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Hi, just a question how change the typo? because with accent or special caractere like € it bug and it appears very badly… take a look to http://cv.epikweb.fr

Please help me guys

no help for me?


please drop us a line via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll send you an updated version.


Hi I have purchased your theme and I think its great. I just upgraded to your latest version to help me with the following issue but it didn’t solve my problem. My billboard Doesn’t display any longer and I don’t know why. Here is the link http://beta.myexoticadventures.com/ and I’m running WP 3 .3.1 and Market Leader version 1.0.5. Please let me know what is going on. I didn’t touch the code. I just uploaded designs. Thank you for you help in advance!

~ Jarrod

Hi, Is there anyway to get that great billboard on a specific home page, not just the blog? I don’t see a template with it. Thanks! 8-) http://www.digitalautomat.com/


I’m using this theme. Really like it but there is one thing I can’t figure out.

I have made 1 portfolio page. I see all the thumbnails. But when I click on them I see a lightbox (or fancybox?) but I see all the images together in 1 popup.

Is it possible to click on the thumbnail and then see the images one by one (like a slideshow) ?? The demo site does not work, so I can’t check how this looks on your demo.

I just purchased this theme and I wanted to import all the Post and Pages as Xml. Can you please tell me where I can download the .xml file so I can import it to my wordpress so I can have the structure and the layout in a matter of few minutes? I did this with some-other themes I purchased before. where can I download it?


Hey people, seems like the demo is not working! That’s a pity, because i’m really happy with the theme, everything is working fine and i would just like to check out how you guys made it work. Thanks & keep up the good work

I love the product, but just checked my web page at http://hgis.ca/ and it now shows: Error: Error:

at the top of the web page. Do you know what could be causing this? How do I fix this?



have you fixed it already? I don’t see anything..


I actually didn’t do anything. I brought up the page today and the Error was gone! I wonder if it was just my browser.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Hey there,

Really nice looking theme, but the demo appears to be down…

Hey still wondering what’s going on with the live preview. The only page that seems to be working is the homepage, all the other pages have a 404 error. Any chance of this being fixed or should I just move onto another theme?




fixed, thanks for letting us know.



Have this theme, and have recently moved it from test server to the live website however images that were uploaded in the cms (logo, billboard etc) are still looking for the images on the test server.

in the cms settings the wordpress url and site address url both have the live site url as required.

How can I update these so that the image are being pulled from the live site server.

any help greatly appreciated.


I am trying to use the button feature, but it only shows up as a link and there is no button image on my website.

I want to have a button on my home page hgis.ca where it reads learn more below the billboard. But it just looks like a hyperlink.

How do I use the button feature?

I have a problem with [uds-contact-form], the message that are sent are in the wrong character set….accents are wrongly represented….how to fix?


here the site in case you need to check: http://www.divinesurfboards.com/contact/

My contact form is not aligned properly … neither is the demo. Please help. Thanks!

Live preview link down

hello, billboard pictures do not work, does not appear

i need support !