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Nice Theme, but your demo Server is quite slow.

Great looking theme, clean and simple.

I really must have it work with WooCommerce though, so will it?

Yes, it should work with woocommerce… you can try and if you found an issue we will help… thanks

Hmm could you perhaps try before I actually buy it?.. I don’t have time to test and find out that it won’t work – then I’ll have to start over and I’ll be out $40…

Very interested in buying. I assume the portfolio lightbox images can be much larger? There a little small in the demo.

Hi, yes the lightbox image can be larger, it depend the actual size images that you uploaded… thanks

Hi I’m from Russia, can I use these themes in russian language insted of English? Thanks

Yes, you can change the language… thanks

Hi. Does this theme has turquise+navy scheme. How can try other colours.

This theme is real tight. I like it a lot, but I need to be able to add text to the portfolio items. From what I can see, the portfolios items just open up images in a light box. Can I add text to that?

is there a page like that on the live preview?

also – is your demo content included?

yes, demo content included in the package

Bought this theme… cann’t figure out how to add text to the slider. There is no Excerpt field in the slider admin.

Please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/



I am using this theme for a client and cannot figure out the short codes for one-third columns. Can you please assist?


I would like to use an image to completely fill the header – Currently the size is quite constrained. How can I do this? I have deleted the search bar, but unable to figure out how I can fill the entire header space with an image?

I can not use your support forum as Themeforest no longer supplies a purchase code on the purchased downloads page – as specified in your support form.

Hi, the license still in the download page, just click download button then you will see the license certificate… thanks

Nice Theme.

I cann’t figure out how to add text to the slider. There is no Excerpt field in the slider admin.

Already sent a ticket email.

Bought this theme… but there is a bug when I try to add and uploads images – can´t set feature image in the pages or to the slider. Sorry my poor english, I´m from Brazil and not so good with your language. Can you solve that problem for me? Thank you.


sent login info to your mail box. thank you

Hi, The Twitter feed in the footer is not working, please can you confirm that it works in the product if I purchase it.

I’ve seen a lot of feeds broken recently due to the new API release from Twitter.


Hello, how can i create a layout page like Services Page?


Hello, how can i delete the search widget? thanks

Hi, could you tell me if this theme has a “wide” or full screen option.


Okay i thought i had this sorted. Looks like i dont.

Im looking to change my Menu active color.

the settings only allow for the theme color to change, but the menu color stays some gradient orange.

where can i change this?


Hello, it would be nice if there was a support forum instead of having to put in a ticket for every minor issue.

Just a suggestion.



I am in need of a wordpress theme and i am 99.99 percent close to purchasing your theme.

My question is how easy is it to change the colors where it is the orange gradient to a green gradient. do you have a setting in which you can select the colors to automatically change the entire color theme? or do i have to manually change all the colors of each item such as buttons, jquery background, picture border highlights etc.

thank you kindly. PS i need a theme today so if you can answer quickly that would be great.

how come your live preview shows the buttons a strange color now? is there a bug?

No, it’s not a bug, I just try to change color via css and forgot to change back the color to original, its fixed now :)

Ok thanks for the update. i purchased the theme! thanks a lot. ps 50 percent of the the reason why i made the purchase is because you answered back every time. that is extremely important to me!