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I see that one of the included File types is PHP. Is this template PHP driven?

I want to buy this template, but don’t know PHP. I have used plain HTML files and

Hello riaandut,

no, this template is not PHP driven! The PHP-files are just used for the elFinder-backend (File Explorer). :)

Thanks for your interest,
~ Simon.


Could I please get an answer to my support question on the forum?  The one titled "Absolute bare minimum..."  I am having an issue compiling / minifying the large number of javascript classes in this theme and have a deadline for deployment looming.

Thanks, Dave

Hello Dave,

my workmate just answered you in your thread! :)

Have a great evening,
~ Simon.

I must say this theme is so slow i have a pretty strong pc and a high speed internet, using chrome and firefox this is impossible to work with, it feels like im using a 10 years old computer with a 56k telephone modem internet.

i had to work pretty hard transferring my system to a diff theme. disappointed and the fact that so many users have complained about it and this theme have 5 stars makes me think like there is something wrong here.

Hey activechase,

thank you for your honesty. We take reports like this serious. I have to admit I have only a mediocre PC and internet speed. And yes: the first versions of Mango weren’t fast. But since our latest update it feels like 10 times faster. In both, Chrome and Firefox, it now works with nearly zero lagging. The download size is now only a fraction of it’s original because only required scripts are loaded. And we’re still doing everything possible to improve the speed more. We would really appreciate it, if you open a thread in our support forum so we can talk about possible issues more deeply and hopefully solve your problems.

We are convinced this theme is worth its 5 stars and we’ll do anything possible to keep it as one of the best Admin Templates of ThemeForest.

~ Simon and Markus.

The datepicker is not working with asp .net textbox with master page and any help. If use html input it works if there is no runat server.

Please start a new thread at our support forums.

We’re going to answer all further questions there! Why?

Thanks for understanding! :)

Very bad, that can support IE8, I read error occurred in IE8, appear:0×637 e5067, the browser to stop responding, so, I want my money back.

Hey womy888,

sorry, but I’m not amused. You’ve send us an email and started a thread in our support forum concerning this error and to clarify it: We are supporting IE8. It seems like there are problems with Windows XP and we’re giving our best to give you support. We will give our best to help you in the support forum, but the comment section is the wrong place for error reports. I hope, you understand.

~ Stammi.

IE8 is not in the XP, to be used in where? Why not find their own reasons, let me change the computer for a while, for a while to let me change the operating system, I confused.

Womy888, my workmate already answered you in the support forums. Please don’t post the same message in the thread and here. We’re trying the best to help you in our support forums, so please keep this stuff in there. As I already wrote: The comment section is the wrong place for error reports.

HI Stammi,

I reported a bug I will appreciate if you can my question on your support forum.


Hello moazam,

for sure, we’ll answer you! :) (My workmate did it today, but I saw you already answered on it. :) )

Great weekend,
~ Simon.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the message. I reported two bugs, I hope you will fix them soon.

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks, Moazam

Thank you for your bug-reporting! :)

When new update? :)

Hello koza95,

we’re giving our very best but both – Markus and me – are pretty overloaded due to important exams at university. I hope you understand. :)

~ Simon.

Any chance on getting this to work with Jquery 1.9.1 (it dies with anything above 1.8.2) ?

Hello igorlavrih,

Mango seems to work with jQuery 1.9.1 when including jQuery migrate directly after jQuery (see If it still breaks somewhere, please open a new thread in our Support Forums.

~ Simon.

Awesome theme, Kinda frustrated that so much JS is being loaded at once and making it slow; perhaps to help people have the ability to adjust their load times you can specifically document the use of each js plugin, so they can be removed if that plugin isn’t being used on a page.

Not necessarily a complaint, I’m happy! Keep up the good work! :)

Hello KevinCon,

thanks for the compliment. :) In our latest update to Mango we implemented a mechanism that loads only the scripts that are required to run the breaking it. Making it possible to set the loaded scripts manually would actually increase complexity for our customers requiring them to check, which scripts are needed.

But again, thank you! :)


Does the new version is expected to

Hey BaspinarZafer,

unfortunately I don’t understand what you mean. Can you please clarify your question? :)


Are there plans for a Bootstrap version?

Hey mySudi,

unfortunately, there are no plans for a Boostrap version in the near future.

I hope you understand,
~ Simon.

Hi Stammi,

I decided to buy this theme, but I feeling some lags in Your demo with scrolling in Firefox and Chrome. It must be so?

