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Great theme – 5 stars for you my friend!

Great Theme. The only question i have is: Can the two mailer phps be edited to support mutated vovels? Thanks for your support.

Thank you! What do you mean? I didnt understand the question. What do you need about the forms? Let us know and we will do the best to help you.

If somebody sends a mail via the website the german mutated vovels like ä or ß aren’t displayed correctly in the email i receive. Where can i adjust the charset/encoding?

<meta charset=”utf-8”>

Congratulations! You are number 1 at Popular Marketing Files!

Thank youuuu

Hi, what is the technique to changing the image newsletter-bg.png so it has the same effect? I assumed saving a transparant png of the same size would do it, but this does not seem to work. Any advice?

Hi @tommybagboa, please ask this at our forum.

to change the image go to style.css, line 497 Edit the image url there. To change the color go to orange.css line 43. .newsletter { background-color: #ff5400; }

Hi bought this theme, great work but I am having 2 problems;

1) the form, I updated the email address in send_mail.php but when I click the button it shows LOADING and nothing happens?

2) the “hr” tag does not work, how can I draw a line?


hi, thanks for the help on the fourm, solved the problem I was facing.

Another thing: do I need to buy multiple licenses if use multiple pages under same domain? For example:

so for this do I buy 3 licenses or 1 license will work? Please do let me know. thanks.

You can use the landing page template for one project, if you add more pages, like test pages you dont have to buy the item again.

Having replied to your request 4 days ago to send you a screenshot you have once again…4 days later…replied, asking us to ask us the same question once again on your forum?

Can we ask why? If the reason for the delay is that you don’t know how to fix the issue please just say so. Rather than wasting time.

Thanks for resolving the issue but it would of been much easier and quicker if you had requested the original screenshots to be sent via your forum 4 days ago:) and not via email. Regards.

Otherwise a good theme!

Hi there, I just purchased this and the form box is not transparent like in the demo?

Yes it is. They are the same file. The box is transparent.

Hi mustachethemes

Is it possible to have the info from the form send to my Campaign Monitor subscriber list ?

Hi mustachethemes. I sent you a support ticket in the support forum !

Asking you if you can do some customization on the landingpage for me ?

Hey! No, we dont do customization work.
Thanks for asking!

Hmmm OK, but you told me that i could get the info from the form into my campaign monitor account !! Can you please tell me how then, because i cant find out where to insert my campaign monitor account details !!

Do you have a wordpress theme of this Landing Page?

Hello @lapizd , there will be no wordpress version. This html template is very easy to use and customize, we are here to help you.

Great Theme. Congratulations!

Thank youuuu

perfect template. congratulations on the good work.

Hi @altton. Thanks

If i use a iframe in this template, the iframe doesn’t show on IE 10.

Any luck with this issue?

We are working on that.

The Template is fine.
You have to change your IE10 configuration to automatically allow blocked content in IE. Regards!

Excellent work. Great design and style template

I have just purchased it. Is there an easy way to redirect successful submissions to a thank you page in the send_mail.php?

We can´t help you with that customization. There is now thank you page, the thank you message is on the same page.

Great template! Thank you!

I have problem with encoding the data sent to mail. How Can I encode the message and subject to utf-8? The form is ok but the email – you can’t read it…

Please add this question at our forum, we will give you support there. Thanks!

Great template!

What’s the best way to make it support RTL languages?

could you please add this question at the forum?
Go to our website > Forum > Manhattan.

I tried adding a topic to the Manhattan forum, but it wasn’t added – it seems the forum is private.

we see it! thanks!

NVM. Nice theme

Excellent, excellent work and exelent landing page!

Thank you!

Support Question

I’m using the slider with optimized image files. The issue is on page-load or even refresh, the slider displays all 7 images stacked on top of one another. I can’t understand why. The images would certainly be in the browser cache are on load, but it still does this each refresh.

I think the box slider must need an update. If the images need to be pre-loaded, then point me in the right direction for an open source preload script.

Thanks. Great theme.

We try to use the comments for pre-sell questions and simple questions. Thanks for understanding.

I left a request there in the forum before coming here. No on answered. Not complaining, just telling you. That is the forum on your profile. Is there another support forum?

oh ok! Let us check :) thanks

Just purchased you theme, how do i get the transparent background on which the web form is placed?

Hi @netbitsolutions We can help you with that in our Forum.