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Hey.. I ve been using the builder for a month now.. but it seems not to be fully responsive / real responsive. When the resizing the screen, images start to appear one below the other with a lot of space to the right. Is there a way to fix it? this happens with most of items

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You can add some additional width to those images but this would make them unsharp as they are usually smaller. If you use bigger images you can bypass this of course but this would cause an increase in filesize.

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Hi! Will i have editable areas via dashboard wysiwyg (like images, and text blocks) after importing template to mailchimp? So does it use “mc:edit” and such? Or is everything static?


Yes, our templates use MailChimp ready tags. Make sure you use the correct template!

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Hi – I need clarification on licensing. As explained in the Envato reference material. This license is good for one “end product.” Will you clarify what that “end product” is and is not in regards to this template? For example, is this license only good for one email campaign to one distribution lists? Or, can this template be used for multiple or unlimited email campaigns with multiple variations? We are an in-house group that would like to use this template to support our organization’s various programs. thanks!

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You can use it for multiple campaigns, generally it means that you should buy 1 license per domain / brand you are using the template with.



I have “Mailster”. I send the newsletter automatically/dinamic for new posts to wp members. Can I use this plugin for dynamic posts?


Will I have to make some settings before sending?

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Thank you for writing in! We provide all of our official support via the member area on our website. If you have not done so yet, please use the link below to register for access so that you can post your question there: https://mailster.co/go/register/

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Is the template builder included in this package or is it for online access only? If online, do you offer an offline version of the template builder for sale?


The builder is included an require a server to get it going!

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Are the templates ready for Mailwizz?

No, But they work with Mailster!


i uploaded the content to my webspace and i can open the template builder, but it is empty. See screenshot. What can i do?


Please contact us via our profile so we can discuss this further!