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excellent work, GLWS!

Thank you!

Awesome work, Congrats !

Thank you!

very nice stuff! good luck with sales :)

Thank you Lady :)

very nice design. one question, do those form work in a real-time? thanks

Yes, it is working, you just need to add your email account. Form and Newsletter. Thanks for asking!

wow amazing bro

Thank you! :)

Congrats ! Awesome Work :)

Excellent work , GLWS !

Thank you! :)

Original work, looks clean and proffesional! GLWS

Looks very nice and clean, good work and good luck with sales :)

Awesome Theme dude! Good luck with sales :))

Thank you!

The template looks really nice.
Do you have a documentation on how to implement Mailchimp with the form?
Is it possible to have the logo and icons retina ready?

I’m viewing the template on a smartphone with retina display and the logo and social icons look a little blurry.
Because your template is based on Bootstrap, I thought that Fontawesome was already built in.
If I understand you correctly, it’s possible to add retina icons and logo as a customization but it’s not there out of the box. Correct?

Yes, it can be a little quickly customization work :). If you want, we can make it for you, you just need to let me know what color version you will use and send us the logo in vector format. Plus: If you already have all the texts for this landing page we can give you a good price for including them all and upload the landing into your server, so you dont have to do anything! :)

Noted. Thanks for the offer. I’ll bookmark your template and probably buy it in the future.

Thumb up for this firm, neat and professional template.. Each information presented clearly.


Congrats, MustacheThemes!

Thank you very much @candeed

I noticed there is form validation, but this doesnt appear/work in IE8. Can you please confirm if this should work?

Ready to buy as suits our needs.


@GOYMEDIA The form validator is from boostrap and bootstrap won’t support placeholder for IE8 browser. If you know a bit js, you can delete the required tag from the html field (required is for boostrap) and just use the custom js validator. You will see it at the js custom file. I hope this helps! Regards.

hi, I bought this theme recently … but the form does not work. can you help me?

@rodrigoo Sure, please tell me WHY it doesnt work for you? It is a html template, it should work as soon as you download the zip and open the index.html in your browser.

right, I uploaded the files on the server, the site is working perfectly. But when I fill the form with the data, a success message appears on the screen, but I get nothing in my email;/ I’ve changed php files to my email.

the arrow, right? We sent u a stylesheet, and we also update the item on themeforest with the right arrow in the right place. Thanks!

Hello, I purchased the theme yesterday, uploaded it to my server without any modifications. I loaded it in my browser, it all looked good except for:

The small triangle element (that normally appears over the top of the Form) is incorrectly positioned at the very top of the page (viewed on Chrome browser).

I sent an email to support, but no response as yet.

Can you please look into this asap.

Thanks :)

Yes, we saw it, the demo version is working fine, maybe you change something while you edit the template.

maybe you missed this bit - “I uploaded it to my server without any modifications”

No, i didnt miss that part.

still no answer ??! - any response/support AT ALL with this theme?

Sorry, i wasnt understanding your question. Everything works fine now. We fixed the arrow bug and update the item. Feel free to download it.

all working now ! Really nice, clean theme. Congrats !!!!

Grate support and exelent landing page! Good luck!

@profi30 We are very happy to hear that. Good luck with your project!

Hello. Great page. How do i change the Validation text “Please fill out this field” ? On which file can i find it?

Thank you in advance.

Hey! please add your question at our forum, is where we do support.

i am trying to reproduce the demo landing page but cant see most of the things.i know the images are not provided when you buy but i was expecting to get other items on the demo and the layout as it is.can you please help me with info about how to make this look like your demo as its the reason i bought this landing page template.

Sure, we can help you, add at the forum all that you need and we will send u the links.

i posted the question on your forum twice and saved but it does not saveor profile id is bluebridge123. Is this youR forum url :

Yes, we already answer you. The file you download it just like the demo. You have to replace the text with your own copy and the images with your images. But everything else is ready, you just have to upload all the files into your server. The forms have a php file and everything is working. Regards!