Hey KirbyMagicman,

most of the lags have been removed in the latest update of Mango. We simply didn’t find time to update the live preview. If you decide to buy Mango and still find some lags, don’t hesitate to open a thread in out Support Forums.

~ Simon.

Hi Stammi, I have a problem calling an ajax fucntion, it worked before in the old release but not now with 1.1 release :

$gouvernorats.on('change', function() {
    var val = $(this).val(); // on récupère la valeur de la région
    if(val != '') {
$delegations.empty(); // on vide la liste des départements
        url: 'selectdelegations.php',
data: 'id_gouvernorats='+ val, // on envoie $_GET['id_region']
        dataType: 'json',
        success: function(json) {
            $delegations.append('<option value=""></option>')
        $.each(json, function(index, value) {
                          $delegations.append('<option value="'+ index '">' value +'</option>');

The json return nothing, it seems not working. Thanks for help.

Please start a new thread at our support forums.

We’re going to answer all further questions there! Why?

Thanks for understanding! :)

Hello, great looking template! I’m complete-newbie, please help: I want to build a user area where users can register and fill out large form(like you have it here). Then, users should be able to login and change their data. User data should be displayed somewhere… How do I realise that? Is your template suitable for that? What else do I need? Please explane. Thanks and regards

Hello agento,

thank you for your comment. Admin Templates on ThemeForest are mostly completely HTML/CSS/JS-based, so you’ll only get the frontend. You need to write the backend on your own. For the backend you can use e.g. PHP.

So Mango is a template without any backend logic. Sure, you can use Mango for your use-case, but remember that you need to write the logic on your own.

~ Simon.

You know, man. Just thought I would chime in with a comment on this one. Mango looks great, but it seems to me that it has the same problem all the other admin themes on themeforest have. It’s going to be a lot of work to get it to where I as a buyer would find it useful. Your other one, Peach, by contrast is much simpler, and looks like it’s a lot easier to use. Going to pick up a license on that one tonight.

Hey amazingsammy,

thanks for your honest feedback. We’ve done our best to make this template unlike ‘all the other admin themes’, to make it as easy as possible to customize it to your needs. You can’t see that from the screenshots or the live preview, but if you like, we can publish some HTML snippets that show how easy it is. Peach on the other hand is not only simpler but – to be honest – less flexible than Mango so we’d recommend use the latter. Anyhow, we hope you’ll like the template you buy.

~ Markus and Simon.

I need to add this script to DataTables, where do I put the code?

Yeah you’re right, I should update this thread because Envato changed the way you get the licence a few weeks ago.

The difference now is, that you have to click on “Download” first. Then you’ll see a dropdown where you can download your licence. :)

Nice, thanks :)

You’re welcome! :)

hi,i like it very much,and want to buy it,but i want to modify it,please visit

Hey mk307,

thanks for your interest in our template. :)

To answer your questions:

1) Unfortunately this modification would be very complicated. Maybe you can use AJAX requests to replace the main content?
2) If you do some small HTML and CSS changes, this should actually be possible. :)
3) With some CSS modifications, this shouldn’t be a big problem, too. :)

~ Simon and Markus.

Hi! This theme looks fantastic… meantime, there was no upgrades for it since 2012 and it seems strange for me. What’s the reason for it? This theme so polished that it doesn’t need recent jQuery version, updates and bugfixes? Or is it just dead?

I’m planning to use it for a long-term project, so want to make it clear. And I’m curious why this theme isn’t #1 in this category (maybe due to the lack of updates, too?)

Looking forward for your answer before deciding to buy it or not. Thank you!

Hey JetHedgehog,

we’re glad, you like this theme. :) There are no new updates since 2012 because Markus and I both started studying last summer and didn’t have time to work on new features. But we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs reported in our support forum and plan to release a bugfix update soon. This update will also include recent versions of 3rd party libs.

~ Simon and Markus.

Thank you! I’ve already purchased regular license to evaluate it… It’s brilliant! Looking forward to start using it in the next big project with commercial license :) Good luck and big profits to you!

Great, thanks for purchasing! :) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in our support forums. :)


When do you plan a new version that suports IE10?

I´m using 03.11.2012: Version 1.1. Is this the last one?

Best, Sílvia Gaspar

Hey Sílvia,

yes, we plan supporting IE10 but unfortunately can’t give an ETA now.

~ Simon and Markus.