Discussion on Manohara - Modern Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on Manohara - Modern Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

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Hello! I’m trying to remove a piece of text within the category banners, but so far I haven’t been able to do so, I want to modify this line of code:

Categoría: Misceláneos

But haven’t found a way to do so.

I also want to remove the opacity from the same banners.

h1 class=”hero__title

Hello, im thinking about purchasing theme, however i have two questions: 1 – is it possible to display full width posts without any sidebar/column on the right or left? just clean text and photos 2 – second is related to first one – if having a possibility to display full width posts, can I insert an image full width – like without any kind of margins? Love the theme btw, it’s exactly what i need


I am having issues installing the plugins.

Something went wrong with the plugin API.

Can you recommend a calendar that works with your theme that has cal.ics functionality? Does the included calendar widget? Can I use a cal.ics link or file for download in the pop-up widget? I don’t see the pop-up widget on your live preview Features > Widgets. Thank you!

Hi. i want to buy this theme, but it doesn’t work anymore… When I can buy it?

Hi, The top Stories widget isn’t working properly. It isn’t showing posts regarding their page views. Also monthly and weekly ranking is the same.

That makes completely no sens. Do you how I could fix it ?



Hi, Is this theme no longer available and supported?

Hi, this is my site : kevinwoon.me previously it was working ok but all of the sudden it’s now not displaying properly on safari. On Chrome it is ok. What is the issue?

HI, I am having an issue where even after editing the settings, the What’s Hot section shows no posts. What is the reason for that?

Hi, this is my site : kevinwoon.me previously it was working ok previously but it’s now not displaying properly on safari. On Chrome it is ok. What is the issue?

Like some others, I’m unable to Tailor my pages anymore… is there no solution to this yet? I have a project to launch asap but cannot make any progress if I’m unable to Tailor my pages. What can be done? Would appreciate a quick response, please.

In addition, suddenly page content is not being displayed (regular pages, not tailored), post formats are broken… everything is falling apart. Incredibly disappointing but I’m hoping it can still be resolved as I was pretty excited to use this theme.


I just finished building my website with the theme. I found the theme easy to use and it had most of the features I needed. The only thing I would have liked is to be able to collect FIRST NAME and LAST NAME for the newsletter subscription form.

Is there an easy way to add those fields to the form?

Please advise.


I just launched the site https://liveinthesix.com using this theme.

I wanted to use the mega menu for the categories, but I noticed that when I added the logo to the header, the mega menu didn’t stay open long enough to click on any of the categories. I suspect that because the height of the menu increased once the logo was added as opposed to when I just had a word logo, that created the issue with the mega menu (it worked ok when I only had a word logo).

Is there a setting which can be changed to ensure mega menu stays open for selection when the height of the header is more than the height in the demo?

What are the official sizes for this theme? I am trying to optimize my pictures but seem to not be doing so correctly.

For example, I have a right side bar in my posts pages, so what is the size of the images on my page that extend the entire width of the post?

If you could give a guide for the possible image sizes for this theme, it would be very helpful.

Thank you!



I was wondering if you can help me, Post feature images from 5-9 are not working, it just shows a plain black box and the tailor function for the home page is missing

Has anyone here upgraded to WordPress 5.0 with this theme? Does it work well?

Hi guys, I added a custom post type called “reviews” and have content published there however it is not being picked up by your theme and being displayed on the homepage. Any ideas?

I am not able to download Incredibbble Plugin , What will I do??

they stop providing support and answers, I have lost my money by purchasing this theme. Dont know what to do, Envanto must checked this item before listing. Theme not working without a plugin named Incredibbble. They not even mentioned from where I can download that.

Unable to install incredible plugin too