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Hi, there’s a way to add two different google maps inside the same page? thanks

The page builder also comes with a map block too :) so you can use as many as you wish

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

so sorry, I’m using the HTML version … I’ve post on the wrong place. if possible please reply me about this version, thanks.

No problem – the HTML version is actually by another author, you can contact them here

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Hi – great theme! A client of mine bought it awhile ago & absolutely loves it. I’m going through right now and doing routine maintenance.

One question they have about the theme though is if they can increase the size of the social icons in the footer. Is there something I can put in the custom CSS for that? Or should I use a widget instead of the built-in social icons?


hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!

Hey, i want to buy this theme but the last update is more than a year ago… Will there be updates? If so, when?

Updates are released as needed, as of now there’s no need.



PCT83 Purchased

Hi guys, can you tell me how to have the site title bigger ? I don’t want a logo, only the site title bigger… and also how to center the copyright in the footer ? thanks a lot. Johanna

For all support, please use a ticket:



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ok thanks I did it :-)


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Hello !

Can we update woocommerce to 2.5.2 version ?





LDHCH Purchased

Thanks for this fast answer !

Hi, on my cart page the “proceed to checkout” (Weiter zur Kasse) button is to high. Also on mobile view it is displaced. I did not change it. Can you please check it? Also the cart preview on your demo page does not work. Greetings

Hey there,

For all support please use a ticket:


I bought the theme before the change on support, why I need to buy support again? I only need to know why I can not use child theme that used to work and now not working right

Hey there,

Regardless of support status we would be unable to help with issues that arise from your modifications in a child theme.


I think I fixed the problem, other question is the theme integrate with origin page builder. You can give support for other issues that are not child themes?

You’re free to let us know about any bugs you find through the contact form on our profile page and we’ll investigate them, but note that the line between a bug report and general support needs to be respected unless you renew support.

No we do not support origin page builder natively, the theme may function with it though I’m unsure.



Back button navigation from detail page does not come back to the main portfolio page.

When a user is inside a detail of a portfolio page i.e. and clicking the browser back button, instead of coming back to the main page it goes out of the website.

I tried the solution of this ticket but it did not work

Do you know any way of fix it?

I know it should be a Ticket but my license just expired yesterday ( I bought it 29th of September, how a good timing : _( )

Thank you for your help and understanding :)

Hi, thank you for the quick replay.

So, it is not intend that the page goes back?

I have seen this behaviour in some web sites, I thought it was the normal case in the Marble theme.

Like in in “la magia” section, when clicking an element of the grid a pop up appears and a new url with a ’#’ prefix is set, then clicking back, the pop up disappears with an animation in the same way as clicking its close button.

Do you know if there is any way to achieve this in the marble theme?

Any suggestion of where to look/search?

Thanks again.

Do you know if there is any way to achieve this in the marble theme?

Yes, you’ll need to turn off AJAX as mentioned. No, in this way it’s not possible to restrict the back button in Marble, no suggestions of where to look/search.


I found a solution if anyone needs it.

It is not perfect but it does it work.

In ‘scripts.js’ add a parameter in ‘callPortfolioScripts’ and add this at the beginning with <your own home url>. (It could be paramtetrized.)

function callPortfolioScripts(link) {
    // Hotfix on.window.back goes to home page
    window.onpopstate = function(event) {
        window.location.replace('<your home url>');        
    history.pushState({page: 1}, "title 1", ''<your home url>/#' + link);
    // Finish hotfix

In ‘content-showcase.php’ add the permalink as parameter in the ‘callPortfolioScripts’.

data-callback="callPortfolioScripts('<?php the_permalink(); ?>');"

‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ do not work anymore and the slide out effect does not always work. But if a user click on the goBack button in the browser he will not be kicked out of the website, that is my main concern.

Hope it helps.

Suggestions and improvements are always welcome. :)

Hi there,

A quick question: is there a known problem or bug going on with using embedding Vimeo videos in the portfolio section? I haven’t changed anything in my code for a long time, but suddenly all my embedded videos stopped showing. It started 2 weeks ago or so. Really weird…

It worked perfectly all the time. And still happy with the design and the functions of the theme.



Post the same video URL into the content (on a new line) of a fresh blog post, WordPress should aim to grab the video, does it? When you view the blog post does the video show?

If I embed the video as text in the portfolio post, it’s dislocated and small, but working. For example:

But still; the link in the The Video Link/embed form is not working. I used it for all my portfolio pages.

