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Clean and Cool concept.GLWS :)

Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

Thank you so much!

Very nice design, and simple!

Thank you, YgorDon

Site updated for our project and its great, but how do I get the FORM to work?

Hi, this template is provided without form-sending functionality, so to get form to work, please refer to many tutorials that are available on the web, like the ones below:

Is there a php mail script you can email me for the form?

Try using phpmailer it should be easy to intergrate

Vates I just downloaded mansion and wordpress is saying failed to download because it needs style.css<code>. Can you help? I need this website up asap.</code>

I am very new at this. Please help me out.

You can start a support issue and ask for refund from envato. There is no ‘refund’ option on my side

Why does it load so slowly when I am editing on my pc locally?

I don’t know man, at my pc it loads at a blink of an eye. Maybe you edited some asset link, and your browser is trying to pull what is missing?

Is it possible to set the slider on the homepage to automatically advance to the next image? Or is it only done manually?

yes, you need to adjust slider parameters, setting timer to true, and circular to true

no wordpress version? please

Unfortunately, not.


I have a question regarding the homepage slider timing, i tried to change the time under the settings in foundation.orbit.js file. Even after changing the timing it has no effect in the html file(website). Should i also change the settings in any other file?

Never mind i got the timer to work :)

hi, I bought your nice theme, have a question however: the foundation css now defines that the mobile toggle menu only shows up below min-width: 40.063em (641px).

The consequence is that only a very limited number of (non-mobile) menu items can be used,,otherwise the menu sinks below the topbar (and I need some more).

A solution could be to make the mobile toggle menu appear faster, eg at min-width: 64.063em. Could you please tell me what exactly (> code line number) has to be changed to enable this? Thanks alot!

My own html/javascript code doesn’t control the speed of menu appearance. Maybe you shouldn’t use the updated css from foundation?

The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Need help installing theme

little bit urgent

Haha, its not a wp press theme. Gotcha