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Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!

love the builder concept for the newsletter…

just wished this could be a landing page ;)

good luck with sales.

Thanks pamps,

The Newsletter is full with table design it doesn’t use cutting edge technology (Email design is still in the 90’s)

Nevertheless it will work as a “normal” website :)

A stunning template builder! Worth much more than the price paid. I’d love to see this developed into a website template builder, with mobile format options. Outstanding work! :)

Thanks mate!

Please don’t forget to vote if you’re satisfied!

Great item once again!

I bought the Market template, but when i go to PART 3 (get html) in the Template Builder, it stays calculating, but doesnt give any HTML

Thanks for your help DIego

Can you add ‘proxy.php’ at the end of the URL (e.g. http://www.example.com/_templatebuilder/proxy.php) to check your server?

You’re server must handle php files and needs the CURL extension

It worked!!


Thanks, Great Template. Love the Template Builder. Works like a charm.

Great! Feel free to contact me if you have some questions! And don’t forget to vote!

Hi revaxarts, How to add some row in the module table, or delete a column. I need 3×10 table, but don’t know how to do it. Thanks.

Hi! I answered your question at my support forum

Solved. Million Thanks.

OK I ’m sure i’m missing something very obvious but I downloaded my purchase and don’t know where to upload it again to start working on it, please help fast


Have yo read the docs?

Yes I have, thanks, that’s exactly my question;

You can use the Template Builder to generate your Template easily by going to the ‘_templatebuilder’ folder via your browser (http://yourdomain.tld/_templatebuilder)

Where am I suppose to upload this in my own hosting company such as Blue Host? If so in which directory, it’s very confusing.

PLease help asap

create a folder called “emailtemplate” in your rootfolder of your webserver and upload all files into this folder.

Now you have access to the template builder at http://yourdomain.tld/emailtemplate/_templatebuilder

Hope that helps

Where can I find your web’s background for my emails? (http://revaxarts-themes.com/)

Can anybody tell me the code I need to add a URL to the images make them linkable ? I’m using ‘Your Mailing List Provider’ YMLP .com and the standard link image function doesn’t seem to take for some reason. I’ve tried a couple from the web but no luck.

cheers M

To anyone who considers buying this product or any product from this seller, you should know that he DOES NOT provide any kind of support.

I went to his forum — as he directs buyers to do — and explained my problem. It’s been five days and no reply. I have posted three separate times. No replies at all.

As of this writing (June 15, 2012), there are 47 UNANSWERED QUESTIONS on his forum, and that stretches over a period of time.

Something else that is in serious question is Envato’s designation of “Elite” in terms of sellers. That is obviously just a matter of how many sales the person has made, not the number of customers who are ultimately satisfied with their purchase.

I can only wonder how many have gone through the same thing I have, seeing that the template has a problem and then trying the support forum.

If the situation changes I will post back and state that, because that’s fair.

Buyer beware.

As promised, I am posting to indicate that the seller, Xaver, has just responded to my support request and given a possible solution. I will try it out.

found instructions !

Let’s say I have my own brand with image and font styles, and I would like you guys to create a customizable template builder, so it would be pretty much constructing a new template builder for my brand, so I would have a different layout for signature, different header font size, different styles for colors. I could provide the graphic elements like a huge PSD file. Do you guys do this kind of work? I know that it can’t be as cheap as the one you are selling here.

Sorry, but I’m currently have no time for any freelance work!

All the best

Not even if I wait on a line? Not even if I pay well?

I need exactly the same type of code generator, but with less color options, the same modules but a different branding. That’s it!

It shouldn’t be hard to achieve that. look at the custom.js in the “js” folder, remove versions in the “img” folder and edit the index.html for your logo.

I’m sorry, but I’m currently cannot handle and freelance stuff.

All the best


I bought this and your MyMail plugin, but there I can only see one color schema…

Also, Is there a way to inject a logo into the template instead of the default header text?


You have to create your own color schema and save it in the options panel. You can modify the original template under Newsletter => Templates and “Edit HTML ” of your desired template.

Hope that helps

Hi, I just purchased your theme – and cannot find the PSD files that should be included. Any ideas?

Thanx a lot

Sorry about that! I’ve dropped the psd zip in the last update, I’m currently uploading the new version. If you need it now send me a message on my profile and I’# send it to you via email!