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Nice idea – the moving big slider!

Thank you!

[Bookmarked] Very, very Cool!

Thank you! :-)

THIS is very cool. but it doesnt work very well on my iphone 5. the realestate one doesnt let me move around on the phone and its missing the tags. and its very slow to load on the phone, and the sizes dont work out very well for resizing..but on my computer its pretty awesome.

if you could get it to work great for phones, it would be pretty great

Thank you. At the moment we planning a responsive update, but its not easy to integrate all the mapr functions within a responsive design. If you take smaller pictures, it will load faster on smartphones, like the iphone. But we are working on.

That`s one of the best themes I have seen during the last weeks on themeforest. Really unique and awesome. Wish you good sales!

Tank you! :-)

I’d buy this if it was responsive. But not having the ability to access cross device wont work for my clients. Please let me know if there will be future expansions to accomodate this.

Thank you for your comment. At the moment we are planning a responsive update for mobile phones, but its not easy to integrate all the mapr functions within a responsive design. I think we need some weeks to make the responsive update.

I’m waiting for the responsive version to purchase :) great theme !

I’m with ideanime. I have a project that NEEDS this theme like nobody’s business, but it has to be responsive!

What’s going on with this theme? The demo is missing and I really want to use it for a website!

Oh, im sorry, you can find the Demo here: http://web-rockstars.com/preview/?theme=mapr

There a little Error in our Preview tool, we fix it as soon as possible.


Any news for a responsive version?

Im sorry, not yet. It is really difficult to get the big slider into a small screen. But we working on…

Any news on a responsive design? :-)

Hi, I’m sorry, but I think we don’t do a responsive version, because we’ve sold this theme only 10 times, the development for a responsive version takes minimum 2 weeks, it’s not worth it for us. I’m sorry…