much for your Appreciation and Comment.

Thank you, GSRthemes9