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Hi I purchased the theme the other day and all looks great, but just wondered if the form validator that ensures the text fields are complete can work with the drop down as well to make sure they have selected something and not just left it on the default choice?

Could you tell me how to get it to work as it doesn’t seem to work as default or on your preview.


Because in the preview it is not working, we dont upload the php file in the preview demo. But if you download the zip you will see the php file there. 1. Download the zip from Themeforest. 2. unzip and change the email by default. 3. Upload to your server and make a test.
Add your next question at our forum please. Thanks!

In case you are new at the forum, you should check the documentation file first to see how to register and use the forum. Thanks!

I have two problems after submit button, who can help


PLease add your question at our forum, we will give you support there. Thanks!

I have created topic yesterday and dublicated it today, but i don’t understand what about my question? Because it’s wp-blog and I can’t see my topic start.

We are working on that.

I haven’t got an answer, how long wait for it?

Answered! :)

hello, how can I do to display special characters? accents are replaced …

Hello, We last your email, sorry, we have a lot of emails per day. We sent you the answer to login to the forum. Regards!

Hello, I just signed up and post my topic but I see nothing on the forum?

is this normal?


Hi! We saw your comment, we are working on that.

hello, I sent you an email response to your request and I have no news! my request is very urgent

yes, we gave you an answer at the forum. Did you see it?

No, I did not answer

Check the forum please.

I was going to buy then realized it wasn’t in wp :( Anyone have a theme made? I will buy.

No. This is a HTML Template and we don’t have a WordPress version. But it is very easy to edit and use. If you need help please let us know. Regards!

Does the newsletter option work with Aweber ?

I dont know. We do not use Aweber. If you have to paste the code into a html it should work.

Manhattan Unbounce Template: here

Just purchased and notice the form in the header of the index.html has a grey background but index-slider doesn’t. How can I make the slider version of the homepage form with a grey background. I’ve tried to compare both but cannot see how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

Please add your question at the forum. Thanks!

Please help me …. how to change course image

Hi @kundanhifi, after buying the item ask your question in the forum. Thanks.

Hi Purchased this theme a few months ago but my themeforest account was shut down due to someone hacking it.

I now have a new account and have lost my licence key and I need support as I am not getting any emails from the landing page at all.

Please help ASAP

I sent you an email a few days ago and I get no answer. You can always contact us by our Profile Contact Form. Regards!

Hi there, how can i disable the effect of fade in text, i want the text appear all at the start.

Hello @stoledo21, please add your question at our forum, we will help you there.

Hello, I bought this landing page. it works like a dream. except for one strange issue in the submission form i.e. if a person submits an @yahoo address as their email address, submission contents are not sent to my email.

however, if a person submits any other email address in their details, I immediately receive their submitted entry.

please let me know how to fix this. I tried registering at your support site but the page blanks out when you submit the username and email under the register link.

This is not possible. All the emails are sent. If you test you will get the details of the submission.

Beautifully designed theme, thank you!

What is the best way to set the send_mail.php directive to redirect to a thank you page rather than triggering a message?

I tried posting and researching in the forum without any luck. Any chance you could please point me in the right direction?

Nice work!

Please send me an email

Hello, Please take a look at the forum, the solution is there.

Hey! I have a Pre-purchase question: Do you have more icons we can choose from? Unfortunatelly, the ones shown at your demo won’t work for my business.


Hola Roberto, en la documentación encontrarás el recurso de los iconos, son imágenes. En caso de necesitar otros puedes contactarnos y te recomendaremos otros set de iconos que se adapten a tu empresa. Estamos a las órdenes. Saludos.

A las órdenes.

Hi there! Is this template discontinued?

What you mean? Its on sale with support.

Once I click “Submit,” it just says “Loading…” what is going on? I sent forum request, but no answer!!

In the demo it is ok to see “Loading…” becuase we do not upload the php file into the hosting for the demo. But in the zip item you will see a php file for the form. Try this: 1. Download the zip 2. Change only the demo email address 3.Upload the item in your server 4. Test it. Regards!

Is it possible to put a Youtube video instead of the picture?

Hi i also want image how can i get it?

Images are just for demo, we can’t re-distrubute them. You should add your own images.

Hi, I buy the Manhatan LP and need support (I want to resize the form) but I don’t find the new thread option in the forum.

I try to change the code


And the start of the forum is ok, but I don’t know where I change the width of it.


Hi, we are using bootstrap for the grid, we sent you the answer on the forum. We offer english and spanish support. Regards.