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Hi, as you know i purchased the theme.

there is no documentation with the zipped file for short codes and just overall instructions for customizing the theme. i have downloaded tons of themes and always had documentation. does this not come with anything? or did you forget to attach it with the zipped download file? its quite frustrating. also when i change the colors unter styles. the buttons have a gradient orange on the outer area of the buttons no matter what color you choose so it looks really bad. is this how the theme works. not too happy with this so far.

i had a problem but found how to do it. i seem to be wasting a lot of time without documentation. i hope you have something. please let me know as soon as possible. thanks

for some reason i downloaded it again and the documentation was there. checking it over now. should help me with my questions.

ok so i triple checked for hours. here are 3 things i was hoping you can help me with

-solid color buttons: not working. any color i pick from the theme options/styles/colors feild box. it makes that color the middle color with orange gradient on the outside (looks horrible)

- i cannot get rid of the “POST A COMMENT are off every page. there should be a checkbox that says do not allow comments in the discussion area but there is nothing. what is the best way of getting rid of comments on pages?

- i wanted to have a full image showing on the slider. there must be a simple way of having it so that some sliders you don’t have to have that text box with background (in this case default orange gradient box) also how can we have it so that you can have it on the left side instead of the right side.

- is there anyway to have small text under the giant text on the slider. it would be nice. or do you use the custom fields for that? i don’t see much documentation for the custom fields part on the slider. i don’t understand much about it except that if you fill out the link area under slider item settings it automatically makes a ts_link name and value under custom fields below that.

I see that some people had the same question about how to change the color of the buttons so you don’t get that gradient orange with the color you choose.

I would suggest replying back to peoples questions right on the comment section so that people would not have to keep asking you the same question. it works out much better and will be less work for you in the long run.

Hi, where is the documentation for short codes? Tnx!

I solved the problem. I installed the plugin “Column Shortcodes”. It works fine. Thanks to all

I have a problem with the slider. I want the slider to be like the demo, but it does not even show at all. I enable it on homepage, but does not show at all. Please help… Also, I want to be able to remove the search box on the right top side without removing the one on the middle.

I am still waiting for the solution. Support, everything you told me did not work yet. I sent you all my info, no answer yet. Check my website and see that the slider still no show on the website at all