Hey there,

I hate to be unhelpful, but as mentioned, this is working fine on ours, and all other installs of Marble, even your own videos:

Try to think what you may have changed / installed from when it was working to when it wasn’t. Remember a theme is static code, it cannot change week to week by itself.



cclavio Purchased

I just bought the theme, installed it, and it broke my site. I get an HTTP ERROR 500 whenever I try to load any page. I can’t even get into the wordpress backend. I had to delete the theme folder over ftp to get things working again. This is a beautiful theme. I would like to get it installed and use it for my site.


cclavio Purchased

Fixed it by disabling all my plugins and activating. I’ll bring them back one by one until I know which one did it.

is this theme compatible with visual composer?

thanks. how do I remove the slider of quotations on this page?

I figured that out but now below the top slider there are some extra white space, how do I remove that?

here is my mockup

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!

For the “related works” or “additional portfolio”, this will vary according to section. The pages where there are more images from the same client, that will be called “related work”. For the images where there is more in that category (ie. other client logos in the same section), the area will be called “additional portfolio”. Is that possible?

mockup –

Hey there,

No, that’s not possible without additional development.


How can I set the featured image of a portfolio item to be a slider? Like in the demo here:

I have searched through the marble docs and the rev slider docs and can’t find anything, but since it’s demoed I’m assuming it’s possible without customization. Is that correct? I would really appreciate your help!

Please see “adding content => using post formats => gallery post format” in the theme documentation, it’s there and waiting for you.

Gallery Post Format
This is the trickiest to use, but the most powerful post format. Firstly, click the 'add media' button on the top left of your Post Editor, now click create gallery, add images, order as you need, and then insert the gallery into the page. the gallery has other options, but these are overridden by the theme, so do not worry about these. Now, in your Post Editor will be a large placeholder image, what we need to do is switch the editor to the 'text' view, which is a tab on the top right of the Post Editor. Once in there, the placeholder image will have turned to a shortcode like this: [gallery ids="12,13,14"] - you will want to cut this shortcode from the Post Editor, and then paste it into the new Gallery Shortcode area underneath the Post Editor. Publish and done.


Thank you so much! I’m sorry I should have realized that’s what that was describing, I’m not sure how I missed it. I appreciate you pointing me there anyways.

HI, is it possible remove title from the all portfolio single pages but not in the overlay of main portfolio page? Thanks

You would need to edit single-portfolio.php in the theme files.


Hello, how long do you plan to give support and update Marble? I’ve got some frustrating experience with some themes that got no longer updates and broke with the updates of WP, Woocommerce and other popular plugins. So I need to ask, thank you.

Hey there,

We’ll be supporting and updating Marble for some time, but do note that it’s nearly 3 years old, you may want to choose one of our newer themes like Ryla or similar.


Where change the testimonials that are at the bottom of the main page? I did not find this in the theme administrator. The site:

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!

The Load More function is only working in a desktop browser. Tested on iPhone and iPad and just stays spinning.

Thanks for your help. I’ve tried going to back to main theme. I even disabled all plugins except for aqua builder but the problem still seems to be there on mobile. Am I able to get you the login details somehow so you could take a look for me please?

p.s. I just tried your demo site on my iPhone 6S in Safari and it did the same for me (didn’t load – just stayed spinning) but then if I refresh the page again, it works sometimes. Try refreshing it a few times and see if it breaks for you.

No problem, thanks for that by the way :)

Ok, let me run some local testing on that, if it is now not working, it must be from one of the more recent WP updates, since this is the first reporting of this, so give me some time to see if I can re-create the issue.

Of course for your page in mention, for now, you can just set it to load more content initially, since you don’t have too much anyway, it also makes the filter behaviour better like that.



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Hi, first of all great theme! I appreciate the great customer support.

I recently had my portfolio items start 404ing. I think it probably is related to the WP update, but I read and it doesn’t seem related to that particular issue because I’m not using visual composer. Have you had others come to you with this problem?

A little more info: I’m using the classic portfolio as my homepage by using the classic portfolio page builder template on a static page which I have set to be the front page in my settings. The homepage is working fine, but the portfolio items are 404ing even though the url matches what I’m seeing in the portfolio post in the admin. This is my site:

Would really really appreciate any insight you have! Thanks, Ellen

Hi there

Id suggest to check out 1st of all, but if any issues remain, for further theme support, head to our dedicated support area

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

That worked perfectly, thank you so much!