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Thanks for getting back to me so quick! Yes, the PSDs would be great. Here’s my E-Mail: a.heilfurth[at]freenet.de.

Great ;-))

Hello, When you say that it is MailChimp Ready does that mean that you used MailChimps “TEMPLATE language” for variable / editable text / images as described here?


I recently purchased someone else’s template that claimed to be and then upon opening it there was NO template language used… Please let me know ASAP thanks!

Yes, all of my templates work with Mailchimp as es described. Including modules, content and image editing. The included template builder allows you to create the layout and upload it directly to your MC dashboard where you can change the content.


First of all, congrats for your work. Your templates are really nice and Template Builder looks to be a great tool for anyone who, like me, does not know a single word about html.

- Could you tell me if TB2 works as simple as it looks on a Mac with MacOS 10.5? - Is this a normal application that I could open and generate the html? – Could you tell me if I have to get any other softwre to custom it once generated?

Many thanks in advance. Carlos.

I’m sure you have checked the demo. So you can see how it works on your machine.

You can generate your layout with the TB2 and upload it directly to Mailchimp or Campaignmonitor to edit text, create campaigns.

You can also check out MyMail which is a self hosted solution for Wordpress


Yesterday I bought the Market template but when I open the index.html file from the _templatebuilder folder to configure the layout, an error appears and says: “JavaScript: No response from the server! Would you like to check the configuration?” When I select ok, a text file is opened but I don’t know how to fix it.

I’m using MacOS 10.5.8 and Safari 5.0.2.

Am I doing something wrong? Surely yes, but could you help me with this?

Many thanks in advance.


All files must run on a webservice! Please upload them.


Hi guys is there a way to increase the columns in the plans section to more than 3 through the mail chimp area or your template builder


You have to modify the HTML to achieve that

Also im changing the content in that plan table and in the first row, if I change the first column it puts that content into column 3 or if I change 3 to 1.

If you could help asap that would be great


You have to change every row with the same amount of columns

Good work, i want include in http://acumbamail.com I can make this with regular license.

Sorry mate, I don’t know this service and I can’t speak. Also I can’t find docs to the API


I have tried to upload the zip from my mail templates tab and i get the following error

Template “mymail” is missing or broken. Reset to default

Can I just use ftp to add it..

If so where do i put it? In plugins folder, in the myMail folder or where

Seems your WP installation doesn’t have the correct file permission. Please unzip the package and upload it via FTP to

Really elegant clean design – and great theme support :)

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much, appreciate that!

How can i enable responsiveness ? Using the template builder i get an html doc with tables that as not css for responsiveness

If you have downloaded the latest version you don’t have to “activate” it. just shrink your browser window to check.

The preview of the template builder disables responsiveness but the generated HTML includes the media queries

Hope that helps!

i’m using the themplate builder on your server and it seem responsiveness is not working with it. I will try to install the builder on a server of mine. The static html files on the zip folder seem responsive too.

Sorry, I didn’t updated the templates there. Please try again now!

I am interested in using the market template/template builder to create a free monthly newsletter. I’d like to be able to swap out the content and photos each month and maybe even adjust the layout using the builder. If I purchase this template, will I have unlimited access to the template builder so I can swap out my content each month, or will I have to re-purchase it every time I want to customize my newsletter? I do not have access to Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor so I won’t be able to edit it through there. I have an old system that I am required to import HTML into and it is not user friendly with the imported files… Thanks!

You can create as many layout as you wish :)


I bought this great template a while a go and it was working perfect with the template builder tool. But now there seems to be a problem. Everytime when i create a template the last page (step 3) doenst show the HTML code. Is looks like the page has some loading problems.

Can you please fix it?

Sorry, for some reason the latest update didn’t get through. Should work now!

Nice and functional template!

Just an after purchase suggestion…

While waiting for future update, it would be useful if you could add the following very common elements (modules):

- An intro text (exists in the default free template in the myMail)

- A button

Kind regards

Thanks for the input! I take this into consideration

I recently purchased this template and love the template builder. I am wondering, however, if you have any suggestions for including a calendar element in the template? In our old newsletter we had an “upcoming events calendar” and we’d really like to include that again. I’m not sure how to accomplish that with the template builder, other than by uploading an image. Any suggestions? Thanks!

best is to start with the plans module and add more columns and rows. You can remove editable areas if you don’t need them


What am I looking for with regards to a purchase code? I would like to use the template builder.

Hi revaxarts,

i very like this template, so before i buy it, want to ask you something… because i new for it…. 1. how this template working? after just copy the html code in 3rd email marketing software?

if can show me the documentation….

Thank You

Hi melvin!

best is to use the template builder: http://vimeo.com/27926008

I have to add a Menu Bar to the top how can i do that any suggestions.

The downloaded html file is only html with all the images to your online server and it does not contain any img folder with images in it. I am confused how to go about it. Please Help.

Hi srkfriend!

Best is to copy and paste a part of the existing module and modify it. The template doesn’t come with an image, all HTML and CSS

Hope that helps!

This and your MyMail plugin seems to be working like a charm right out of the box, which is a rare thing indeed. However, I can’t seem to find out how to pick from the “8 prebuilt layouts”? Am I missing something obvious here?

Hi Skald!

Sorry but the prebuilds are not included for the MyMail plugin, only for the raw version. Many buyers didn’t like them and would rather create their own ones

Hi I just purchased your great templates and templatebuilder, but unfortunately it doesnt adapt correctly when on an Iphone. I am using mailchimp. When I create a template with two images and two texts, it modifies the images, so I have two very small images and the contineous text below. If you get my drift. So the images plus the text doesnt scale properly so the responsive part is doing what it is supposed to. :) Hope you can help me.

Sorry don’t get you exactly. Can you give me a screenshot?

Hi, the files in your preview are responsive.

BUT: The files in the download package are not responsive when resizing the browser.

And even the file I created with template builder (your hosting) is not responsive when resizing the browser.

What’s wrong???

Please help.

Hi eveniiat!

The reason you don’t see a responsive template is media queries look like this
@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px)
while on my demo sites for I use
@media only screen and (max-width: 480px)

This is required that only devices with a max device width of 480 pixels use the responsive feature

To allow media queries only on that devices (which they are made for) helps to get rid of unexpected results in Thunderbird and Apple mail.

You can remove the “device” from the media query to see how it looks in the browser

Hope that explains it!