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Very Nice, Good Luck!

Thanks Authentic, we appreciate it! :)

Looking sharp, good luck!

Thank you very much Alex. :)

Nice Wizard… what wizard plugin are you using?

Do you have the ability to capture the events of switching from setp to step so you could perform some kind of validation and cancel the event? Is there any API in your own Wizard? You have done a great job I must add! Very interested in purchasing for my next project.

Well, I couldn’t wait.. I went ahead and purchased… Great work!

Hey, thanks for purchasing! :) If you miss something, just let us know and we’ll add it. :)

Also, the Uploader is not working in IE 9 on Windows… and the Form Elements page looks a bit funky…

Ahh, you’re right! I know why I hate the Internet Explorer. :D It’s fixed now. :)

Haha, yeah I normally use Chrome but check things in IE since it is the most “limited” browser, yet highly used. Thanks again, great job!

:D Yeah! I’m glad you like it. :)

looks good but soooo slow that it make it impossible to use. too bad!

Hello venturenet,

Mango uses the newest technologies and has a lot of elements to display on the demo-pages. Due to this, the browser must render many shadow etc. I can work on the perfomance a bit in the next update and/or provide some more guidelines, how to boost the perfomance. But normally, all modern browser should be fine. (Chrome is the fastest. :) )

What browser are you using? :)

Yes, very slow, and i have a very good machine.

Hey BrunoG,

please have a look to what I wrote to venturenet. :) What browser are you using?


great theme! Where you inspired by dashboard?

Thanks pubmobile! I was more inspired by Apple itself. :)

Cheers louiejie! :)

successful sales ;)

Thanks a lot dimka_ua_kh! :)

really nice you going rich :P good job

Haha. :D Thanks omear. :)

This is awesome Stammi! Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much icypixels. :)

Nice work Stammi! Good luck!

We really appreciate your comment, Xaver! :) You’re one of my favourite authors. :bashfulcute:

awesome theme! good luck!

Thanks Dennis! :)

Great work Stammi. 110 out of 100 :) A+++ . Best of luck

Thanks a lot westilian! :)

Simon, finally! Good luck ;)

Yeaaaah! :D Thank you Eugene, we appreciate it! :)

Look nice Stammi, good luck with sales.

Thank you very much George. :)

Fantastic job man. Congrats and good luck with sales :)

Much appreciated, navigator! :)

Fantastic theme, but so slow on firefox, it’s barely usable!

Hey samplist,

thanks for your comment! The demo pages are displaying a lot of elements at one page. Due to this, the browser must render many shadows etc. I used more CSS3 than images, thats the future! :) But I will definitely work on an update for those people, who want a better perfomance in Firefox. :)

Stammi, This is truly a great product in deed!

I am experiencing problems when trying to view it in IE8 (alot of the styling, layout, shadows, divs, lock screen timer resets constantly and most plugins that simply don’t work). Please help me resolve these issues as soon as possible!

Also, how can I go about replacing any ui element with other photoshop images/content, embed swf into a page or template, modify built-in badge functionality by replacing the icons with those that are similar to Envato (e.g. for example, the badges under your username above on this page, and under any user avatar), and finally how to add functionality to place ribbons around content also similar to Envato’s concept (e.g. for example, the “Purchased” or “Author” ribbon) or is this same as the badge concept already built-in?

Thanks in advance!!!

I’m sorry, the error was on my side. It should be fixed now, please try again. :)

I started a new thread: “Mango Not Working on IE 8 and Making Custom Changes” per request! Please provide feedback. Thanks

Okay great awduke! :) I will answer you as far as possible. :)

I just wanted to let you know that I will work on the IE8 -compatibility in the next update! :)